Shaving mirror: a very important accessory

To achieve comfortable living conditions, it is important enough that all essentials are of high quality and, most importantly, that their user likes them. The first place we start our day and end it here is, of course, the bathroom. An important element is the mirror. We simply cannot go outside without looking at ourselves in the reflection.

This attribute, which we buy for the bathroom, even if we have not yet begun a full-fledged repair, performs not only functional tasks, but also decorative ones. A properly selected mirror will significantly expand the space, emphasize the features of the interior, and help prepare for the upcoming day.

What are the types of shaving mirrors?

For many representatives of the stronger sex, caring for their appearance is also a kind of ritual. Therefore, they focus their attention on such an object as a shaving mirror.

For reference! Shaving mirrors are usually divided according to the material of manufacture, shape, frame.

It is important that the mirror be as comfortable as possible, and otherwise there is a big risk of cutting yourself or missing some areas during shaving.

There are also single-sided and double-sided samples.

To date, there is a huge range of such products. For example, there are special non-fogging mirrors that allow you to shave while the tub is filled with hot water. A more budgetary option would be to buy an antifog composition, which you just need to apply to the surface.

According to their form, they are divided into:

  • rectangular — classic shape;
  • square;
  • round;
  • oval.

For reference! It is necessary to take into account the form. if the mirror does not come with a special stand, then most likely it will need to be leaned on something. The most suitable in this case would be a square or rectangular mirror.

From the spray material, there are the following common samples:

  1. Amalgam. The silver amalgam coating reflects better and is more resistant to mechanical damage;
  2. Titanium. Their main distinguishing property is a bluish tint. Such mirrors are especially reliable;
  3. Silver. Differs in the low price.
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Photo 3

A special place is occupied by the frame. The main criterion to be guided by is its moisture resistance. The most reliable and cost-effective material is stainless steel. Plastic is lighter, but at the same time it does not look particularly worthy on medium-sized mirrors.

Additional equipment

Various auxiliary elements, such as a mirror with magnification and illumination, are designed to increase the convenience of using the mirror.

Mirror with light

Photo 4

As a rule, the backlight is presented in two types — yellow and white. The power of the lamps ranges from 10 or 20 watts. The backlight increases the clarity of the reflection and does not force you to strain your eyesight. The shaving process from this is better and faster.

As a rule, illuminated mirrors do not consume much electricity and are durable in operation. The backlight itself is divided into two types. Internal — built into the mirror. Lighting occurs around the perimeter. External. Lamps are installed on the sides of the mirror.

Mirror with magnification

Photo 5

Such a mirror allows you to better see the smallest areas on the skin of the face. Especially suitable for those who shave stylistically, use a straight razor or have vision problems.

How to choose a bathroom mirror?

When choosing a mirror, it is important to pay attention to the interior of the bathroom. Usually, mirrors are divided into the following styles:

Photo 6

  • Classic. It features a thick frame and traditional shapes (square, rectangle, circle, oval);
  • contemporary style. This includes minimalism and high-tech. The main difference is the absence of unnecessary details and a high degree of functionality (backlight, magnification);
  • country. Mistakenly, it can be confused with hand made. Features a regular wooden frame in natural and warm tones.

For reference! In any case, when buying absolutely any mirror, you should pay attention to the method of its attachment.

Otherwise, you can miscalculate and have to spend some time installing it. For example, mount new fixtures on the wall in the bathroom, as they do not fit the hangers of the new mirror.

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Mounting methods

There are several long-established methods of fastening. It remains to choose only the most suitable:

  1. Bracket. Attaches to the wall only if it is drilled. This method is considered the most durable;
  2. Special Velcro. It does not require special installation efforts and special tools. This option is suitable for temporary use;
  3. Liquid Nails. When using liquid nails, it is important to consider the material on which they will be attached. Poor quality wall covering can deteriorate;
  4. Drill special holders.

Photo 7

After the mirror is finally selected and installed, it should be remembered that it needs to be looked after from time to time. Periodically, it is necessary to wipe it with a special cleaning agent.

If this is not done, it will take much longer to thoroughly clean the mirror from smudges, toothpaste, etc. Also, do not neglect the quality installation. If the mountings are not properly installed, the mirror may fall after a while.

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