How to shave with a straight razor

A dangerous shave just a couple of years ago could be found exclusively in the film. However, now everyday life is not devoid of extreme. Over time, the men decided to switch to a dangerous blade. Its application is not just about removing unwanted vegetation from the face. This is a whole art with an adrenaline rush. And a craft, which is not so easy to comprehend. We will consider the instructions for mastering it in the article.

What is a straight razor

The razor blade is characterized by an open-type blade. Its use resulted in multiple cuts. This is due to the fact that the procedure requires a thoughtful approach. There are several models of such installations:

  • heavy machine tools (manufacturing occurs from a solid metal plate);
  • lightweight designs (these options are easier to operate and more affordable).

A regular razor includes a grip and a work area. The head has a round, semicircular shape, and sometimes models in the form of a rectangle are on sale. Shaving with a straight razor, like maintaining this machine, takes a lot of time and attention.

What is a straight razor

Regular shaver includes a grip and work area.

Narrow shaving razors of the 4/8 type are used for activities in places with difficult access. The size indicator demanded among men is 5/8. However, among the representatives of the stronger sex, it is easy to find connoisseurs of blades of the 7/8 or 8/8 class.

Attention goes to the geometry of the blade, which has the following shape variations:

  • biconcave;
  • sphenoid;
  • mixed

Blade material — steel. She is also presented in a large number of varieties (the choice is made depending on the personal preferences of the man):

  • Damascus model (distinguished by its strength, reliability), has an eternal period of service, however, it assumes the occurrence of difficulties in the sharpening process;
  • carbon variety (the blade is sharpened to the scalpel, however, this type of steel material is susceptible to the negative effects of corrosion);
  • stainless steel (sharpening requires labor and time resources, but the finished product is not afraid of corrosion and has a long service life).

There are expensive antique options available with an elephant bone handle, but these are rare and cost a lot of money.

Advantages and disadvantages of using

There are a number of positive aspects to using a straight razor.

  1. No irritation for sensitive skin types. Some cosmetology specialists are convinced that shaving is safe and promises maximum benefits for the skin. This phenomenon is associated with the techniques used to cut hairs.
  2. The shave is clean as the tool is sharpened differently. And in skillful hands, he will cut off the vegetation on a man’s face carefully in comparison with safe brethren.
  3. The possibility of self-sharpening the blade is another colossal plus of using this tool. You do not need to give it anywhere and pay crazy money to bring the product into an exploitable form.
  4. The multifunctionality of the product also plays a role. It copes with the same set of tasks as an electric shaver, as well as a regular razor.
  5. Durability is another factor. It provides tremendous savings in money that would otherwise have been spent on the constant purchase of conventional machine tools or the repair of an electrical appliance.

Now let’s talk about the disadvantages. A significant disadvantage lies in the very name of the shaving tool. An unprotected blade + inexperienced use = injury, and this is no secret to anyone. Use the razor carefully to avoid severe cuts. After all, she, unlike the classical analogue, will not forgive permissiveness, fussiness and quickness.

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Another nuance spoiling the picture is unavailability for sale (if we talk about high-quality tools) and high cost. But, having bought one device for a lot of money, you can forget about updating it for many years.

How to shave with a straight razor

Now let’s look at how to properly shave with a straight razor. Let’s make a reservation right away: the first time you are unlikely to get a perfect result, it will be very far from ideal. But you will gain invaluable experience in using the device at home. And below will be considered a brief instruction that will allow you not to miscalculate and hone this difficult skill from the first time.

How to shave with a straight razor

Shaving with a straight razor for the first time is far from ideal.

And here are some professional tips that you should use to improve the quality of the result.

  1. It is forbidden to use a razor blade at a time when you are not in a good mood, tired, or upset. After all, the use of the tool implies concentration and complete calmness.
  2. Don’t try to shave your face completely the first time. You should start with the smooth areas — the cheeks. After all, the process of eliminating vegetation on «winding» parts is difficult, since they contain more hard-to-reach places. It will take weeks or even months to hone your skills and habits.
  3. Before moving on to the practical side of the issue, you should watch the video instructions that will help you minimize risks and reduce the level of harm.

The straight razor is far from the only item in the arsenal of a man who has decided to try a new method for himself. Here’s what you need to get a quality result:

  1. Actually, the product itself. It is not worth saving and purchasing the cheapest «made in China» razor, since they generally have uneven edges and imperfect geometry. And this equipment cannot be sharpened at all.
  2. Blade dressing belt. Traditionally, hand-held suspension straps are used, but other types of straps are also suitable. In the selection process, it is necessary to focus on the presence of the fabric side.
  3. Supplementary beard care products. This is a specialized soap with good lathering, shaving brush.
  4. Optionally, during the shaving process, you need a towel to form a hot compress and alum to provide protection against accidental cuts.

In order for the product to be securely fixed in the hand, it is necessary to provide a full grip. As you shave, your hand and hand should become one. After all, all movements are performed exclusively by you, and not by equipment. The tool must be stationary. There are two ways to hold a shaving accessory in your hand:

  1. The sting is directed downward. The next three fingers after the little finger «hug» Earla from above. The thumb is at the bottom and rests on the heel.
  2. The sting is directed upward. The principle of operation of this method is similar to the previous one, with the exception of the position of the sting.

The main condition is the convenience of a man. He varies the location of the fear according to his own preference. Another question is the location of the shaving unit in relation to the skin of the face. Traditionally, the angle between them is 30 degrees, but only in theory. In practice, this is not necessary. Please note: the greater the angle of inclination of the blade, the higher the indicator of aggressiveness, and in fact it implies not only a clean shaving procedure, but also a high risk of ingrown hairs, cuts, and skin irritation. Therefore, the acceptable angle value is 40 degrees, only at a certain angle can cuts be avoided.

