How to shave a beard: detailed instructions

Beard grooming is different from shaving on a daily basis. Already at the initial stage, it is advisable to choose a model and decide how to shave a beard in order to get the planned result in the future. It is better to get the first consultation in a barbershop. An experienced barber will suggest the best option and introduce you to facial hair care techniques. In the future, you can tidy the beard yourself using a traditional razor and scissors, or purchase a multifunctional trimmer — a special hair clipper.

The choice of model depends on how to cut and shave the beard, what tools to use. Some of the options are tricky. they involve curly shaving, haircuts, the use of cosmetics, styling products. Only in this way the beard will retain its shape, it will look neat and well-groomed.

When choosing, individual parameters are taken into account:

  • traditional hair cutting on the head and the shape of the face;
  • height, weight, proportionality of the physique;
  • topography, growth rate, structure and color of facial hair.

Correctly shaped vegetation in the cheeks and chin area can mask defects on the skin, anatomical imperfections, and affect the perception of the proportions of the face and body as a whole. A beard and mustache give a man a solidity, make his appearance more sexy. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate to others your individuality, sense of style. You need to approach the issue thoroughly, think over the details.

Shaving models are difficult to maintain without regular visits to the barber. Therefore, consider your options and choose the option that best suits your lifestyle. If shaving your beard will take place at home, then you need to stock up on convenient tools and choose a model that is easier to care for yourself. Also, at the initial stage, you will have to master the basic techniques of shaving and haircuts.

Necessary tools and tools

The specificity of beard care is associated with the presence of areas with clean-shaven skin and areas with regrown hair on the face, therefore, in addition to a razor, you need to have tools for cutting hair. To form a contour, use scissors, an electric clipper or a multifunctional trimmer. The secondary, but necessary accessories include a mirror and a set of combs of various shapes, without which it will not be possible to trim the beard neatly and evenly. You will also need a special shampoo, hair softening and styling products.


Tools designed for trimming and shaving the beard are designed for the harder hair structure.

  1. beard trimming toolsScissors pick up with narrow, long blades and wide ears, suitable for thick fingers. The special notched sharpening of the blades prevents the hairs from slipping, and the pressure regulator allows you to adjust the scissors for the right or left hand.
  2. Hair clipper are used to shorten the beard using attachments of various heights. By removing the attachments, you can completely remove hair in areas where they are not provided — on the neck, cheeks. But for a clear design of the contours and creating a pattern from bristles, the machine is not suitable, for this they use a trimmer.
  3. Trimmer — a specialized device for trimming facial hair. It has a narrower head and a variety of attachments that allow you to comfortably handle any area. Some models are equipped with a backlight, a vacuum system for collecting cut hairs, a laser pointer. The only thing that is inaccessible to him is a close shave.
  4. Traditional razor with safety or safety blade is necessary in order to shave areas of the face that should not have hair. You can also shave your beard with an electric razor.
  5. The bearded man’s arsenal should have several special combs… For trimming, shaving and styling, use combs and angle combs made from materials that neutralize static electricity. Metal and wooden combs are used for combing dense vegetation.
  6. Mirror allows you to work on the shape of the beard in detail, and not by touch, to consider the hair on the face in all details. The mirror must be securely fixed and the area around it is well lit.

Depending on the skills and capabilities, you can choose a tool that allows you to fully care for facial hair, even without hairdressing skills.

Cosmetical tools

Also, when leaving, it is recommended to use the following products:

  • matched to skin type, shaving cream and lotion;
  • special shampoo for beard, which makes hair soft, flexible;
  • styling products, in the form of waxes, sprays and gels, thanks to which the hair will maintain the desired shape throughout the day;
  • aromatic oils that moisturize hair and fight unpleasant, stubborn odors from tobacco smoke or food.

A competent choice of cosmetics will give the facial hair an aesthetic and attractive appearance.

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beard care products

In addition to expensive cosmetics, you can also use proven folk recipes. The following formulations are not inferior to specialized products and are purchased at any pharmacy.

  1. Burr oil stimulates hair growth and allows you to make the beard thicker and fuller with regular rubbing. The first results can be seen after a month of daily use.
  2. Homemade shampoo with hop cones, burdock root, birch leaves and calendula flowers will allow your beard hair to breathe and look clean and shiny. To prepare the composition, the above ingredients are mixed with hot beer and then strained. The resulting mixture can be applied to the beard on a daily basis.
  3. Beet water allows you to solve the common problem of dandruff in the beard. The composition is prepared by placing 3 grams of peeled and chopped beets in 300 liters of water overnight. The resulting liquid can be used instead of water for daily washing.
  4. Mustard mask for the beard helps to strengthen the hair roots. To prepare it in a small amount of water, you need to dilute the mustard powder and let it brew for 30 minutes. Then apply the resulting mixture to the hair, and after 15 minutes rinse with warm water.

