How to shave with different types of razors

Representatives of the stronger sex face the following problems after shaving: cuts and irritations remain on the skin, it hurts and stings, and the stubble is not completely shaved. To avoid these incidents, you need to answer the question of how to shave properly.

In Russia, a rule was established according to which the young man was taught to shave by his father. But today it is not always possible to do this. This article can be used as a guide to action as it provides practical advice and discusses common beginner mistakes.

How often should men shave

Before proceeding to consider techniques for shaving off excess facial hair, it is necessary to study the answer to the question of how often men should shave. In fact, the frequency of this «rite» is ambiguous: for someone it is enough to shave off the stubble once every one and a half to two weeks, while someone needs a daily shave.

How often should men shaveIt all depends on the masculine reality — the structure of facial hair and the rate of their growth. Of course, the personal wishes of the stronger sex should not be overlooked. Many men prefer not to smoothly shave their cheeks, beard and the area above the lip, but, on the contrary, leave the hair behind.

When answering the question of when, how often is it better to shave, you should pay attention to several more factors:

  • age characteristics of a man (the older the representative of the stronger sex becomes, the more often he needs shaving procedures);
  • his nationality (for example, our eastern brothers «overgrow» faster than Western people);
  • hormonal background (it is believed that the higher the testosterone, the male hormone, the faster the processes associated with the growth of hair on the face and body occur);
  • individual characteristics of the male body and organism.

If the skin reacts remarkably to shaving the hair on it, men’s shaving can be done at least daily. However, if irritation symptoms are observed after each procedure, often you should not shave. It is better to carry out this «beauty ritual» every 2 days or even less often. This will allow the skin to recover, go through all the stages of regeneration and gain a fresh, attractive look.

Which tool to use

To shave your face not only correctly, but also pleasant for the owner of the stubble, it is necessary, first of all, to answer the question: «How will I shave?» The main task is to arm yourself with a set of necessary devices before carrying out this procedure. Dermatologists and stylists suggest using the following shaving tools.

  1. disposable razorDisposable razor… Correct shaving involves using these tools a maximum of 2-3 times. After the equipment becomes unusable, you just need to dispose of it as ordinary household waste. If you continue to use a damaged blade, it can cut your skin. A significant drawback of this type of razor is that its design does not provide for special softening strips that can make the process as soft and safe as possible.
  2. reusable razorReusable razor… Shaving razors of this type allow you to comfortably remove a beard and mustache. All that is required of their owners is to regularly change the blade cassettes. Modern manufacturers are ready to offer a huge number of variations. The safest method is with floating head cassettes. They prevent unnecessary pressure on the skin and protect it from cuts and abrasions. You can also give preference to cassettes equipped with blades moving in different directions. In a modern machine tool there are many «chips» that can secure the process and lead to an effective result.
  3. Straight razorStraight razor… While this tool allows you to trim your facial hair as smoothly as possible, it needs to be shaved with care. It is preferable that the straight razor is used only by experienced men, as beginners run the risk of cutting themselves and getting the unpleasant consequences of severe skin irritation. You can learn how to use a straight razor by reading our article. Straight razor. While this tool allows you to trim your facial hair as smoothly as possible, it needs to be shaved with care. It is preferable that the straight razor is used only by experienced men, as beginners run the risk of cutting themselves and getting the unpleasant consequences in the form of severe skin irritation. You can learn how to use a straight razor by reading our article. How to shave with a straight razor.
  4. Electric razorElectric razor… Operating with an electric razor is as simple and safe as possible. At the same time, a shaving man does not even have to take into account the direction of hair growth: you can move both along it and against it. However, if your bristles are particularly dense and stiff, this method is impractical, since shaving your face may become inadequate due to the inability of the tool to cope with the task of removing vegetation. But, having given preference to electrical equipment, you do not have to worry about the safety of the procedure and the availability of cosmetics, since they are simply not needed for the «ceremony».
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Traditionally, men, in an effort to save time and money, prefer disposable razors or classic reusable razors. This is the answer to the question of why irritation appears. The fact is that an incorrectly selected machine can lead to careless cuts and itching. Therefore, the choice of a shaving device must be made deliberately, even if it requires a certain amount of time and money.

How to shave with a razor

The technique and rules for shaving hair depend on the type of device through which it is carried out. Consider the nuances of eliminating vegetation using the example of a classic T-shaped razor and an electric razor.

How to shave with a T-bar

How to shave with a T-barHow to shave properly with a disposable and reusable shaving machine? This procedure includes several stages.

