Sharpening your straight razor correctly

Straight razor («fear») — a tool for men’s shaving, which appeared in the XVIII century. Despite the emergence of many safe machines and electrical devices, the razor remains popular both in household use and in hairdressing practices. For the most comfortable and safe shave, the blade should be sharp. Therefore, the device requires regular sharpening and maintenance. At the same time, sharpening a straight razor must be done carefully and scrupulously, as this will affect the quality and safety of shaving.

What to use to sharpen your straight razor

Before you start sharpening your razor, you need to prepare some tools and accessories.

Here is a minimal list of required items:

  1. Belt… Hanging belts or belts with wooden handles can be used for sharpening. The first option is more suitable for independent use by more advanced users, the second — for beginners. It is important that the width of the belt should be slightly wider than the width of the blade. The belt allows you to edit the «fear» yourself. And when using a stone for sharpening, the belt must be used in conjunction with a protective paste. Such devices are already on sale.
  2. Stone… Only a specialist can sharpen correctly. This option is necessary if the tip was damaged or chipped a little. The standard stone size is 50 x 150 mm. The blades are quite susceptible to mechanical stress, therefore, in practice, synthetic stones are used. In this case, the sharpening procedure itself should be carried out as clearly as possible. Deviation from the vector or incorrect angle can permanently damage the metal.
  3. Other devices… It is not uncommon for beginners to edit and sharpen with materials such as sandpaper or abrasive paper. The procedure is similar to straightening with a strap. It’s just that it is extremely problematic to choose the right grain of sandpaper.
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Hand over to sharpen or sharpen yourself

Only a specialist knows how to sharpen a straight razor correctly. Therefore, if a man does not have enough practical skills, it is worth contacting a special workshop. This usually only happens after an unsuccessful attempt to straighten the blade yourself.

The main disadvantage of self-sharpening is the possibility of injury. When contacting a specialist, this will not happen. Moreover, laser procedures are increasingly used in workshops. According to statistics, a point sharpened in this way lasts longer than when sharpening with traditional devices.

What is the procedure for sharpening a straight razor

Sharpening and straightening a razor blade are completely different procedures. In the first case, it is necessary to remove a small layer of metal. In the second — simple grinding of irregularities, which you can do yourself.

But you can learn how to edit a straight razor yourself. In practice, sharpening the blades at home fails the first time. This is due to the wrong angle, irrationally chosen motion vector, gaps on a sharp edge, etc. The necessary skills will come with time. However, for this, you need to understand the procedure and know all the intricacies of using certain tools.

The subtleties of sharpening a straight razor on a stone

Shavers are sharpened infrequently and only when necessary. For example, in case of serious damage.

The subtleties of sharpening a straight razor on a stone

A bar for the intended operation is rarely used, only with significant blade injuries.

For sharpening, you need:

  1. Wet the stone with water (natural stone is desirable).
  2. Hold the point on both sides with your thumb and forefinger.
  3. Sharpen by guiding the edge along the stone.
  4. Then turn the blade over and carry out the procedure on the other side.
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The process itself is not complicated. The main thing is to observe the angle of sharpening of the razor so as not to damage the surface.

Some nuances to simplify the procedure:

  • the pressing force should be small, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the sharp edge;
  • the plane of the blade must constantly touch the water stone;
  • the razor will sharpen evenly if you use the same pressing force;
  • wrapping the comb with duct tape will avoid scratching it.

Using the strap


The strap is used to straighten the straight razor. When carrying out such a procedure, it is important to observe the tension.

The process of straightening the razor on the belt is as follows:

  1. Place the blade on the surface of the belt with the wide side.
  2. Do not press too hard on the tip.
  3. Do not move the blade quickly to avoid damaging the dressing belt skin or hand.
  4. Move the tip of the device in the opposite direction after reaching the extreme point.

The main thing is not to make sudden movements. Then the likelihood of injury will be minimal.

Using sandpaper or sandpaper

Sandpaper or sandpaper works well for sharpening. Moreover, this is the easiest way to home.

How to sharpen the blade correctly with sandpaper:

  • use paper with more than 2000 grains;
  • use water;
  • carry out grinding procedures on a flat surface.

The procedure itself is identical to the belt version. But using sandpaper or sandpaper is burdened with the problem that it is difficult to find the right paper grain. Using finer or larger grit may result in injury or sharp edge breakage.

Taking proper care of your blade

The straight razor is a sophisticated tool that needs special care. The main nuances of storing and caring for such a device:

  • after each application, the «fear» should be washed and dried until the moisture has completely evaporated;
  • store the shaving attachment in a dry, ventilated place;
  • with rare use, the edge of the blade must be coated with paraffin oil;
  • handle the razor carefully. Do not throw or hit the instrument against anything.

Proper care of your straight razor blade

Since this razor is considered a very sophisticated tool, it requires special care.

All of these tips will help keep the blade sharp. Also, with proper care, the likelihood of injury from shaving or discomfort is reduced. If you require frequent or even daily use of «fear», it is worth stocking up on several tools. So each of them will last many times longer than if it is only one shaving tool. The more often you use «fear», the faster it will lose its working state.

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Useful tips for sharpening your straight razor correctly

If you follow these tips, the «fear» will last longer, and the sharpening procedure will be safer:

  • when straightening with a belt, it should be as tight as possible;
  • when working with caution, it is important to observe safety precautions. This applies to both shaving and sharpening or dressing;
  • if there are many gaps on the tip, then sharpening on a stone is necessary. If only small chips, then the belt, will be enough;
  • for any procedure, the pressure on the blade should not be strong. Otherwise, there is a chance to damage the sharp surface;
  • for uniform sharpening, the pressure should be the same when moving in both directions;
  • Tape or tape will help prevent damage to the comb.

It seems like sharpening or straightening your razor yourself isn’t all that difficult. However, in practice, the result of self-sharpening may not be encouraging. If the skills are not enough, then you should contact a professional.

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