Machine or electric shaver: comparison and which is better to choose

Conventionally, all shaving tools are divided into two large groups: an electric shaver and a machine. Both types of fixtures are popular, but there are significant differences between them. Some men prefer to use only classic machines, others have switched to more expensive, but high-speed electric shavers. It is possible to make a competent choice only by considering in detail the characteristics of both groups.

Features of the shaving machine

Razors are available in hypermarkets. They are distinguished by their low cost and ease of use. Other characteristics also include benefits:


  1. The machines clean the pores by wet shaving.
  2. The use of additional moisturizing strips, foams and lotions reduces the sensitivity of the skin and allows it to nourish it.
  3. There is no risk of bacterial growth as the blades are constantly changing.
  4. High-quality cut of hairs at the root.

At the same time, machines, both cheap and more expensive, damage the skin during use. They often lead to the development of irritation and do not cope well with bristles of different lengths.

Machine types


disposable machine

The most popular type of shaving machine is the disposable tool. These are machines with a plastic body and quickly erased cutting parts. Sharp blades only work well the first time they are used, and later on can cut hairs poorly. This is logical, because after 1-2 uses the machine should be thrown away. The price of such devices is minimal, the availability is high: they are sold in every supermarket. This is a convenient option for those who are not pretentious about shaving. It is important to remember that with sudden movements, a classic machine can damage the skin.



The original version of the device, the T-bar, is better than its current counterpart at removing vegetation. With experience, you can quickly cut them at the root. The base is expensive, 2-4 thousand rubles, as it is made of stainless steel, but replaceable blades are cheap. A significant drawback is the possibility of severely cutting yourself.


Replacement cartridges

machine with cartridges

The «golden mean» is machines with replaceable cartridges. They fit well in the hand and have a rubberized handle. Their cost is higher than that of

disposable, but lower than that of electric shavers. Replacement cartridges, however, can hit the budget as they cost more than the base itself. But the risk of cutting is minimal, and the quality of shaving is always at its best.

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Pros and cons of an electric shaver

electric shaverThis tool appeared later, already in the 20th century, but its popularity is comparable to the demand for machine tools. The electric shaver has undeniable advantages over its classic brother:

  1. Safe hair removal when using a device with a mesh grip system. There is no risk of cuts.
  2. Suitable for sensitive skin. Since the blades are reliably hidden and cannot damage the skin, irritation also disappears, which is provoked by microtrauma of the epidermis that are invisible to the eye.
  3. Fast hair removal. The duration of the procedure is 2-3 times less than when using the machine. The reason for the speed is not only the fact that the vegetation is removed due to the rapid rotation of the blades. Time can be saved additionally, since you do not need to use foam, moisturizing compounds, rinse off the remains of the foaming substance at the end of the procedure.
  4. Suitable for both small stubble and beard. Looms do not do well with long hairs. Electric shavers are specially designed for different types of vegetation. Even with cheap devices, the kit often comes with attachments that are used depending on the length of the regrown hairs.
  5. Infrequent blade changes. Even in the cheapest modifications, the blades last for 1,5-2 years. High-quality devices can operate without the need to change cutting parts for 5-7 years.
  6. Convenient additional functions. If you purchase devices of the middle and high price category, then you can get the option of automatic moisturizing of the face (by distributing the lotion from the built-in container) or a trimmer. The trimmer allows you to gently trim your mustache, remove hair from your neck, trim your eyebrows, or trim overgrown hair at your temples.

We must not forget about a number of disadvantages. Electric shavers are sold at a much higher price than classic shavers. The difference in cost can be tenfold. High-quality devices cost from 2000 rubles, and the optimal models in terms of price-quality ratio will cost 4-5 thousand rubles. There are some other downsides too:

  1. The need to carry out a cleaning procedure. Manufacturers recommend doing this after each stubble removal. It is advisable to additionally treat the blades with antiseptics to prevent the development of bacteria. Taken together, caring for a device can be more time-consuming than removing hairs. Self-cleaning models are available for sale, but they cost 20-30% higher than the rest.
  2. Possibility of microbial accumulation due to improper care. The machines are constantly changing (or their blades are replaced), but the blades of an electric razor are used for months. Microorganisms can lead to the development of allergic reactions, acne, acne, irritation.
  3. Expensive repairs and difficult self-replacement of parts.
  4. Lower clean shave. To remove hairs under the root, you will have to walk over the same place several times. For the same reason, shaving with a tool requires minimal skill. This means that the device is suitable for teenagers.
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Varieties of electric shavers

Electric shavers differ in the type of mechanism. Products with rotary blades are suitable for removing stubble of any length, but may cause small cuts. The mesh devices never injure the skin, since the hairs are first captured by the mesh and then removed without the cutting parts coming into contact with the skin.

Also, the models may differ in the following parameters:

  1. Dry or wet shave. Dry shavers can be used without foam or water. Wet shaving units are suitable for use in the shower and have a waterproof housing.
  2. Number of heads (from 1 to 4). The more, the better the result.

Comparative differences

Selection factor Machine Electric shaver
Ease of use Suitable for teenagers Skills required
Pressing force Medium or high Almost not required
Risk of injury Present No
Complexity of instrument maintenance Zero, only periodic cassette changes are required High (disinfection, cleaning)
Shave quality Root cutting Low or medium (depending on model)

What is better to choose in the end

what to chooseElectric shaver or machine — which is better to use? There is no definite answer. To make a choice, you need to take into account the type of skin, the degree of its sensitivity, the conditions for using the instrument. It would be advisable to indicate the best option for each case:

  1. For sensitive skin, prone to irritation, electric shavers with a mesh that protects the epidermis from microtrauma are best suited. The ideal option is an expensive device with the function of nourishing and moisturizing the skin right while you shave.
  2. If a man or teenager suffers from frequent appearance of acne and blackheads, it is recommended to purchase any of the existing types of machines. They unclog pores as shaving occurs after the skin is hydrated. An alternative option is an electric shaver with a wet shaving function. Since it can be used on damp face skin, there is no problem with cleansing the pores.
  3. For first shave, classic machines will do. They are cheap and easiest to use, although they can slightly injure the skin. Due to the low price, there is no need to worry about the teenager breaking the tool. In the case of an electric shaver, this would lead to additional costs.
  4. Persons with disabilities, To old people, it is better to use electric shavers with a mesh system. The possibility of injuries is excluded, face cleansing occurs quickly and without additional effort, it is enough to drive your hand over the appropriate areas.
  5. In field conditions. When traveling, it is best to use an electric shaver with a battery designed for dry shaving. The process of removing facial hair in the case of using such a device does not require the presence of water, shaving foam, moisturizing lotions. The presence of a battery allows the machine to be used even in the middle of a forest.
  6. If you are planning to stay in a Hotel, the machine will do. Since there is access to water and shaving foam in guest establishments, you can go beyond just an electric shaver.
  7. Finally, if the user is interested in clean shave and at the same time he knows how to handle the razor well, it is recommended to purchase a classic metal razor with a replaceable dangerous blade.

You don’t have to choose a specific option, the better to shave. Some men acquire both instruments and change them depending on the situation. When traveling, disposable machines are used, at home — devices with cartridges and electric shavers.

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