Shaving soap: what every man needs to know

Among the existing men’s face care products, shaving soap stands out. The product is considered the oldest skin softener at the time of shaving off stubble. Previously, soap was made from a mixture of oil and ash, after a huge number of years the recipe was preserved, but other compounds replaced the ash. To learn how to properly use shaving soap, it is recommended to consider its composition, types and popular brands.

What is a quality shaving soap

The first mention of shaving soap dates back to the 14th century — in those days, the tool was considered the main assistant in shaving off the stubble. Men used soap until the outbreak of World War I. With the onset of changes, soap partially replaced shaving cream — it attracted the attention of the stronger sex due to its consistency, good moisturizing effect.

Today, such products are preferred by those who do not accept creams, lotions and foams. The best modern shaving soap should be composed like this:

  1. what does it consist ofCoconut oil… This component is essential for the preparation of high quality solid shaving soap. The oil has cleansing properties and promotes the formation of foam. Coconut oil does not dry out the skin; on the contrary, it thoroughly moisturizes it.
  2. Premium Beef Fat… The ingredient allows you to get a snow-white product with good hardness at the output. The fat adds stability to the foam, it moisturizes the skin without causing allergic reactions.
  3. Stearin… When many oils are present in the soap, stearin is added to give it hardness. In the manufacture, 15% of stearic acid is used from the total amount of ingredients.
  4. Rosin light… The component is obtained by processing the resin of coniferous trees. In the composition, it acts as a softener, however, if the rosin is more than 15%, the product becomes too pliable, sticky.
  5. Glycerol… This ingredient has an irreplaceable effect on the skin. Firstly, it enhances the influence of all useful components of the composition. Secondly, it removes uneven skin and folds, moisturizes and rejuvenates the epidermis. Glycerin fights acne and cleanses problem skin.
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In addition to the listed components, fragrances and dyes are added to beard and mustache shaving soaps. High-quality natural soap is always produced in individual packaging, and its cost will be an order of magnitude higher than a traditional body wash.

The choice and types of shaving soaps

types of shaving soapsDepending on the composition of the products, beard and mustache soap is divided into several types. Manufacturers use various ingredients to enrich the hygiene product with beneficial properties and to simplify the shaving process. The main benefit of using solid shaving soap is that it produces a lot of lather. It is she who helps to moisturize the epidermis as much as possible.

According to the form of release, products are divided into the following types:

  • sticks;
  • soap in jars;
  • soap washers.

Sticks used to work with a shaving brush: they pass them various times over the surface, foaming the consistency. In appearance, the stick seems very hard, but in fact it quickly softens when rubbed. Products in jars are similar to a solid-type moisturizer; manufacturers make sure that it is convenient for a man to dip the shaving brush into a container. They leave enough space in the bank.

Soap washer, It is considered the hardest type of soap that can be found among hygiene products. Washers are produced in sizes of 6 and 9 cm. The products are stored in a container in order to dip a shaving brush into it and foam.

According to the main components, the product can be divided into several groups.

Raznovydnost Description
With vegetable oils It has good foaming properties, but it dries the skin periodically. Not recommended for winter use
Based on animal fat Shaving produces a lush and long-lasting lather that allows the blade to glide smoothly over the bristles. Due to the natural composition, shelf life is reduced
On glycerin Causes dry skin, but with the right combination of components, it nourishes the epidermis well
DIY shaving soap In such a product, the masters put a large list of ingredients, paying attention to hydration, nutritional characteristics, and smell.
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The most popular brands in the world, as well as Russian-made soap, have already managed to find a suitable composition formula that ensures a smooth and gentle shave.

Top 10 popular brands of shaving soap

The main advantage of solid shaving soap is its ease of use and the formation of good lather. Manufacturers offer the user excellent quality options that are represented by popular brands. The rating looks like this (you can vote for 5 products):

Tabac original

— such a soap for a beard does not need to be pre-soaked, because it is perfectly whipped with a shaving brush: the product is produced in Germany on the basis of animal fats;


— a product from Italy, sold in jars, you can also purchase spare briquettes of products;

Lea classic

— high-quality goods from France with sandalwood aromas, characterized by persistent foam;


— individual packaging contains a label with the composition of the soap, it is produced in France, exudes a juniper aroma, and is produced in a metal jar;


— plant-based shaving product, considered the leader of the Italian market, comes with eucalyptus and green tea scent;


— the Russian brand boasts pleasant notes of orange and mint: this soap tones and refreshes the epidermis;


— limited products from Turkey, which are sold in limited editions at affordable prices;


— high foaming is considered the main characteristic of this French soap;


— only vegetable oils of sea buck thorn, aloe, sandalwood are added to the composition, the German brand knows a lot about skin hygiene;

Wilkinson sword

— German soap foams well and moisturizes the skin; it is available in sticks for road use and in cans;

Modern beard soap is a combination of useful and practical characteristics. Laundry soap and products from China are separately on the shelf in Moscow stores. A decent quality product can be made from a household bar by adding essential and fatty oils. The Chinese product is made from goat fat, which gently moisturizes the epidermis.

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How to use

Having chosen which shaving soap is more effective, you can start testing it. Experts recommend choosing formulations based on fat in jars — it is more convenient to use it this way. The process consists of pre-diluting a solid shaving soap (if required) and applying it to the skin. Here are some tips on how to use your own shaving soap step by step:

  1. Selection of shaving brush… Choose a good shaving brush before you start testing. A device made of natural pile — boar or badger — is considered to be of high quality and practical. Bristle brushes are effective — they do not absorb moisture, but they are more expensive.
  2. Breeding… Take a beating jar or use the jar that sells beard soap. A shaving brush soaked in water is applied to the soap, moistening it, then the excess water is drained, and intensive circular movements are made with the shaving brush over the surface of the product until abundant foam appears.
  3. Application to the skin… When using shaving soap as a face care product, do not forget about pre-steaming the skin. The composition is easier to apply if the epidermis on the face is slightly moisturized and the pores are open. The whipped foam is used immediately after it is received: a certain amount of the composition is taken with a brushing brush and applied to the shaving area with massaging movements. Foam has an enveloping effect, so wait a few minutes before shaving.
how to use
Correctly prepared foam should not drip from the shaving brush.

To shave smoothly and painlessly, the blade or razor needs to be warmed up. The procedure for shaving off the bristles follows a prepared script.

Having familiarized yourself with the composition of shaving soap, its varieties, the rules of choice and the method of application, you can safely go for the purchase. Popular brands listed in the ranking will help you make the right choice, and shaving will be a pleasure.

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