Mesh versus rotary: which shaver is better

Shaving is a kind of ritual for every man. And enough time and mood are allocated to prepare for getting rid of facial hair. Without the attitude — nothing. There is a wide selection of tools for this ritual process, and everyone gets to his liking — a straight razor, safety razor, machines with replaceable blades and shaving brushes or electric shavers. The latter have only recently become part of the tradition and rightfully won their fans.

An electric shaver is an expensive accessory, and its purchase becomes only an absolute necessity. But it’s worth it. There are two types of such devices: mesh and rotary razors, and which one to choose for yourself or as a gift that will not be forgotten, this text will help determine. After all, it would seem that there are no differences — both the first and the second are electrical appliances, but the shaving method itself is different, and the operating characteristics are different. Next, consider which razor is best to buy.

Pros and cons of a foil shaver

foil razorThe principle of operation of the mesh razor is based on the cutting of hair with rotating blades that fall into the mesh (from this and the corresponding name). The mesh is firmly fixed to the body. The blades are attached to a fixed base, which vibrates and moves the knives. This mode helps to capture the bristle hairs.

Modern electric foil shavers have different pulsation systems and shaving mechanisms, but they are similar in the principle of operation. The devices can be equipped with from one to four nets, and the more, the better and cleaner shave. Accordingly, the quality depends on the quantity. The main advantage of the electric foil shaver is its compact size, which makes it comfortable for the hand and not burdensome in use.

The mesh electric shaver consists of a plastic case in which the electric motor is placed. It is closed with a steel mesh cover. Shaving takes place with a movable plate knife driven by an electric motor. The fine mesh metal mesh prevents the skin from coming into contact with the knives, so damage is excluded. The device is powered by a battery, which is charged with USB connectors.

Pros electric shavers include:

  • compactness — that the device itself, that the grids are small in size;
  • the possibility of wet shaving;
  • the ability to penetrate into hard-to-reach places — the mustache area under the nose and so on with the help of the blade unit;
  • the presence of a trimmer to give intricate shapes to the mustache and beard;
  • the mesh is cleaned automatically — and this saves time and effort;
  • there is a built-in system CoolTech to cool the skin;
  • sensitive skin compatibility, better for delicate cover;
  • many models are equipped with a battery that powers the shaver when there is no chance to connect to the mains;
  • the ability to charge the battery through USB.
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Among the disadvantages are:

  • fragility of the mesh — a thin structure can crack, which will damage the skin;
  • does not follow the contours of the face — razors with one degree of freedom are not enough for a clean shave;
  • the coverage area is small, which implies passing through the same section several times.

Comparing the pros and cons of the electric foil shaver, it can be noted that the advantages still prevail over the disadvantages. And buying a device will be a good choice.

Pros and cons of a rotary shaver

This electric shaver is a rotary machine equipped with one or three rotating heads. A triple block is like a triangle with equally spaced blocks that are angled to follow the contours of the face. Each shaving head, no matter how many there are, has an independent mount, which allows them to move separately from each other for perfect contact with a face of any shape. With the help of a lever built into the body, rotary machines have retractable trimmers. It helps to do curly mustache or beard haircuts.

rotary shaverThe design of a rotary electric shaver is an electric drive enclosed in a plastic case. It makes the rotary knives move, hidden under the mesh disc. There is also a switch on the body. The rotary shaver is powered by a built-in battery that is recharged via USB.

Pluses of a rotary electric shaver:

  • takes into account the contours of the face — this becomes possible due to the mobility of the shaving heads;
  • self-sharpening blades;
  • equipping with a large number of knives — a maximum of five, which makes shaving effective;
  • quality razors have a double blade that shaves cleaner than a mesh triple block;
  • holes on the plate can be of different shapes — oblong and round at the same time, which allows you to grip and cut off any bristle;
  • most models are equipped with a self-contained battery;
  • also available with a skin cooling system Cool-Tech;
  • automatic cleaning of the shaver;
  • in addition, it is possible to charge the battery using USB-port.

There are also disadvantages of this accessory, and among them is a harsh effect on the skin of the face.

Comparison of rotary and mesh shavers

After reading the previous paragraphs, still not decided on the choice of a shaving device? We present you with cross-comparison for the most important categories for the user. So, foil or rotary shaver: what is the best way to remove vegetation?

