Rating of the best beard and mustache trimmers

The development of stylistics as a separate trend in fashion contributed to the emergence of a tendency to take more careful care of the appearance of men. We see a huge variety of haircuts, beard hairstyles. In this regard, devices have appeared to support a stylish image at home. The beard trimmer is designed to straighten the hairline, as well as to delicately remove hair from hard-to-reach areas. Mustache, beard, spectacular sideburns are at the peak of popularity today. If you regularly go to the barber for a haircut, you still have to adjust and correct something as the hair grows back, therefore, every man needs to choose a functional male trimmer as an accessory for caring for his appearance.

Today, fashion is so demanding, so you need to clean and shave almost all the places on the head where hair grows. An expensive suit and white shirt are no longer enough to look modern and neat. Before you find a sufficiently functional device and choose the optimal model of a mustache and beard trimmer, you should understand the purpose of each attachment and the main differences from other electrical appliances.

What is the difference between a trimmer and a typewriter

The trimmer function is different from the standard clipper. The smallest attachments in a hair clipper set cannot be compared to the capabilities of the trimmer’s constituent elements. Thanks to the minimal dimensions of the cutting components and the versatile, safe shape of the rounded head, the face trimmer is more functional than a shaving machine. It is designed to correct haircuts — shaving areas:

  • behind the ears;
  • on the chin;
  • at the base of the neck;
  • along the mustache line above the upper and lower lip;
  • line alignment at temples and sideburns.

Until recently, men in their daily care were limited to shaving and a neat haircut. At home, we borrowed tweezers from women’s sets, which painfully pull out hair from the nose and ears. There was even no talk of eyebrow correction. Today, special devices have been invented with which you can maintain a neat appearance at home.

what is the difference between a trimmer and a typewriter

Of all kinds of devices, the machine stands out for its versatility. The trimmer is very similar to the principle of working with hair clippers.

In just ten minutes with the best mustache and beard trimmer in front of the bathroom mirror, you’ll look like a professional barber. Despite the fact that the clipper and shaving machine, which has proven itself in caring for a short hairstyle, has a sufficient number of attachments, it is not worth equating the degree of refinement and precision of work with a new analogue.

The mustache trimmer performs the main function of maintaining the decorative shape of the hairstyle and maintaining the silhouette. Spot removal of bristly hairs allows you to achieve a well-defined mustache, beard under the lower lip and sideburns with a functional shaving machine.

With age, long, hard hairs appear in the nostrils and auricles. These are not small villi that act as dust protection and block the path of infection in the nose. Due to changes in hormonal levels, hard hairs grow especially quickly, look aggressive and sloppy («antennae»). With one of the trimmer & shaving attachments, you can easily remove the hair.

In men, there is hair growth in the area between the eyebrows. If the hair is not black, then this place does not cause much problem. If they are black, it gives the impression of fused eyebrows. To keep the face in order, to look not only fashionable, but also neat, you need to monitor the area between the eyebrows with another attachment of the professional mustache and beard trimmer.

  1. Structurally, the shaving machine differs from the smaller device not only in overall dimensions, weight, but also in the location of the blades: the distance, respectively, for the trimmer is 0,5 mm, for the razor — 1 mm. If on the head a haircut length of 1-2 mm looks normal, then on the face it is called unkempt stubble.
  2. The efficient styler not only gently removes stubble, but also works delicately and almost painlessly. Thanks to the close distance of the shaving blades, hair is cut without stretching the skin. As a result, trimming the beard and mustache, removing the villi from the eyebrow space with a trimmer is safer, since it does not leave microcracks and does not create irritation.
  3. The trimmer head has a smooth surface, the blades are hidden, since its purpose is to work on the nasal mucosa and inside the auricle. The attachment gently grabs the hairs and pulls them out sharply. Everything happens very quickly, before the person reacts with sneezing and the outflow of mucus from the nose.
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What types of beards and mustaches are suitable for

Beard type guide

A trendy beard cut requires a special approach. To make it look neater, you need to remove the stubble along the contour of the hairstyle, increasing the contrast of light skin color and dense vegetation. In places where it is necessary to remove hairs, the skin is very delicate — this is the area above the upper or lower lip, neck. Gently tightening the skin at the last stage of creating a beautiful well-groomed look, professional barbers use a sharp dangerous blade. At home, you can limit yourself to a reusable razor. Model beard and mustache clippers are used for various types of stylish men’s hairstyles.