In addition to using cosmetics and folk remedies, to create a beautiful beard, you need to monitor your diet. The diet should contain vitamins and minerals, this has a decisive effect on the appearance of the hair.

Stages and types of beard shaving

A wide range of tools and cosmetics greatly simplifies the care of facial hair. Even with minimal skills, you can independently adjust the length and contours of the beard.

shaving beard

It is advisable to adhere to the recommendations of experts on how to shave and cut a beard correctly, act consistently and in stages.

  1. Before shaving, you need to prepare all the tools, if necessary, disinfect scissors, razor blades. Install a mirror, set up lighting, prepare shaving products, a clean towel. Check the functionality of electrical devices.
  2. In the preparatory phase, the skin and facial hair must be prepared for shaving. To do this, wash the beard with shampoo, dry it and comb it thoroughly. The face is steamed to soften areas of stiff bristles.
  3. You can shave your beard correctly using a regular razor, hair clipper, trimmer or scissors. Since the length is not the same in different areas, the hair is cut in stages, according to the rules for using this or that device.
  4. Next, they mark the border of the beard on the neck and cheekbones. Shave the stubble smoothly to the target level. Along with the foam, the remaining hairs are removed and the mustache is trimmed.
  5. At the final stage, the symmetry of the vegetation is checked, depending on its shape, the sideburns and their conjugation with the temporal region are aligned.
  6. When the procedures are over, the face is rinsed with cold water. The skin is treated with lotion or cologne. Styling products are applied to the beard and fixed in the desired position.
  7. All tools are cleaned of hair and cosmetics residues, washed, dried.

The type of shaving is chosen depending on the set of tools. Since a number of machines perform similar functions, it is not at all necessary to have everything in the house at once.

Shaving machine

To care for the beard, they use a traditional razor, which almost every man has. This is the main tool that is able to perfectly shave skin areas. The machine is used to remove hair on the neck, cheeks, temples, mustache, under the lower lip. It is convenient to use it to align the upper border of the beard on the cheekbones. You can shave your beard with a safety or safety razor, but the procedure requires care. It takes a lot of time to grow the desired length of hair, and you can cut them off with one careless movement.

  1. shaving machineAt the initial stage, you need to wash your face with warm water and soap to cleanse the skin of dirt, grease, and particles of dead skin. A warm towel is applied to the face or areas with stiff bristles are heated with a hot brush. This will soften the hairs and lift the cuticles.
  2. Before shaving the beard, the skin is covered with a layer of foam or gel to ensure that the blades glide smoothly. The product is applied with a brush or palm, spreading evenly over the surface in a circular motion.
  3. First of all, shave the stubble on the cheeks. The machine should move smoothly, without jerking, from top to bottom, along the course of hair growth, from the temple to the side of the chin. The blade is periodically rinsed to avoid clogging with cut hair.
  4. Next, the neck area is shaved to the intended border of the lower edge of the beard. The skin in these areas is very sensitive. Pressing firmly can shave off your beard or cut yourself. The bar is led up from the base of the neck.
  5. Next, they start shaving the mustache area. The blade is directed at a slight angle from the nose to the upper lip. Next in line is the chin. It is shaved from top to bottom. In the event that the border of the beard passes under the lower lip, this stage disappears.
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At the end of shaving, the skin is rinsed with cool water, gently wiped, treated with emollients or disinfectants.


haircut with scissorsScissors are a simple tool that is used not only to trim the hair on the head, but also very convenient for grooming the beard. With their help, you can remove unruly hairs, shorten the length of the beard and mustache yourself, trim the contour. Scissors are used to trim and shorten beards of medium to long lengths.

In addition to scissors, use a comb or a fine comb. A mirror with a large view is also needed. Before cutting, the beard is washed and dried. An obligatory preliminary procedure is hair combing.

  1. Separate a strand with a comb. The hair that protrudes beyond the outer side of the teeth is cut. So gradually reduce the outer contour of the beard on one side and move to the opposite side.
  2. It is convenient to use an angled comb to correct the length. It is applied over the top of the hair to help cut the bottom edge evenly.
  3. The mustache is also trimmed. In the course of work, it is important to cut off excess hair in stages and observe symmetry on the right and left sides.
  4. Finally, shave the hair behind the beard and treat with skincare products.

After finishing the procedure, let the vegetation return to its natural state. Check the result of the work in front of the mirror and remove unruly hairs that violate the overall pattern. You can make a similar adjustment daily, during your morning wash. This is a simple, convenient and completely free way to care for facial hair.

Hair trimmer

beard trimmerTrimmer — a device for the care of facial hair. It is essentially an advanced hair clipper. Unlike an electric shaving razor, the trimmer does not come into contact with the skin, and does not cut hairs at the base, but leaving a minimum height. The device has a frequent pitch of teeth from 0,4-1,0 mm. It can be used to make very precise cuts.

A large number of attachments greatly expands the possibilities. The trimmer will help you both beautifully shave your beard and mustache, and remove unnecessary vegetation in hard-to-reach places. With its help, it is convenient to shave off bristle patterns, to model a mustache, sideburns.

