Stiff bristle electric shavers: a brief overview of popular models

Well-groomed look for a man means quite a lot. The first thing that sets an overall positive picture of a male is either a beautifully designed and styled beard, or a clean-shaven face. Each of these options requires a different set of tools and tools.

Electric shavers have become very popular for a long time. Recently, manufacturers have only improved them so that every man can choose the perfect one for himself. The variety of razors is very impressive, but what kind of razor does a man with stiff bristles need? What are the best razors?

How to choose an electric shaver for stiff bristles?

For men who have to shave off their stubble every day, and at the same time, it is also hard, it is not very convenient to use a regular razor. This type of shaving often causes skin irritation, which is not good for the face. Electric shavers in this regard are much more convenient and practical.

How to choose an electric shaver? What should you pay attention to before purchasing?


  1. Shaving system. There are two types: mesh and rotary. The mesh system is suitable for stiff bristles and sensitive skin. The rotor system will cope with uneven bristles without any problems;
  2. shaving heads. Their quantity and mobility directly affect the quality of shaving. The number of heads can be from 1 to 3, the speed of movement of the blades is different for each manufacturer. For the best shave, choose a razor with three heads and maximum speed.
  3. Possibility of wet shaving. There are models that are suitable for both dry shaving and shaving with specially designed products. Not everyone needs the function, but if it is required, then you need to remember that not all electric shavers provide it;
  4. The presence of a trimmer. Also, an addition to the razor according to individual needs. The trimmer is built into the razor and is designed to adjust the beard and mustache;
  5. Source of energy. Shavers can work from different sources: from the mains, from ordinary batteries, from a rechargeable battery. Rechargeable shavers are more popular because they not everywhere near the mirror there are sockets, and cordless shavers are very convenient;
  6. Additional functions. The main indicators that you should pay attention to be described above, the remaining points are the desire of the consumer.

When deciding to buy an electric shaver, it’s best to consider several manufacturers and compare features. You need to choose to consider not only your wishes, but also the features of specific models. What is the best razor from well-known brands will help determine the rating provided later in the article.

Razor Rating

On the shelves of stores, you can see many electric shavers of different brands and models. From the variety of proposals, the eyes simply run up. What are the best electric shavers for stiff bristles?


Photo 3

A clean-shaven facial skin with a Braun electric razor will leave only positive emotions. A model like the Braun 720s-4 Series 7 will handle tough bristles with ease. It has a triple system with a floating head that tilts in four directions, as well as a double foil shaver.

Equipping such a razor will provide the most comfortable shave. And daily use will not leave negative consequences.


Philips S1310 is ready to fight with men’s stubble for a very affordable price. Three moving heads provide a close shave, even coarse bristles are subject to this electric shaver.

It does not have a trimmer, but since. This function is not necessary for every man, so this is not considered a big minus. But the real disadvantage of consumers note the long battery charging.


Photo 5

This well-known company offers such a razor model as the Panasonic ES-6003. The foil shaver has good blade durability. But the main advantage is the possibility of wet shaving, for many males this is important. The presence of a trimmer can also please users with a beard or mustache.

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The disadvantages of this model are not particularly pleasant:

  • Strong vibration during use causes discomfort, some users note that the hand gets tired of this mode;
  • Poor charging system. The indicator does not allow you to determine how soon the device will be discharged, and when recharging from the mains, the razor does not work, so there is a risk of being left with an unshaven part of the face.


Photo 7

Not a very well-known company on the market, however, not inferior in the production of electric shavers. By releasing the Remington XR1390, this company has found its fans. This razor has a number of advantages:

  • The presence of a clipper;
  • Possibility of wet shaving;
  • Two rows of blades;
  • Long battery life and fast charging;
  • Robust case.

Advice! Don’t overpay for a built-in hair clipper if you don’t really need it.

There are still many advantages, for each consumer there is exactly that plus that will impress him. The razor is especially good for men with stiff bristles, the quality of the shave will be excellent.


Photo 8

The Supra RS-213 completes the rating — one of those electric shavers that are in the middle price category, but have advantages over some similar products. Rotary model, three movable heads, double blade will allow you to have a perfectly shaved face surface.

The negative point is the bad battery and the lack of a hair collection compartment. But, if you adapt, then shaving will be quite comfortable.


The article discusses the most popular and frequently purchased razors, but what if they are not available, and the order will take a long time to wait? Go to the store. Electric shavers have a wide range of choices. In any store, a knowledgeable consultant will tell you which razor to pay attention too.

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