  1. Skin preparation… Before starting to work with a razor, it is necessary to ensure that the desired skin is prepared for the upcoming impact of sharp blades. To do this, rinse your face with hot water. This will steam it out and enlarge the pores. As a result, the bristles will be soft and the discomfort from shaving will be reduced to zero. In order to reduce the sensitivity of the skin to metal, a small amount of a special cream should be applied to the cheeks. Now let’s take a closer look at how you need to shave your face.
  2. Foam or gel treatment… This procedure must be carried out in order to recreate a barrier layer between the skin and the razor blade, preventing cuts and microcracks. The composition is applied to the face using circular movements. Care should be taken to ensure that the surface of the skin is 100% covered with shaving agent. For this, it is permissible to use a shaving brush.
  3. Preparing the shaver… Now let’s take a closer look at how to properly shave with a T-shaped razor. The main condition is that blunt blades must not be used under any circumstances. Not only do they not shave the hairs enough, they also often lead to irritation and scratches. This creates a favorable environment for the development of harmful bacteria and the appearance of acne, acne.
  4. Start shaving (according to hair growth)… To avoid irritation, it is necessary to start from the cheek area, gradually dropping to the chin. Since the hairs in this part of the face are particularly soft, you should not press too hard on the razor. To enhance the effect of these actions, you should pull the skin a little in the direction of the razor’s movement, as if you were lifting the hairs slightly.
  5. Rinsing the shaver thoroughly after each pass… This removes any trapped hair that has accumulated between the blades and removes any shaving residue from the device. Prepare a container with hot water in advance. If the hair on your face is soft, you can use a cool liquid to machine the loom.
  6. Shaving the remaining parts — neck, mustache, chin… If you want to know how to shave without irritating a man, you should follow one simple rule: you need to act easily and naturally. You don’t have to push hard on the machine in the hope that it will lead to a faster or more efficient result. Having finished with the cheeks, you need to start shaving the neck, moving from it to the chin.
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How to shave your neck properlyHow to shave your neck properly? If tough hairs have grown into the skin, they can be removed by gently picking up with tweezers and shaving them near the base. Pulling out is fraught with unpleasant consequences in the form of abscesses and irritation. Next in line is the mustache. The hardest hair usually grows in this area, so you need to act gradually, after moisturizing the skin.

Next, you just have to soothe the skin by rinsing off the remnants of the shaving product with cool water, lubricating the epidermis with a moisturizer or mousse. Considering the question of how to properly shave a man with a machine, you should pay attention to several simple recommendations:

  • the foam should not contain soap components;
  • the optimal frequency of procedures is twice a week;
  • it is forbidden to use too cold or too hot water;
  • it is best to shave in the early morning, when the skin has not had time to get tired;
  • after shaving creams should be applied after the skin dries, otherwise it will become covered with pustules;
  • the use of cologne is advisable only in extreme cases;
  • special oils are recommended for sensitive skin.

How to shave with an electric razor

How to shave with an electric razorThere are no hard and fast rules when using this safe tool. Ideally, you can shave by acting in the direction of growth on the face of the hair, as well as working against it. Every man should choose the technique of shaving procedures on his own. And the instructions below are designed for beginners who have decided to use a trimmer or similar device for the first time.

  1. You can prevent severe irritation after shaving if you act in the morning. During this period, the skin reacts least of all to mechanical irritations.
  2. Before proceeding with the procedure, you should steam the skin and apply a shaving agent on it — cream, gel, foam. This will allow you to shave the stubble as thoroughly as possible.
  3. The method of shaving hair is selected according to the type of electric shaver used:
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— with the help of a rotary device, one should move in a spiral direction;

— in the case of a mesh device, it is recommended to act up and down in the direction of the hair growth.

By following this instruction constantly, you can develop your own special technique, which will become individual for you and will lead to optimal results. If you choose this method, it is advisable to take into account all the intricacies of shaving with an electric razor.

What shaving products should you use?

What shaving products should you use?Before deciding on the technique of shaving hair from the face, you need to arm yourself with an arsenal of tools that will soften, moisturize and prepare the skin for the action of the machine. To get clean-shaven, you need to choose the composition correctly. It is recommended to do this, taking into account several parameters.

  1. Skin type… Manufacturers have developed a variety of products designed specifically for oily, normal, sensitive, dry skin. On store shelves there are colognes, creams, lotions, mousses, gels.
  2. Age features of a man… The lion’s share of modern cosmetic products are developed in accordance with the age of the epidermis and the density of the bristles, which also depends on age factors.
  3. The composition of the cosmetic… In order for the hair to shave effectively, it is necessary to give preference to natural products containing plant extracts, oils and additives of natural origin. If a man has an increased risk of allergies, specialized formulations should be chosen that can prevent irritation.
  4. Manufacturer reliability… Most cosmetologists recommend using only the products of proven brands and not changing the usual formulations.

A well-chosen composition will allow you to shave off hair of any density and structure in a short time without accompanying injuries and cuts.

Boy’s first shave

As already mentioned, each young man develops a shaving technique for himself independently and individually. However, there are some general rules on how to shave to prevent the negative effects of machine tools.

Boy's first shave

  1. Age is an individual factor. On average, it is 15-17 years old.
  2. The choice of cosmetics plays an important role, since well-chosen formulations will not only improve the condition of the skin, but also allow you to learn how to shave.
  3. Since there is no bristle during the first shave, the vegetation is represented by fine, barely visible hairs. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to press on the machine. Movements should be smooth and gradual.
  4. It is necessary to ensure that the facial skin is treated with a special composition after the end of the procedure.

Thus, each man has his own shaving technique. And adherence to the rules given in the instructions will allow you to improve the mechanism and come to the desired result quickly.

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