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Independent rotary units accurately follow the contours and curves of any face shape, while even the latest models of mesh razors have negligible efficiency in this aspect. Of course, there are attempts by manufacturers to create a mesh to repeat all the bends of the face, but they, in comparison with a rotary device, tend to zero. Conclusion — a rotary electric shaver is more comfortable.

Shaving speed

Before choosing a rotary or foil shaver, it is worth deciding what speed you would like to see. Round rotary nozzles move at great speed, which allows you to quickly remove stubble from a certain area of ​​the face, and not crawl several times until the skin turns red. At the same time, the mesh device will have to walk several times over the same place in order to cut off all the hairs. Fortunately, without consequences for the skin. The only waste is the time it takes to get a really close shave. In this aspect, the top also remains behind the rotary shaver.

Shave quality

Most models of rotary electric shavers have a double blade — one part raises the bristles, the other cuts it off. Mesh ones are not equipped with this, so you have to repeat the operation to shave off the hair several times. This category confirms the advantages of the rotary system.

Operational safety

When choosing which electric shaver is better, this point is worth paying special attention to. Thanks to the design of the attachments, the rotary electric shaver cannot be accidentally injured while shaving. On the other hand, the wrong angle of the foil shaver while shaving can lead to small cuts on the skin. The undisputed advantage remains with the rotary device.

Reliability and durability

It is extremely difficult to cause mechanical damage to the rotary nozzles, and worn parts are easy to replace, and this happens only with obvious wear. The latest models generally look eternal due to the use of titanium for the manufacture of attachments. The thin mesh of the foil razor bends easily under low load. Such vulnerability is very inappropriate, and to call shaving with a deformed attachment uncomfortable is to put it mildly. In reliability, rotary electric shavers give a head start to mesh shavers.


Rotary shavers are only for a clean shave, you can’t do hairdressing with them. Only if you have a trimmer, use this razor to trim your mustache or beard. There is variety with the foil shaver — thanks to the attachments and trimmer on any device, you can easily make all kinds of haircuts. So on the decorative side, a foil shaver is better than a rotary shaver.

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Wired or battery

With the choice between a stationary wired device or a portable one, everything is simple — for those who spend a lot of time on business trips or travel, an electric shaver with a battery would be better. The corded shaver is the choice of those who are not constrained by space.

Trimmer and its type

Trimmer — an element of the electric shaver for trimming the mustache and beard. Distinguish between professional, domestic and universal types.


In order to gently remove and cut hair, use a special machine called a trimmer.

The first ones are used in beauty salons and are designed for long-term work. They have many additional functions, which is better, no doubt about it. But difficult for non-professionals.

Home beard and mustache trimmers are for individual use and are much cheaper than professional ones. They are convenient for ordinary users, have teeth and a narrow knife.

Universal ones can also be used as a hair clipper. This is possible thanks to the additional attachments.

Top 6 best electric shavers

For a clear comparison, which is better rotary or mesh, we offer specific models, three of each type.

Rotary shaver Philips RQ 1250/16

Powerful, with floating heads and a movable block. A comfortable and clean shave. Works both from the mains and from the battery. At the same time, the price is quite modest.

Panasonic ES-ST25 foil shaver

It works on sensors and has an intelligent system — the power of the machine is determined depending on the density of the bristles. Has 3 blades with floating heads. When the battery is fully charged, the battery life is 45 minutes.

Rotary shaver Philips RQ 1151/16

Perfectly follows facial features. Shaves even fine stubble cleanly. This is all thanks to the double blades.

Braun foil shaver 390cc Series3 BOSS

Device with triple mesh design and trimmer. Allows you to make stylish beard and mustache haircuts. Perfectly adapts to facial contours.

Razor Panasonic ES-LV61-K820

Wet and dry shaving foil.

Rotary shaver Philips YS 534/17

Multifunctional device with three attachments. Battery operated, but not suitable for wet shaving. It surpasses most of the mesh in the quality of work.

We hope that the information from this article helped to decide: a rotary or a mesh electric shaver. And the purchase of the device will allow you to start a new unforgettable period of facial care.

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