Skipper’s beard: a style that will suit any man

It is believed that the hair on a man’s face gives the stronger sex masculinity and partly brutality. However, not everyone knows how to properly care for a beard so that it looks stylish and not sloppy.

One of the options, one might say, compromise solutions, is the skipper’s beard. This attribute of male maturity will be discussed below. Consider who suits the skipper’s beard. Let’s find out how, in principle, the facial hair looks, giving masculinity and charisma to the stronger sex. We will tell you how to properly grow and shave a skipper’s beard. Let’s dwell on such a moment as tools. At the end of the publication, we will traditionally sum up the results.

Facts about which history knows

The beard shape in question is popular with men of all ages and professions. For example, owners of a beard chin curtain there were famous people: Elijah Wood, Leonid Yarmolnik. The most famous person who wore a skipper’s beard is considered the sixteenth President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln.

What a skipper’s beard looks like

what does a skipper's beard look likeThe skipper configuration features facial hair in a stripe located on the lower jaw. Follows the contours of a person’s cheekbones. Feature: a man’s cheeks should remain clean-shaven.

Boatswain’s beard has certain varieties. The difference lies in the length of the bristles. When choosing one or another skipper option, it is important to consider:

  1. Style.
  2. Form.
  3. Hair count.

It is necessary to achieve harmony between facial hair and lifestyle. A beard should complement a person, and not contradict the essence and way of life. A well-chosen style will help hide facial imperfections and emphasize the dignity of a man.

Beard «sea wolf» will help to hide a sharp chin, add volume to the face or soften sharply protruding cheekbones. The classic version of the natural surroundings does not involve a mustache. Although, you can, if you wish, grow antennae. The varieties of the captain’s attribute include:

  1. Chinstrap style
  2. Old Dutch style
    old Dutchman

Difference in bristle length. But both styles do not accept wearing a mustache, keep that in mind.

Who is the skipper’s beard suitable for?

skipper's beardAnswering the question of who suits the style we are considering, we will answer that a skipper’s beard will suit almost every man. The type does not play a dominant role. Vegetation will visually hide, or rather, reduce the size of a wide chin.

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Owners of a narrow chin may not worry: wide stubble will hide the narrowness and visually enlarge the lower part of the face. There is such a definition as «weak-willed chin». Stylists unanimously talk about the need to grow stubble, which eliminates the lack of appearance.

If a strong half of humanity has a long face, stylists recommend wearing a mustache in addition to a beard. They will divert attention from external imperfections. This applies to men with an asymmetrical face.

The style described above is not suitable for young people and young men. The question is about image and age. Everything has its time.

An intermediate conclusion can be drawn. The skipper looks almost perfect on men with a trapezoidal face with narrow cheekbones and sunken cheeks.

Growing and shaving

skipper's beardHow to make a skipper’s beard, or a growing technique in a sequence of actions. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. In the first stage, the bristles grow.
  2. After that, it requires to be reduced. Ideally, this is a length of 40-50 millimeters.
  3. Then, it is necessary to form the upper and lower edges, taking into account the individual characteristics of the face.
  4. Trim the bristles to the desired length.
  5. Carefully remove vegetation under the lower lip.
  6. Pay special attention to the neck and cheeks: get rid of vegetation.
  7. Form and correct the mustache.

By following the advice above, you can become the proud owner of a well-groomed skipper beard.

However, this cannot be done without the use of special tools, which we will discuss below.

What you may need:

  1. Hair clipper that can be purchased at a specialist store or online. There is no need to buy expensive equipment or professional kit.
  2. Don’t forget to buy a fine-toothed comb.
  3. A trimmer is needed to shape the contour, remove hair on the neck, cheeks and mustache.
  4. A must-have attribute for bristle care is hairdressing scissors.
  5. Also, you will need two mirrors: one normal, the other magnifying.
  6. Hair removal brush.
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Pay attention to the border of shaved cheeks and beard. The line should be clearly visible and be framed as neatly as possible.

There are a lot of cosmetic products to give your hair thickness and shine. It:

  • wax;
  • different types of shampoos;
  • balms.

A budget and very effective option is the use of burdock and castor oil. The use of vitamin complexes will keep the face in good shape.

For more information on caring for a skipper, see the «How to take care» section.

Advice of professionals

skipper's beardBefore you implement your plan, you require preparing your face. Check with a dermatologist. For skin diseases, undergo a course of treatment. Acne, dermatitis, boils and other inflammations will prevent you from becoming the owner of a skipper’s beard.

Eliminate dry skin and irritation. It is important to do this before growing the stubble, as the healing effect under the beard will be minimal.

Cheeks should be shaved periodically when wearing a skipper. Dry skin and irritation can interfere with the regular grooming process. You will feel uncomfortable. You will not get pleasure from the skipper, this is a fact.

We’ll have to change some habits. The result is that when growing bristles, you can face the problem of slowed hair growth and even baldness. What is the reason? The wrong way of life is to blame. Most often, it is about proper and balanced nutrition. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables containing sucrose. These include:

  1. Garnet.
  2. Carrot.
  3. Apples.

You can diversify the menu with vitamins of the group «A», «B», «C», «E». Eat fermented milk products regularly. Take regular walks in the sun, add vitamin «D» to your food.

Healthy sleep and regular physical activity are important. A visit to the gym has not yet been canceled, and control of stressful situations is also necessary.

Don’t worry about itching as you grow stubble. Don’t worry, the skin is just going through a period of adaptation. No need to scratch your face — you can get an infection. The process of growing a full beard can take three to six weeks. You require growing 10-20 millimeters of bristles.

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Chin Strap

Before trimming the skipper, you require to carefully comb your hair so that it is located in the same direction. Individual hairs should not be knocked out of the mass.

Working with a typewriter, hair is cut from the cheekbones to the mustache, against growth, and not vice versa. The recommended minimum bristle length should not be less than 7 millimeters.

The lower part of the skipper should be 10 millimeters above the Adam’s apple. The upper border should follow the curve of the jaw. You can create a small strip of vegetation between your beard and lower lip.

For those who decide to grow a mustache, it is important to know that a strip is enough. There is no point in spreading a wide mustache under the nose. At the final stage of courtship, you can do the packing of the skipper.

Remember that a skipper’s beard requires regular grooming. Read about it below.

How to care

English beard and regular hygiene, what to use? There is a special detergent on sale. It will not dry out the skin of the face. It will only add benefits: shine and ease of combing. It is necessary to wash your beard as it gets dirty. After which it is recommended to dry.

You can use a towel for this. And it is advisable to refuse a hairdryer — it dries the skin and hair greatly. Nutrition and hydration are important. You should use special oils that are sold in pharmacies. Masks are a good stabilizer.

how to care
It is necessary to regularly trim the hairs that are knocked out of the total mass (at least once a week).

We have already mentioned the benefits of wax above. For care, you must use all kinds of gels and mousses. The main thing is not to overdo it with hygiene products. As a result of overuse, vegetation can become a stake, in the literal sense of the word. Discomfort and stiffness will appear.

Many people think that it is not necessary to use cosmetics. This is a misconception. The use of personal hygiene products will give the skipper’s beard a neat and well-groomed look.

Having become the owner of a skipper’s beard, you may never have to stand at the helm of the ship and become a real «sea wolf». But you will be able to manage your image, which is important in our time.

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