  1. Hollywood beard and French fork.
  2. Duck tail and old Dutchman.
  3. Dali, Fu Manchu or Emperor Napoleon III.
  4. Balbo and van Dyck.
  5. Bicycle handlebars and goatee.
  6. Klington, Sparrow, Anchor.
  7. Goatee, box or screen.
  8. Zappa or Islet.

Franz Joseph I

Franz Josif I — Emperor of the Austrian Empire

The names of the hairstyles are consonant with famous historical figures: emperors, film actors, writers, artists, travelers, directors, as well as their characters. The trimmer for men is used for the correction of the mustache and sideburn:

  • wide tanks;
  • sail;
  • accrete tanks;
  • Franz Joseph;
  • Winfield;
  • mustache — policeman, pencil, bicycle handlebar, super mario.

Before choosing and buying a beard trimmer, make sure that the sales kit contains attachments with which you can take care of your haircut and make exactly the shape that suits your face. Modern devices are quite functional and mobile, they do not work from the mains, but from a battery that holds a charge for three hours.

Criterias of choice

Trimmer selection criteria

For daily use, a regular budget trimmer will suffice.

The huge variety of models makes it difficult for modern users to choose. Shaving accessories are produced by manufacturers in China, USA and European countries. Which model to opt for, so as not to miscalculate in the efficiency of work, the quality of shaving and the duration of use. A beard shaver must meet safety and reliability requirements. To evaluate the device in detail, you need to understand its technical component.


The beard and mustache trimmer in our ranking of the best models has compact dimensions. The power adapter is designed for continuous operation of the machine for 60 minutes, provided it is well charged from the mains. When not in use, the styler is ready for use after a 12-hour charge. The design of the electronic accessory is thought out in such a way that the power supply is inside the case. Its weight does not make the device heavier at all.


The machine for removing hairs from the nostrils of the nose and auricles, trimming the beard and mustache remains operational for an hour of continuous operation thanks to the lithium-ion battery. The device is equipped with a «finger» battery, so that it can be replaced later when it fails. The neat cover securely covers the place in the case where the battery is installed.

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The shaving razor is equipped with quality stainless steel blades. Manufacturers produce trimmers in an assembly with several attachments for high-quality care of eyebrows, the area inside the ears, nose and beard. The blades remain sharp for 12 months. Intensive use of the device of inexpensive models after the specified period requires the purchase of new blades.

Look for the best rated beard and mustache trimmers that feature titanium coated knives. Perhaps an electronic accessory will seem expensive, but in the future you will not spend 40-30% on replacing blades of the total cost of the device. There are models that provide the ability to adjust the length of the blades. Sharp knives are coated with a special anti-corrosion coating, so it is allowed to rinse them with water.


The completeness of the machine for a neat beard trim and shaping the mustache assumes the presence of different attachments. The most popular of them have different purposes and perform a specific function.

  1. When shaping a beard and cutting long stubble, aligning and removing separately protruding «antennas» use the widest nozzle of the selected accessory model. It allows you to remove excess length in an even layer, capturing a fairly wide surface. After her work, there are insignificant parts of the chin, face, neck, with which you need to work with other replaceable elements.
  2. The beard shaver has a nozzle with a smaller grip on the working area. The width of the cutting head of the second nozzle, designed for cutting hair, is smaller than the previous one, therefore it is used to correct the shape of the beard, the cutting line in the area behind the ears, along the base of the neck.
  3. For high-quality care of other areas of the face, where excess vegetation inside the nose periodically appears, “antennas” sticking out of the ears, use safety razors. The round trimmer head is convenient for removing the nasal lining, inside the auricle as well as trimming attachments and beard trims. The principle of operation of this element is based on the rapid capture of hairs by a rotating mesh inside a cylindrical head. The part of the hairs of the nose that has fallen into the electronic device — the trimmer, is cut off with sharp blades in the same way as the beard stubble.
  4. The beard shaving and mustache contouring machine is equipped with a special attachment for pulling out eyebrows. Outwardly, it looks like a brush for combing, so with movements that simulate styling, you can cut protruding hairs with a single-blade razor, directing the accessory along the growth of the eyebrows. Make sure the element is backlit for precise movement.

Additional options

There are trimmers with a laser

There are trimmers with a laser

The razor kit with a mustache and beard trimmer provides additional options and elements:

  • a brush for washing the device under running water;
  • wire for connecting to the network;
  • the styler is controlled using a button on the side of the case. The light indicator notifies about the readiness of the device for operation in the «On» mode;
  • laser illumination guarantees an accurate cutting result;
  • each set contains oil for lubricating cutting elements.

