How to shave a mustache: tips for teens and adult men

The formation of antennae and beard on the skin of the face in men indicates the onset of changes. This is a kind of signal to enter adulthood. If a thick beard and masculine mustache are sexy, then the sparse first hairs are hardly beautiful. Therefore, a logical and fair question arises, how should you shave off your mustache to give your face a look and prevent irritation.

In general, the father teaches a young boy to shave off facial hair. But in practice, this approach is sometimes impossible. Therefore, guys who are faced with the first sparse hairs on their cheeks, chin and above the lip, have to wool the vastness of the Internet in search of visual aids for shaving. And this article is a guide to action.

In adolescents, antennae begin to form by the age of 14. By 15, every second boy becomes the owner of a young «cannon». Since the presence of such an attribute interferes, the teenager strives to shave off the mustache as soon as possible. Since they are soft and more or less obedient, it is easy to do it the very first time. However, the lack of skills backfires. To avoid them, learn how to shave at home.

Preparing for your first shave

Preparing for your first shaveBefore proceeding with the organization of the preparatory procedures, one should answer a reasonable question: when does the first shaving of vegetation from a man’s face take place? There are no unequivocal age standards and strict restrictions in this matter. Neither doctors, nor cosmetologists, nor even stylists can give an exact answer. After all, growing up is not the same, the personal characteristics of the body, hereditary and genetic factors are also taken into account.

The main people who should help a teenager shave his mustache for the first time are his parents. It is together with them that the issue of the need for this event is decided. It is best if the father takes the child to the bathroom and demonstrates the procedure for shaving the antennae by his own example when the time comes. After all, situations often arise when three hairs that have broken through from under the skin above the upper lip not only spoil the image, but also irritate the future man, delivering complexes and inconveniences.

It is not recommended to start eliminating antennae before the age of 14, there are explanations for this:

  • in this age period, the skin of the face of adolescents is extremely sensitive, therefore, manipulation with a sharp razor can lead to excessive irritation and dermatological pathologies;
  • in the lion’s share of adolescents, acne is formed, and premature shaving will only lead to an aggravation of the course of this condition.
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In order to avoid the negative effects of shaving devices on the skin of a young man, you should wait awhile, allowing the hairs to coarsen a little. Now is the time to deal with the complex of preparatory measures that must be taken before the first shave. After all, it is impossible to treat this «ritual» with disdain, because letting things go by themselves, you can face unpleasant consequences.

So what’s the easiest way to shave off your mustache the first time? The first thing to take care of is the guidance of your father, older brother, or grandfather. If there are no men in the family at the time of the first shave, you can use a video, where the process is clearly and in detail demonstrated by a more experienced person. An important role is played by the choice of a good razor, the determination with the technique of shaving hairs and the selection of a quality product for shaving procedures.

It should be borne in mind that irritation may appear on the skin after the first and even second shave. To avoid or minimize it, you should use special cosmetic gels, mousses, lotions. The young man should also remember that the shaving technique of a teenager and an adult man is not the same thing. Therefore, the accessories should be different.

Shaving cosmetics

Studying the question of how to properly shave a mustache for the first time, you should take care of choosing the right cosmetic product. The modern industry is ready to offer the young man a choice of several formulation options that can be used before shaving, during and after the procedure.

Before shaving

Shaving cosmeticsTo make the skin softer and less vulnerable to irritation, care should be taken to apply a cream for sensitive skin or a special emollient lotion. This will prepare the area above the upper lip for the first shave, making it more slippery and less prone to mechanical damage.

During the procedure

The cosmetic industry encourages young men to use the following products while shaving.

  1. Gel… It is an optimal and expensive shaving product. It is worth giving preference to special rulers and series that are designed for teenagers. In particular, we are talking about products intended for skin with increased sensitivity. As a result, the skin will receive cleansing, and the mustache will be softened so much that the first shave will become comfortable and pleasant.
  2. Foam… Another topical composition for shaving off excess vegetation. It allows you to effectively trim excess hair in the area above the upper lip and leads to a smooth skin, even with frequent shaving.
  3. Cream… When there were no foams and gels, our grandfathers actively used shaving creams. These are affordable and effective products that lead to softening of the hair on the face and greatly simplify the shaving procedure in any area of ​​the face.
  4. Soap… This option is suitable exclusively for ascetics, because soap, unlike the above substances, does not moisturize, but dries the skin, which leads to adverse effects in the form of irritation and itching.
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You should not choose a shaving cream or gel based on advertising and marketing from manufacturers. To maintain confidence in the safety of a substance, you need to familiarize yourself with its composition. The presence of «chemistry» in the composition indicates low quality, while the addition of at least a small amount of natural components (plant extracts, oils) indicates that the composition will ideally cope with the task assigned to it.

After shaving

At the end of the shaving ritual, the skin should be treated to prevent irritation. It is not recommended to use cologne for this. Boys should give preference to more «gentle» formulations — mousses, creams, aftershave lotions.

Shaver selection

Studying the question of how to properly shave a mustache for the first time, you require taking care of the choice of a shaving installation, i.e. razors. The classic «male set» may include the following devices:

  • razor selectionstraight razor (effectively shaves off stubble, but is not suitable for beginners, since using it requires prior training and many years of practice);
  • disposable machine (such tools for shaving are cheap, but «dull» after two or three procedures, if you do not dispose of them after the expiration date, there is a risk of irritation on the skin);
  • classic T razor, the cassettes on which can be replaced (the advantages lie in the low cost of the product and the effective result, as well as in a large selection of similar products on the market, preference should be given to models with a «floating» head);
  • trimmer (a progressive shaving device, which is also not recommended for beginners due to the increased traumatic hazard);
  • electric shaver (the device is expensive, but absolutely safe, since it is almost impossible to get hurt by it).
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The man decides on his own which tool to choose for the first shave procedure. Experts recommend giving preference to classic T-shaped devices and electrical devices. They are safe, so even a beginner can handle them.

First shave process

First shave processThere is no single method of how to properly shave a grown mustache. There is only a set of rules that must be adhered to in order to achieve optimal results. They will be especially relevant for beginners in the «shaving» business. The first shave is a special ritual. Indeed, there is something in him that creates a reason for the young man to be proud of himself. The procedure itself consists of two stages.


You can start shaving vegetation only after taking a hot bath or shower in order to soften the skin. This widens the pores and significantly softens the bristles. Also, a young man should purchase high-quality shaving foam and arm himself with compositions before and after shaving.

Main part

  1. 5 minutes before shaving your hair, apply a cream, gel or foam to your face. It is not worth smearing the whole face. The composition must be used locally, exclusively in the processing areas.
  2. Decide in which direction the antennae grows. To do this, slide your hand over them.
  3. As soon as the product leads to the final softness of the skin, proceed to shaving the «gun».
  4. In this process, it is forbidden to put pressure on the machine and scrape the face. The blade is guided directly along the hair growth, since the movement against the hair growth provokes irritation.
  5. After shaving off unnecessary hair, rinse your face using cool water.
  6. Then wipe the treated area with a dry tissue or towel and apply balm to it.

Young people experience discomfort when the razor is passed around the corners of the lips. Care must be taken. It is recommended to reduce effort and act accurately.

So we looked at how facial hair is removed for the first time. Guided by the recommendations from this article, the young man will be able to achieve a result and turn this process into a pleasant and exciting experience.

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