Razor Cut: how to Stop Bleeding Quickly

Home treatments for face and body are often rushed. This applies to busy men who shave their face before leaving the house, due to which they allow inattention and accidental cuts. Before stopping the blood from cutting with a manual or automatic razor, it is recommended to find out what manipulations need to be done, as well as when you need qualified specialist help.

First aid

If a cut does occur, it is recommended that you act immediately. To begin with, to avoid inflammation, it is recommended to use an antiseptic medication. A solution of hydrogen peroxide, which is sold in every pharmacy, is excellent for this. Any person should have such a remedy in the house, and if it is not there, you can use a solution of Chlorhexidine. The first steps to assist should be as follows:

  1. Stopping blood… It is recommended that you use a piece of cotton wool, gauze, or newspaper before stopping the bleeding after home shaving. It is not necessary to take large cuts of material, it is better to give preference to tiny pieces — this will be required to stop the blood from the wound. Cotton wool or newspaper is applied to the affected area and wait for 10 minutes for the blood to coagulate. To check if the blood has stopped, it is worth going to the mirror.
  2. Abrasion treatment… As mentioned above, hydrogen peroxide or Chlorhexidine solution is ideal for these purposes. It is inconvenient to pour the drug on the wound located on the face, so it is worth moistening a cotton pad with the medicine and bringing it to the cut.
  3. Further actions… What needs to be done next will depend on the degree of the cut and its depth. With minor scratches, there is no reason to panic — the wound will heal throughout the day. In the case of deep wounds, qualified assistance and immediate solutions will be required.

It is easy to make cuts, such an incident developed in the life of every man, especially when shaving off the stubble in areas with delicate skin. When shaving, the blade shaves not only the hair on the skin, but also the small epithelial cells that retain moisture on the surface. As a result, the skin becomes more vulnerable and irritated. In order not to repeat the mistake, it is recommended to be vigilant and measured when shaving: it is better to do this in advance in the evening or wake up early in the morning to slowly take care of your face.

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If the cut is small

Often, the razor that men use for their daily grooming is sharp. The cuts left after applying it seem shallow at first glance, but the wound can leave a scar on the face. Knowing how to stop bleeding from a cut with a hand razor at home requires understanding how to deal with small cuts. If the cut is small

Manipulations to stop bleeding will be the same as described above. Small superficial cuts occur when hand-held razors are used. Most modern models are already equipped with an anti-cut system, but different things happen in a rush. For example, a man has too sensitive skin, and if it is irritated with a razor, the risk of getting a cut increases several times. Small cuts are not as scary as deep ones, but they require a certain order of actions:

  • stopping blood;
  • antiseptic treatment.

Many men advise keeping a few wipes in the bathroom, especially if wounds are not uncommon when shaving. Women also admit this phenomenon when treating the armpit and bikini area: the skin in these areas is delicate and must be handled carefully. Before quickly stopping the blood, use a piece of tissue by placing it on the affected area of ​​the epidermis. In this case, a regular paper napkin or a piece of kitchen paper will work. Do not use wet alcohol wipes.

When the blood has stopped, apply peroxide to the superficial cut. Soak a cotton swab in the solution and hold it on the wound for a while. Cosmetologists advise men and women with irritated skin to use special lotions, gels and water based on soothing components after shaving. Such formulations will not only soothe the sensitive epidermis, but saturate it with useful ingredients and life-giving moisture.

When the cut is deep

The listed actions for processing small cuts are suitable not only for males, but for women. Shaving the intimate area, working with hairs on the legs — one awkward movement and there is already a bloody mark on the skin. Superficial abrasions are not dangerous to humans, but what if you cut yourself while shaving at home, and the cut is deep? Then it is recommended to immediately start treatment measures:

  1. Rinse the affected area… Cool water is suitable for this, which acts as a vasoconstriction. Most likely, the shaving took place in the bathroom, so there will be no problems with the presence of water. Chlorhexidine or peroxide will also help here if the bleeding has been stopped on its own.
  2. Stopping blood… The whole difficulty of treating deep wounds is profuse bleeding. The razor blade penetrates into the lower layers of the epidermis, touching the vessels. In this case, a simple napkin is not enough — you need to apply a bandage here. A tourniquet is applied above the cut, while it is necessary to squeeze the vessels so that nearby tissues do not feed on blood.
  3. If a limb is injured… When shaving a leg or arm area, blood from cuts must be stopped by placing the limb in an upright state. The tourniquet can be made from a belt, ribbon, scarf or any object in the field of view that can pull the vessels. traumeel
  4. Bandage… When the blood has stopped a little, you can make a bandage from the bandage. As it gets wet, the material should be changed. If the wetting is intense, it is necessary to make a tourniquet again.
  5. Treating a cut with disinfectants… When the bleeding really stopped, doctors recommend using brilliant green to treat the edges of the wound, the drug Miramistin is also well suited.
  6. Further wound care… Deep cuts take a long time to heal, so the treatment includes the use of ointments that accelerate the process of tissue regeneration, such as Traumeel, based on herbal ingredients. An ointment based on calendula, beeswax, or olive oil will also promote healing.
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It often happens that when shaving a face, a person cuts his lip deeply: it will be difficult to stop the blood in the cut area, but it is possible. If hydrogen peroxide and alcohol-based medications don’t work, use regular newspaper to stop the bleeding. Place it on the cut and hold it for a while. You can also lie down to stop blood flow to the cut. For example, if your lip is cut horizontally, lie on your side so that the wound is upright.

When to see a doctor

If minor razor abrasions and moderately deep cuts are considered commonplace, then there are situations when a qualified doctor’s help is needed. For example, shaving your legs may involve a vein, which frequently happens in women with varicose veins on the legs. In such a situation, you can try to apply a tourniquet to stop the blood, but if this does not happen, it is better to call an ambulance to prevent profuse blood loss.

When to see a doctor

Most people who get a cut do not rush to seek medical help, believing that this is an ordinary case and does not require intervention. In a situation with superficial wounds, the presence of a doctor is not necessary, but if veins, large vessels or moles are affected, it is better to call a specialist.

Some cases requiring medical attention:

  • hitting the wound with a shard of a blade or other foreign object;
  • the formation of swelling, blue areas around the wound;
  • increased bleeding;
  • the inability to impose a squeezing tourniquet;
  • soreness and swelling of the cut site;
  • the appearance of itching, a change in the shape of the wound.
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Some symptoms do not appear immediately, but several days after the cuts. For example, fever, chills, and redness in the wound may indicate blood poisoning. Most likely, a piece of a foreign body got into the wound or an infected razor was used. Then the doctor will diagnose, prescribe a blood test and other tests.

Puffiness and itching in the wound area indicate the onset of the inflammatory process, which also requires medical intervention. Do not be afraid of the doctor’s actions: upon arrival at the hospital, the doctor is obliged to treat the cut with antiseptic agents, as well as apply a medicinal composition and diagnose the patient’s condition.

What is strictly forbidden to do

If you have to deal with shaving every day, you should remember a few simple rules that tell you what not to do during cuts. If a man shaves or has shaved with a low-quality blade, then it will not be difficult to cut himself: in order to stop bleeding, in no case use alcohol-containing compounds. Many males immediately take aftershave from the shelf and begin to cover the wound with it, trying to stop the bleeding. Such manipulations will lead to tissue burns, and the time to stop bleeding will only increase.

What is strictly forbidden to do

It is strongly discouraged to use the advice of people who suggest using folk recipes. Among them — sprinkle the wound with improvised means:

This cannot be done for one reason — you can further increase bleeding and slow down the healing process of tissues. Many advisers recommend using granulated sugar to speed up recovery, but this method is not considered effective; it is better to replace it with brilliant green or another composition.

Another rule that must be observed is not to try to independently remove pieces of the blade from the wound. In this case, you need to quickly seek help from medical personnel: they will treat the wound with an antiseptic and carefully remove the remnants of the blade or other material, after which a medical bandage will be applied.

You should not treat cuts with irony, naively believing that large or small wounds can heal on their own. Using the suggested tips, you can quickly and easily provide yourself with first aid, and, if necessary, consult a doctor.

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