Philips beard trimmer brand overview

Thanks to numerous tools and devices, men can afford to wear a stylish beard and mustache, taking care of it on their own at home. The most requested tool is the trimmer, as it has all the necessary functions for cutting, styling, shaving and trimming facial hair. In addition, trimmers are the only ones that can remove excess hairs in hard-to-reach places like the nose and ears.

Philips manufactures electronic and home appliances, including mustache and beard trimmers. This brand is firmly rooted in the ranking of the best manufacturers on the market today, and Philips trimmers are in great demand and trust from consumers and professionals. The manufacturer offers a wide range of trimmers of different configurations, functionality and prices.

Features and benefits of Philips trimmers

The Philips beard trimmer differs from other brands in terms of functionality, design, quality and value. In addition, the manufacturer is constantly expanding its range, supplying new products and improved modifications to the market. Trimmers were first produced in 2011 and since then, the demand for this group of products from Philips has only increased.

Benefits of Philips beard trimmers include:

  • each subsequent model of the trimmer is supplemented with new functions, being an improved version of the previous models;
  • several decades of sales of trimmers are the key to a stable reputation and brand prestige;
  • Philips’ flexible pricing policy allows men of different social strata to purchase trimmers with different price gradations;
  • The Philips brand has pioneered many innovations and new features, such as models with laser pointers and more.
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The brand still has drawbacks, in particular, you have to pay more for the popularity and prestige of the brand than if you buy trimmers from little-known manufacturers today. But at the same time, the price is fully paid off by the durability of the service and the quality of each electrical appliance.


Every Philips beard and mustache trimmer is made in our factory in the Netherlands. The range has various options for devices, which may differ slightly in technical characteristics, options, equipment and prices. But to understand how expedient the choice is in the direction of a trimmer from Philips, the manufacturer highlights the general characteristics of the devices.

These are:

  • a wide range of models for consumers of different classes and preferences;
  • each trimmer has universal options, some have additional features;
  • distinctive Philips trimmer options — vacuum system, nozzles with different levels, laser pointers, etc.;
  • combined type of power supply and long battery life;
  • ergonomic size and equipment, that is, low weight and dimensions for comfortable use;
  • the option of a safe haircut and shave, thanks to which it is almost impossible to get hurt with such a device;
  • blades are made of durable metal for the most accurate and fast cutting of excess hairs.

Thus, we can conclude that the Philips beard trimmer razor combines several features — this is quality, reasonable price and innovative options and capabilities of the device. Therefore, electric shavers and trimmers of this brand are preferred by men for home use and professionals for professional salon activities.

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Mode of application

It is necessary to use trimmers of this brand strictly according to the instructions that the manufacturer offers for each model separately. Many trimmers can be used for dry and wet cutting and shaving, and there are models that can be washed under running water. Before using the trimmer, the beard must be washed, dried and thoroughly combed with a comb.

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After that, the desired nozzle is installed on the device, cutting off excess density and length from the cheeks, chin, neck, mustache and temples. Further, without a nozzle, with only a cutting knife, you need to trim the beard, shaving off excess areas. After that, the device is cleaned as soon as the operating instructions require — with a brush or under running water. The trimmer must be stored in a case or cover, which is also offered by the manufacturer in the kit.

Popular Models

The trimmer is the perfect tool for beards and mustaches, and Philips offers a variety of models and models for comfortable use and maximum results in shaving, cutting, edging, modeling and trimming facial hair. Today, a huge number of models and modifications are produced and sold, but experts call 3 models the most popular:

  1. Norelco Beard Trimmer 9000 — a professional new trimmer model with a laser pointer for the most accurate modeling of a beard and mustache. The trimmer works both from the mains and autonomously thanks to the battery. The nozzle has 17 length levels for trimming and cutting hair. There is also a charging control option in the form of a display.
  2. Philips BT7210 — in this device, the manufacturer offers twenty levels of hair length adjustment. The device also has a combined type of power supply, in addition, a vacuum cleaning system is built into it, which sucks the cutting hairs into the container. This greatly facilitates the process of cleaning and maintenance of the electrical appliance.
  3. Philips BT5200 — this device has blades made of durable metal, the nozzle has 17 levels of hair length adjustment. In addition to the blade, the trimmer has a comb so that it lifts the hairs and easily cuts them to the desired length. This model can only work on battery power, which is important to consider when buying.
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When choosing from the trimmer models presented by the brand, you need to consider personal needs and preferences so that each option in the device is in demand and necessary. In some cases, expensive trimmer models with a large list of functions will not be as appropriate as a cheap model with standard functionality.


The fashion for the beard has again soared to its peak, as a result of which the demand for devices for caring for it has increased. Trimmers are versatile machines for trimming, shaving, modeling and trimming mustaches and beards, they can trim sideburns and eyebrows, and also remove hairs in hard-to-reach places. Trimmers from the Philips brand, according to many publications and experts, are recognized as leaders among other equally popular brands, as they have standard and additional options, reasonable prices and good quality.

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