Laser hair removal for men: hair removal for a long time

Many men start their morning by shaving. The procedure requires accuracy, a certain skill, so it often becomes a tiresome, obligatory ritual. In this case, laser hair removal for beards and mustaches for men is an excellent solution to the problem. It helps to get rid of unwanted facial hair and the need for daily shaving for at least several years. But to achieve such a result, more than one procedure is required.

What’s this

Laser hair removal for beards is one of the most effective ways to remove excess hair for a long time. The essence of the procedure is selective photothermolysis. The laser beam heats tissue selectively. It affects the melanin pigment located in the root and hair shaft. As a result of exposure to high temperatures, the biological elements of the follicle, the capillaries that nourish it, are destroyed, the hair falls out along with the root.

Light exposure effectively affects only vegetation that is in the stage of active growth. Weak, unripe hairs are not affected by the laser action. Therefore, after a while, you need to repeat the procedure to stop the germination of new hair. As a rule, 7-12 sessions are needed to completely forget about excess vegetation.

The bristles before epilation should not exceed 1 mm in length. The depth and length of the impulse impact depends on its diameter. If this parameter is less than 10 mm, then the procedure will be ineffective. 12-15 mm is quite acceptable, the largest is 18 mm.

Modern devices for this procedure make it possible to concentrate the heat-light shock exclusively on the hair base. The device should be equipped with a cooling system to minimize side effects.

what is laser hair removal for menBefore epilation, a special gel is applied to the skin. The duration of beard and mustache depilation in men depends on the density and area of ​​facial hair. On average, it may take 30-50 minutes.

After laser exposure, redness is observed on the skin — this is a normal reaction. To reduce it, soothing, cooling cosmetics are applied. For the first week or two, the epidermis is quite sensitive, so delicate care is required:

  • lack of contact with alcohol-containing (for example, lotions), abrasive (scrubs) cosmetics;
  • limiting exposure to the sun, washing with hot water;
  • use of light moisturizers without retinol, glycogelic acid.
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After the procedure, within 1-2 weeks, about 55% of male hair falls out from the total volume of facial hair before laser hair removal. The structure of the remaining hairs changes — they become noticeably softer, thinner and weaker. With each subsequent epilation, the vegetation becomes less and less, until it disappears completely.

What can be attributed to the advantages of the procedure

The procedure is almost painless. Despite the high temperature, the laser beam does not leave burns, but only slight redness. This is due to the fact that its depth and duration of exposure are so insignificant that the nerve endings do not have time to respond adequately. Therefore, hair removal of the beard and mustache practically does not cause discomfort. For many men, it resembles a slight tingling sensation in the skin.

Beard epilation is perfect for those who want to achieve the effect of permanent smoothness of the skin of the face. Unlike depilation with wax or sugaring, conventional shaving and other methods, this procedure removes excess vegetation for 2 or more years. At the same time, the price of one session is quite democratic. Considering that the stubble will not appear on the face for a very long time, it will pay off. A man does not have to buy cosmetics for care during and after shave, looms, trimmers, etc.

Beard epilation helps to save not only money, but also time. After all, a man does not have to shave every morning, and at the same time the skin will look smooth and well-groomed.

Since beard hair removal is carried out by a non-contact method, there is no risk of infection, injury to the skin, scarring of tissues, which is also an undeniable advantage.

Cons of laser removal

The main and significant disadvantage of this procedure is ineffectiveness on light and gray hair. Such vegetation contains either an insufficient amount of melanin, or it is completely absent. The same goes for vellus hair. Due to the lack of target cells that can absorb light energy, it is impossible to stop hair growth using this method.

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Other disadvantages:

  • to achieve complete smoothness of the skin, it may take more than one procedure and more than one month;
  • after laser exposure, the skin is sensitive, swelling, irritation, redness, peeling is possible;
  • there are restrictions on the procedure;
  • light radiation affects only actively growing hairs, so after a while you will have to repeat the procedure;
    the cost of the entire hair removal course is quite high.

The cost of the procedure

The price depends on several factors: on a specific beauty salon, city, equipment capacity, materials expended, area of ​​the treated area, qualifications of the specialist performing the work, availability of the necessary certificates, etc.

Effects of laser hair removal

laser hair removal for beardIn addition to the increased sensitivity of the skin, after laser hair removal, more serious complications are possible. You should definitely know about them before signing up for the procedure. The negative consequences can be early and late.

Early… They develop either immediately after the procedure, or during the first 2-3 days after it. These include burns, exacerbation of acne, herpes, folliculitis, allergies.

Burns occur when there is a high content of melanin in skin cells (tan or IV-VI phototype), improper technique of performing the procedure (for example, when applying laser pulses or incomplete contact of the hand piece with the epidermis), the absence of a cooling system, and the use of a high flux density of light energy.

Exacerbations of acne occur mainly in young people, as well as in people with an imbalance in hormonal levels. The rash over time becomes less pronounced, so no specific treatment is required.

The effect of the laser on the upper and lower lip area can provoke an exacerbation of herpes infection. It occurs in individuals who already have a history of herpes and have once encountered rashes in the corners of the lips. To prevent this unpleasant consequence, it is recommended to take antiviral drugs a week before the procedure.

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Allergy manifests itself in the form of urticaria, visually resembles a burn. A reaction may occur to an anesthetic, a cooling gel. Men who have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies are advised to take antihistamines or glucocorticoids for a week before the procedure.

Inflammation of the follicle can occur in men who are worried about excessive sweating or with regular water procedures for medicinal purposes. In this case, chemical denervation or limitation of water procedures will help prevent complications.

Late… They can appear 1-2 weeks after hair removal. These include: hyper- and hypopigmentation, scarring, increased hair growth, malignancy.

An example of hyperpigmentation on the face

An example of hyperpigmentation on the face, on a man’s it is not so beautiful.

Hyperpigmentation occurs in patients who have suffered thermal damage to the skin. Hyperpigmentation — in individuals who did not follow the recommendations of post-procedure care (for example, prolonged UV exposure of the skin without the use of sunscreen). These phenomena are usually reversible, but if they are observed for a long time, then medications are needed.

Scarring appears if direct contraindications were ignored: IV-VI skin phototype, sunburn, violation of the integrity of the epidermis.

Strengthening of hair growth is noted with insufficient density of light radiation. In this case, the follicles do not warm up properly, as a result, the opposite effect occurs. Hair growth is stimulated.

If nevi are present in the treated area, the laser beam can provoke the appearance of atypical cells and the degeneration of a benign formation into a malignant one. Therefore, it is highly discouraged to carry out the procedure with such neoplasms.

Contraindications to the procedure

Epilation has limitations for carrying out:

  • blonde, gray hair;
  • dark skin, sunburn;
  • varicosity;
  • chronic skin diseases in the acute stage;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • damage to the integrity of the epidermis;
  • numerous moles in the treated area;
  • oncology;
  • immune diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • individual intolerance to the procedure;
  • hormonal imbalance.

Laser hair removal is an effective way to remove dark facial hair. Before carrying out it, it is better to visit a medical center or beauty salon in advance and get comprehensive advice on the possibility of carrying out the procedure, the presence of a contraindication, possible consequences, etc.

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