The trimmer is ideal for trimming short or medium length beards. In this case, you can do without scissors. It is necessary to have a comb, a stable mirror on hand.

  1. Facial hair is washed, combed and dried. The cutting height is selected, which can vary from 0,2 mm to 25 mm. It is best to start at maximum height and remove hair in stages.
  2. Initially, the hair is shaved off the cheeks, moving from the ears to the chin, in the direction of hair growth. Cut the right and left sides, achieving symmetrical volume.
  3. Smoothly blend into the chin area. Cut off excess hair under the lower lip and start trimming the mustache. On most trimmers, the cutting height is adjusted using a switch on the body, which greatly simplifies the process.
  4. Having removed the attachment, the vegetation on the cheeks and neck is removed, the edging around the perimeter of the beard is clearly shaved.
  5. Perfect smoothness when shaving with a trimmer cannot be achieved, therefore, if necessary, in the future, open areas are drilled with a machine.

The trimmers can be powered from the mains, accumulator or batteries. There are models with a waterproof case that you can use even in the shower. The device is functional, convenient for use on the road. The trimmer is especially suitable for beginners, for whom the question of how to shave and trim the beard correctly, is especially acute.

How to shave a beard to maintain stubble

How to shave a beard to maintain stubbleBristles 3-5 mm long create a touch of masculinity and brutality on the face. But the question remains how to shave a beard as stylishly as your favorite actor, but at home, not a barber.

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Short hair is practical and does not require much maintenance. However, the bristles must be the same length to give the right impression, so a standard razor will not work here.

To get an even stubble on your face and care for it, you need to adhere to the following steps.

  1. Select the bristle length of interest that will need to be maintained in the future. You can get acquainted with various types, see photos, consult with experienced barbers, or get acquainted with our article about 25 most popular beard styles.
  2. Select tools to create the desired length. A trimmer with a matching attachment or an electric shaver that leaves stubble will do. You will also need shaving cream, a mirror, and a towel.
  3. Wait for the hair on the beard to grow back to the desired length. Trim them with a trimmer or razor for an even length over the entire area. Stubble grooming involves cutting your beard regularly every 2-3 days as your hair grows back.
  4. In addition to adjusting the length of the hair, it also includes softening and moisturizing. If you do not soften your hair, it will be rough and coarse. Balms, aftershave creams and aromatic oils are suitable for this.

The bristles compare favorably with the beard in the absence of the need for constant cleaning and ease of maintenance. It also suits almost any type of face, is combined with various styles of clothing and does not overload the wearer’s appearance.

How to form an outline

Edging is the final and very important touch when trimming your beard. Curved, sloppy, line can ruin the whole impression. Let’s figure out how to shave a beard and style its edging beautifully.

beard trim

The most common mistake is a misplaced neck line. Placing the border on the jaw protrusion will create the illusion of a small beard that will visually expand the lower part of the face.

  1. The neck trim can be trimmed with a trimmer. The line should be straight and even and not reach the edge of the jaw closer than 5 cm. All hair from the Adam’s apple to the marked line is cleanly shaved.
  2. For a clear design of the side contour, you can use a special template or a straight comb. The template is applied, parallel to the ear, and the area to be shaved is marked.
  3. The line of the upper contour of the beard is determined from the beginning of hair growth in the cheek area. It can be straight or oval in shape, but in any case, it is neatly leveled with a razor.

In the future, it is necessary to regularly monitor the observance of clear boundaries between the beginning of beard growth and clean-shaven areas. Growing stubble should be shaved off every 2-4 days.

How to trim your beard around your neck

It is believed that the beard should not go beyond the line of the neck, otherwise it will take on a sloppy look. At the same time, through carelessness, you can easily remove too much hair and unnecessarily expose the chin, violating the proportions of the face. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to shave the beard around the neck, as this is a necessary step that cannot be avoided.

In order to accurately and professionally outline the shape of the beard along the neckline, you must follow these steps.

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and visually determine the line from the earlobe to the chin along the jaw line. The second line is perpendicular to the first, parallel to the neck. Any vegetation below the junction of the two lines will need to be carefully removed.
  2. First, apply shaving cream evenly to the problem area with a brush. Then gradually, with movements against the growth of the beard, begin hair removal with a razor. It is better to first remove less than necessary, and then go to the finishing line, preserving the line of the beard and chin as much as possible.
  3. At the point where two lines meet, it is recommended to round the corner, especially for those with an oval face shape. An acute angle is suitable for bearded men with wide cheekbones.

The skill of shaping the lower part of the beard is acquired in one or two approaches. After this, the movements will reach automatism.

When caring for facial hair, many questions arise, but they are all solvable. A whole arsenal of equipment and cosmetics allows you to master any methods of haircuts and shaving. Of course, you need to find the time to keep your hair clean and attractive. But this is not so much a price to pay for maintaining a stylish look.

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