How to use the trimmer at home

From antiquity to the present, the beard for most men is associated with spirituality, strength and masculinity. Fashion trends are constantly changing, so the beard acted as both an obligatory decoration and an unwanted detail. Over the past few years, the fashion for it has begun to gain momentum. Today’s trends demand to wear nicely and neatly trimmed beards.

Oddly enough, wearing a beard is not easy, since not all men have facial hair growing perfectly. Often they grow back curly, sticking out in different directions and naughty. For this reason, stylists recommend growing a beard only for those who are ready to take care of it all the time. This requires constant hygiene procedures, trimming and correction so that the beard retains its neat shape and looks neat. To do this correctly, you need to know how to use the trimmer.

What is a beard correction for?

Each stylist can give advice on how to trim the beard correctly. To trim the facial hair beautifully, you first require growing it to the desired length. Typically, this takes from one to two months, and it depends on the specific organism. As soon as the hairs are of medium length, you can proceed with the correction.

Some men use machines or scissors for this purpose, but these are outdated accessories. Today, a trimmer is a relevant and convenient tool for this purpose. It is inexpensive and available for sale everywhere. To shave with a trimmer helps to get the desired result, you require learning how to use it.

How to choose a trimmer

what is a trimmerWhat is a trimmer? It is a tool with which you can shave your facial hair and give it an attractive look. They all function in the same way, but there are many types of them. The device can operate both on battery and mains power.

The trimmer mechanism contains several blades that are made of durable metal. If the trimmer is intended for beard correction, it can remove hair of any length. In addition to the device, various attachments are used, with the help of which a haircut of an unusual shape is performed, or the beard is straightened along the edges.

Which trimmer to choose for do-it-yourself use? It is advisable to buy a device that will be convenient for you. There is absolutely no need to purchase expensive professional tools with great functionality if you do not need them.

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These devices are divided into three groups: professional, general purpose and home appliances. The first type is found in specialists who not only cut their beards, but also perform some other procedures. Such a device can work for a long time, but its cost will be high.

Home beard trimmers are similar to professional beard trimmers in that they have the same basic functionality. The set usually comes with a nozzle with wide teeth, with which the beard can be cut very evenly.

Universal devices are used to care not only for the beard, but also for the mustache. The set includes many attachments, through which you can even make a haircut on your head. This tool is easy to use.

To care for your beard correctly, you should be responsible when choosing the appropriate device.

How to make the right choice

beard trimmerSince the beard requires daily grooming, purchasing a trimmer is a must. For a device to work for a long time, it needs to be of high quality and be easy to use. Therefore, before making a purchase, take a look at the following:

  • Examine carefully all the components of the tool, especially pay attention to what material they are made of.
  • Check how many attachments are included. Look at their sizes. If you wear a mustache, you will definitely need a small attachment. She will also help you cut hairs in hard-to-reach areas of the face. Sometimes their size and configuration allows even eyebrows to be shaved.
  • Take the trimmer in your hand and test it for comfort. If the use turns out to be uncomfortable, you risk ruining your beard. If the device has slippery handles, it can even be dangerous, as it can cut yourself. This is especially important if you are just trying to learn how to shave your beard with a trimmer.
  • If you intend to use the device not only at home but also on trips, choose a model that runs on batteries.

Correction of facial hair with a trimmer will take a little time, but on the condition that you choose the device that is convenient for you. You should not buy a professional expensive device, as it has too much unnecessary functionality. However, it is also undesirable to use a device that is too cheap, since it will be made of materials of poor quality. Such a tool will not work properly for a very long time.

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Self-trimming beard trimmer

Before starting the process of trimming a beard at home, it is recommended that you learn how to do it correctly. To this end, professionals are advised to watch a training video.

Once you have purchased a trimmer, first make sure it functions properly. This is important to avoid accidentally shaving off excess hair or injuring yourself. After checking the device, use it according to the instructions.

How to use a beard trimmer? If the vegetation is long, do not use the short nozzle to remove the entire length. Take intermediate options. It is significant to take this circumstance into account, as it will help to cut your hair smoothly and efficiently, and will not cause pain.

beard trimmer

When you start cutting, the flat part of the mechanism should be held quite tightly against the skin. This will help remove the smallest and seemingly invisible hairs. While shaving, point it in the opposite direction of hair growth.

In case you want to remove some excess hair, use only one mechanism from the blades, without attachments. If you want to shave completely, use a sharp shaving machine for this.

If you do not know how to use the trimmer correctly, study all the attachments carefully. Try to avoid sudden movements while cutting. With the help of practical experience, you will be able to master this tool, and in a week or two you will be fluent in it.

Trimmer storage and care

trimmer careEach device requires careful maintenance if you want to use it for a long time. In order not to spoil the instrument, you need to know how to care for it correctly. This is done as follows.

  • Be sure to remove any stuck hairs from the blades after each cut. To do this thoroughly, use a special brush. If it is not available in the kit, you must purchase it separately.
  • Before cleaning the device, read the instructions for it. Some models can be washed in running water.
  • Remove the head using a special button on the device. If it is difficult to do this, do not use excessive physical effort. Otherwise, you risk breaking the device. What to do in this case? Just repeat the button press.
  • If tiny hairs are stuck in hard-to-reach places on the mechanism, remove them with a cotton swab. Once the blades are clean, put the head back in.
  • To completely rid the tool of all remaining hair, turn it on.
  • Rinse the attachments underwater, preferably with soap, and then dry. If the device is not completely cleansed of hair, its subsequent use will begin to bring discomfort to the owner.
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After each use, it must be lubricated. For this, a special oil is used. Care is as follows: add a few drops of oil to the blade, then turn on the tool. Leave it in working order for half a minute. This is required to ensure that all blades are thoroughly lubricated. Be sure to wipe off any remaining oil with a napkin. Remember that it should not freeze in the mechanism.

If you do the care in this way, the device will serve you for a long time. Often, the quality of an instrument’s performance is directly related to how well its condition is monitored.

Additional Tools

Trimmer with attachments

Trimmer with attachments.

As noted above, the trimmers offer a ton of accessories in the kit. If any of them is missing in the basic configuration, you can purchase it separately. In addition, you will need a brush to clean the device and special oil.

Speaking about how to level your beard with a trimmer, do not forget that you may need other tools to care for facial hair. First, these are beard and mustache brushes and combs with different tooth widths.

As a conclusion

Once you’ve figured out how to shave your beard with a trimmer, the following points should be kept in mind:

  1. After each correction, be sure to clean the device from the remaining hair and lubricate it.
  2. For easy and painless shaving of your beard and trimmer, use a mild shampoo for your head and face. Once you complete this process, wash your face and carefully examine yourself in the mirror. So you will be able to make sure that the procedure was performed with high quality and whether the hair did not go unnoticed.
  3. If you are using a model with rechargeable batteries, pay attention to the charge level.
  4. When shaving, drive the trimmer like a lawn mower. Make slow movements in one direction.
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