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A few words about choosing a straight razor

If you really want to learn how to use such a device correctly, you need to arrange the purchase of the product. Preference should be given to the brands DOVO, THIERS-ISSARD, BOKER. These are, perhaps, the most expensive products in the segment under consideration.

straight razor gold dollar
Most Affordable Straight Razors — Gold Dollar

If there are some budget constraints, you can give preference to similar types of equipment that are more affordable in cost. This is Gold Dollar. Of course, the quality of the products is somewhat inferior to the parameters of the most advanced brands, but in comparison with Chinese goods — «heaven and earth». This razor perfectly shaves beards of any shape and shape.

Remember the importance of sharpening new devices. Antique razors are unlikely to be inferior to new expensive models. Considering the fact that in the old days, goods were made of better quality, then antique razors can even surpass modern ones. Most of them have already passed the test of time and proved to be of high quality.

If you are a beginner in this area, you should consciously approach the choice of a product and go not to the Internet, but to real stores, since by the photos and descriptions presented on the network, it is unlikely that it will be possible to assess the true quality of the product, especially a person who is faced with choosing a razor for the first time.

Basic principles of a perfect straight razor shave

We’ve already talked briefly about how to properly shave with a straight razor. It remains only to summarize the basic principles and follow them unconditionally.

  1. The main secret lies in the sharpness of the blade of the device. The better the sharpening is provided to him, the easier it is to observe the basic technique. And the end result, accordingly, will pleasantly surprise you.
  2. The correct grip is 80% of your success in this field. Holding your straight razor right means getting a high-quality shave. There are three ways to wrap around the product. The first is that the little finger goes to the notch, and the thumb goes to the lower region of the neck (the rest are held on the earl). The second — the little finger in the same place, the big one — in the earla area — the remaining three — from the outside. The third — the direction of the blade — up, the index finger with the middle one are on the earl from the inside, the tail sticks to the ring finger, and the big one — the butt in the area of ​​connection with the blade.
  3. Regardless of your preferred method of shaving, shaving should be done with little effort. Do not put pressure on the blade.
  4. The tension of the skin should also be optimal. The basic rule is that it happens in a direction that is opposite to the movement of the razor. The scheme looks like this: with the help of one finger, the skin is stretched (better than the index finger), while the finger should be located a couple of centimeters from the blade. Pulling is done before each shaver movement.
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If you have never shaved with such a device, this instruction will help you and will allow you to shave your face smoothly, avoiding scars, scratches, cuts, and inaccuracies in actions.

Correct straight razor shaving technique

Working with caution is a simple and intuitive process. But don’t expect perfect results the first time. The hand should «fill» gradually. No rush or fuss! At first, the shaving procedure will require tremendous endurance and calmness from you. Remain alert and focused. An important role is played by the timing of the procedure: nothing should distract you from the lesson, and it is important to provide for a time reserve.

The approximate shaving technique with a classic straight razor is as follows:

  1. Only the brush works. The razor must be tightly locked.
  2. Movements are easy and fluid. They should be frequent and mowing. Sharp hand waving and sudden transitions are unacceptable.
  3. The blade, due to its ability to slip, eliminates hair quite easily. No pressure or additional effort is required here.
  4. In the process, the man should help himself on his own, pulling the skin with his fingers in a direction that is opposite to the movement of the blade.
  5. Before making the transition to a face with a complex relief, it is recommended to practice on an arm or leg.
  6. The number of approaches should be no more than three. One for hair growth and one against hair growth. One more — across.

To understand the process, check out the video on how to shave properly. It will help you master the technique faster and effortlessly, and also look at a real-life example of shaving.

Before shaving

Before carrying out the procedure, the skin should be carefully prepared. For example, you can apply a special compress under a hot cloth or apply a special product that is commonly used before shaving. This will make your skin less vulnerable and prevent irritation at the end of the process. Then you can proceed to applying the foam. At the same stage, shaving accessories are prepared: we have already considered how to hold them.

Shave the right side

The process starts with hair growth. Start — from the line of the temple with a descent to the cheek. Hold the shaving unit using the first technique. First, the foam is removed in order to align the blade. The skin is then tightened and the hair-cutting procedure begins. The movement is directed downward towards the jaw. To make this happen smoothly and without consequences, in the center of the cheek, the blade turns slightly towards the lobe.

Shaving the left side

The first shaver position is retained. It is important to ensure that the blade head does not obstruct the view. The beginning of movements is also from the temple. The blade is lowered a few centimeters. Slices located on the sides (right and left) should be at the same level. The razor moves down the cheek (towards the chin).

The second stage

After processing each cheek (step by step), a cut is performed in the mustache area. Movements are directed to the right. The hairs are trimmed from the side in the direction of growth. The skin should be pulled diagonally — up and towards the ear. The area above the upper lip lends itself well to cleaning the right side. Use method 2 or 3 to cut hairs from the neck.

After the procedure

After shaving, a newbie should wash his face thoroughly with cold water to close pores and freshen up skin. Next, special skin care products are applied — a special moisturizing lotion, cologne or cream. This will help in moisturizing the skin and improving the man’s appearance.

Thus, proper straight razor shaving is an art that can only be learned through hard work and diligent practice. Use these recommendations and get the best quality result! Shave with a straight razor like a pro and never get cuts.

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