Is it possible to shave a mustache at the age of 14 and how to do it correctly

At the age of 14, puberty begins in boys. The process is accompanied by a fragile voice and abundant hair growth. At this age, young guys have their first mustache. At one time, they appear as a fluff above the upper lip. By the age of 16, facial hair becomes coarser. At the same time, a beard is formed.

Parents of teenagers often wonder if they can shave their mustaches at the age of 14. Some dermatologists advise young men not to do this at an early age. They believe that you should only start shaving at the age of 18. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the organism of an individual child. Modern cosmetologists disagree about when you can shave your mustache. The issue is decided by the teenager himself and his parents. But the first shave always needs preliminary preparation.

At what age can you shave a mustache

This hygienic procedure is recommended to be carried out from 17-18 years old. This opinion is shared by most cosmetologists. At this age, the skin of a teenager is already adapted to the constant growth of hair. From the age of 18, you can shave on a regular basis.

At what age can you shave a mustacheRemoving the first mustache is not recommended at the age of 14-15 for a number of reasons. Among them:

  • increased sensitivity of young skin;
  • high risk of irritation;
  • the likelihood of infection in wounds formed after shaving;
  • provoking further growth of adolescent acne;
  • damage to fragile follicles, which can further lead to painful ingrowth of facial hair.

If necessary, boys over 16 years old can shave. But this should be done carefully and only after careful preparation of the skin of the face.

At the age of 14, the young man still lacks abundant vegetation on his face. Usually the hairs are located singly. If the child has discomfort regarding the presence of antennae on the face, then you can remove them in gentle ways. The option using tweezers is unacceptable. The procedure is painful. Depilatory creams can be used to remove a gun from a guy’s face, a boy’s mustache. They have a mild effect on young skin and do not damage it. The use of wax plates is also unjustified. When they remove the gun, painful sensations arise.

One of the ways to solve the problem of the first mustache in boys is to lighten them. To do this, use:

  • a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide (10 drops of the first agent per 50 ml of the second), applied to the fluff for 10 minutes;
  • a composition based on shaving foam and peroxide;
  • ointment of 5 components (2 g of perhydrol, 10 g of petroleum jelly, peroxide, a drop of ammonia and 5 g of shampoo), which should be kept in the antenna growth zone for 15 minutes.
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These methods allow only to disguise the first mustache that has grown in a teenager, and also to remove them for a while. After coarsening the facial hair, the young man will be ready for a full first shave. It requires preliminary preparation.

First shave process

The need to remove facial hair in boys arises with the appearance of the corresponding signs. Before shaving for the first time, a young man should pay attention to how his father, brother, grandfather or any other male relative does it. Teens always require a good example, no matter how old they start to shave. Particular attention is paid to the selection of accessories. It is important to choose the right skin care product.

First shave process
First shave of a teenager under the control of dad.

First signs for hair removal

Signals to get rid of a teenage mustache are:

  • darkening of hairs above the lip and in the chin area;
  • a sharp growth of facial hair;
  • the formation of stiff bristles instead of the previously available gun;
  • the disappearance of acne and acne, indicating the completion of the most active phase of puberty;
  • the inability to simply pluck the hairs.

If these signs are present, the young man may begin to shave on a regular basis.


The focus is on the selection of accessories for the first-time shaver. Shaving is recommended with an electric device. It does not hurt young skin and is safe to use. Electric shavers are available with mesh and rotary shavers. The first type is considered the most suitable for teenagers. Such a razor contains no more than three heads, and the blades themselves are hidden under a metal mesh. Due to the flexibility and vibration of the latter, the young man’s skin is not injured when shaving. The use of rotary devices is less reliable. These electric shavers have heads with knives that rotate. They are more likely to damage young skin than mesh-type devices.

ShaverA conventional shaving machine is considered relatively safe. It comes in several types. Both types are T-shaped. In the first case, double-sided blades are used, in the second — shaving heads. Teenagers are advised to choose machines that include three blades. They will less injure the not yet hardened skin. Five-blade machines shave cleanly and efficiently. But they always provoke severe irritation and damage to the blood vessels.

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If a young man decided to shave with a disposable razor, then it is not recommended reusing it in the future. The reusable attachments are suitable for multiple facial hair removal procedures. This machine should be thoroughly rinsed after shaving and kept clean. It is recommended to purchase accessories from trusted brands only.

Reusable machines with double-sided blades are not desirable for boys. This tool shaves effectively, but in the hands of an inexperienced young man, it can cause a severe cut on the face.

For young men to shave off the first antennae, mustache, bristles, it is forbidden to use devices with open blades. Their inept use is fraught with deep cuts.

shaving foamBefore the first shave, a teenager should also purchase:

  • shaving foam with a hypoallergenic effect;
  • special aftershave balm;
  • cleansing scrub for washing before the procedure;
  • acne remedy.

Lotions that are usually used by adult men are not suitable for young men. They need special products designed for sensitive skin.

Before the procedure itself, it is important to steam the skin. Shave should be done after taking a bath or shower. Then the pores in the skin open, and it becomes soft. Do not neglect cleansing scrubs. They will remove dead particles from steamed skin and leave it clean.

How to shave the first time

Instrument, foam and disinfectants are pre-prepared. Do not use someone else’s razors. The tool must be new. It can only be used by the teenager himself. It is forbidden to remove hair from the face without foam or gel and on dry skin. It must be moisturized.

how to shave properly for the first timeThe young man is advised to follow these rules on how to shave properly for the first time at home:

  1. Find out the direction of hair growth by running your hand over your cheek or chin. The lack of resistance will indicate the direction in which the mustache grows.
  2. Using a shaving brush or hand, apply the foam to the areas of the face to be treated.
  3. Wait before shaving your mustache. The product must be thoroughly absorbed into the skin. A couple of minutes is enough for this.
  4. Start shaving the area between the lip and nose, and then move to the chin and other areas, if there is hair. Movements should be soft and fluid. Do not press on the skin. All movements are done according to hair growth. It is enough to run the blade over the treatment zones 3-5 times.
  5. After the end of the procedure, quickly rinse your face with cool water.
  6. Wipe all treated areas thoroughly with a dry towel.
  7. Apply a thin layer of anti-acne lotion to your face.
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It is not recommended to use colognes after shaving. The alcohol present in them greatly dries irritated skin. A lotion with moisturizing and soothing effects should be applied.

The first shave may cause cuts. It is necessary to treat them with cotton wool swabs dipped in hydrogen peroxide. For the first time, it is difficult for a young man to shave alone. It is recommended to help him with this. At the first shave, the presence of the father is desirable. He will tell you what to do.


AftercareYoung men do not need to shave every day. It is enough to do this as new hairs appear on the face. Usually, the need to shave off the mustache in adolescents occurs once or several times a week. It is believed that facial hair begins to grow faster when you shave it off for the first time. In the future, you will have to shave off the mustache more often, but this is exclusively due to the peculiarities of the young man who has begun to grow up.

After the first time, it is advisable to switch to electric foil shavers. At the end of each subsequent facial hair removal, the teenager should use moisturizing lotions and creams. If he develops irritation or a rash, treatment with an anti-inflammatory ointment will be needed.

Opinion about the age at which boys begin to shave remains controversial. The optimal time for this is a period of 16-18 years. It is then that the child develops noticeable facial hair. It is not recommended rushing to shave. It is only appropriate when the hair becomes coarse. The skin of adolescents is more sensitive than that of adult men. She requires gentle care without the use of alcohol-containing products and fragrances. Special attention during early shaving should be given to the concomitant treatment of acne, typical for most young men.

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