Top 10 beard and mustache trimmers

Hair clippers and beard shaping machines are produced by various companies: Remington, Philips, Braun and Panasonic. To determine the choice of a suitable model, you need to study in detail the features of the device of a professional series of mustache and beard trimmers. What parameters should you pay attention to:

  • completeness of assembly and overall dimensions;
  • material of manufacture of cutting elements, their number;
  • battery powered or network principle;
  • ease of cleaning, washing replaceable nozzles;
  • the ability to adjust the length of the blades;
  • vibration and noise level during switching on.

The rating of the best trimmers for eyebrows, mustaches and beards, not only in terms of technical characteristics, but also according to customer reviews on sites, is as follows:

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REMINGTON MB6550 Vacuum Beard and Grooming Kit

The REMINGTON MB6550 Vacuum Beard and Grooming Kit ranks second among the best sideburn and beard stylers. The set includes 5 attachments — this is a good range for choosing the length of the haircut. A feature of this styler model is the vacuum process of removing the clipped hair residues. According to numerous reviews of men who had a long, bushy beard, the trimmer is easy to use. Due to the vacuum collection of the bristles in a separate container, the care of the electronic device is much easier. The self-sharpening blades are titanium-plated for a longer service life.


The next in the rating of models is the REMINGTON NE3750 shaving machine — the trimmer is designed for shaving the beard, straightening the contour of the mustache and sideburns — the best device according to the version of hairdressers and barbers. Five gentle grooming attachments are suitable for home use.


High-quality shaving of a clear contour is guaranteed by the BABYLISS E886E razor for men. The device guarantees a wide range of cutting options with the ability to adjust the protrusion of the sharp blade to suit specific needs. The battery charge level is clearly visible on the display. A styler for shaving a beard and more can be used while taking water procedures.


Beard trimmers MOSER 1871-0071 CHROM STYLE PRO offer a professional set of functions. The barbers mark the line of this product of the German brand as devices with sufficient power and high performance. The lithium-ion battery and innovative processor work continuously for up to one and a half hours. The device allows you to qualitatively level the working surface of the beard using the widest nozzle. Narrower plastic elements are designed for contouring in hard-to-reach places with uneven «relief» — neck, cheekbones, chin, area behind the ears. Convenience and comfort of use are noted by professionals from hairdressing salons.

Philips BT9297 / 15

Philips BT9297 / 15 — the beard shaver is optimal due to the ability to control the step of the haircut in the range of up to 7 mm. The manufacturers have included two attachments in the kit. The model allows you to accurately outline the contours of sideburns, mustache and beard thanks to the presence of a laser guidance system. It perfectly highlights the edging of symmetry, shows the roots of the protruding hairs. Users note the durability of the double sharpened blades. The battery life is 80 minutes.


A quality product from European manufacturers PHILIPS STYLESHAVER QS6141. The new razor model demonstrates no fewer functions, but at the same time has an affordable price. Having such a device, you can maintain a paid haircut made by a barber at home, periodically passing the styler along the contour of the chin and neck. The styler has a compact shape, low weight and small overall dimensions. The rubberized ergonomic shape of the handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, does not slip, and allows you to make precise movements.

Philips MG1100

The beard shaver with Philips MG1100 is designed for comfortable facial treatment for men. A set of DualCut combs for the ultimate care of stubble, overgrown beards, sideburns and mustaches. A standard set of additional functions allows you to keep track of your haircut. Manufacturers from the Netherlands offer a low cost home care option.


The popular budget model of the PANASONIC ER-GB40 beard machine has enough functions for a spectacular styling of a man’s look. A quality product from Japanese manufacturers works silently, weighs only 150 g. The ergonomic design of the handle allows you to smoothly slide along the cheekbones, neck, neatly align the line of sideburns and mustaches. It is functional and reliable as any equipment from Japan.

Panasonic ER-GC-71-S520

Functional razors for men, demonstrating quality and reliability, practicality and durability, are released under the Panasonic ER-GC-71-S520 brand. The device provides a choice in the settings for the cutting mode. The blade protrusion can protrude up to 20 mm. The styler is lightweight, ergonomic, pleasant to hold and comfortable to adjust the contour on the chin and neck in any position.


The next device in the rating is the PANASONIC ER-GN30 shaver for home care. An electronic gadget for morning procedures has a nozzle for removing hard hair from the nostrils and ears. Set to remove stubble with a 1mm cut. Works almost silently, capacious and compact, with a rubberized coating for a comfortable grip.

The process of choosing a trimmer should be accompanied not only by reading the reviews and analyzing the disadvantages and advantages of the device, but also by a detailed study of the attached instructions. As a result, you can choose a functional accessory for personal use.

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