How to sharpen an electric razor: complete instructions

An electric razor is the most convenient tool for shaving, as it does not require the use of cosmetics, hygienic procedures, and most importantly, after such a shave, there is no irritation, cuts or abrasions on the skin. And if a few years ago the device was a novelty for many men, today every third man has an electric shaver in his arsenal of shaving accessories.

Despite the functionality and quality of the device, the electric shaver needs to be sharpened from time to time. Otherwise, dull blades will not cut, but rather pull hairs out of the skin, causing severe irritation and ingrown hairs. Therefore, when buying such a device, you need to immediately inquire about how to sharpen an electric razor after a while, if the blades do not do their job well.

Why sharpen electric razor blades?

The advantages of an electric shaver are the circumstances it requires to shave. More precisely, it does not require it, since thanks to an electric razor it is necessary to remove excess vegetation dry without water, foams and other shaving products. The device is compact and mobile, respectively, it can be used anywhere. Devices that have a self-cleaning function would be ideal, but there are still few such models on the sales market.

Important! Dull blades do not cut, but pull out the hairs of the bristles, scraping off the top layer of skin.

During operation, it will be necessary to sharpen the blades of an electric razor, and even if we consider models with self-sharpening blades, eventually, it will be necessary to sharpen. Some men prefer to simply change the blades for new components, while others turn to specialists. In fact, many will be able to sharpen the blades of an electric razor on their own to restore its functionality.

Special sharpeners for blades

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To sharpen the blades of all kinds of safety razors, including electric razors, experts advise using special sharpeners from different manufacturers. Because demand always creates supply, such devices have been created for self-sharpening knives and blades. We are talking about a device in the form of a pen with the presence of flat plastic, the surface of which is treated with an abrasive.

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Thanks to the abrasive, using such a device, you can sharpen the blades and knives of shaving tools, whether they are disposable or reusable machines, or electrical appliances. A striking representative of such a sharpener is the RazorPit device of Danish origin, as well as the Ukrainian counterpart of this Zattoch device with an affordable price.

Instructions on how to sharpen electric razor blades with such a sharpener include several steps:

  1. A little gel or shaving foam is applied to the surface of the sharpener.
  2. The cutting part of the device must be drawn along the abrasive opposite to the direction that the man follows while shaving.
  3. The number of such movements should be about 20-30 times, depending on the life of the electric shaver.

In fact, sharpening blades with sharpeners is the easiest and most affordable way for many men to resuscitate a shaving tool. Sharpeners are relatively inexpensive, and can be used for their intended purpose for a long time, guaranteeing a sharp sheath for electric shavers or machine tools.

How to sharpen an electric shaver at home?

Electric razor blades are usually made of stainless steel, which is covered with a layer of ceramic or titanium on top. Sharpening an electric razor will, eventually, be required by any of its owners, so the issues of self-sharpening at home are relevant for everyone. Experts offer several effective methods, thanks to which every man can get used to resuscitating an electrical appliance and returning it to service.

With sandpaper

The most standard sharpening of electric razor blades involves the use of sandpaper with a grit of 1200 or 2500 grit. To achieve this, remove the knives from the appliance, then treat the surface with paper with a grain size of 1200. Namely, insert the knives into the shaft or cardan of the device, put it and firmly press it against the paper, then turn it on and hold for 10 seconds.

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After such processing, all actions are repeated, only paper with a maximum grain size of 2500 is used. At the end of the work, all components are cleaned, the workplace is cleaned, and the electrical appliance is assembled. Experts advise using sandpaper without a soft lining when it comes to sharpening electric razor blades. This technique is followed with such machines for which other methods are not effective.

With a screwdriver and glass

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To begin with, a man needs to have a drill with a reverser or a screwdriver, and also prepare glass for sharpening the knives of the device. The principle of sharpening implies the reverse of the screwdriver, since moving it clockwise will only dull the blades even more. Blades are taken out of the razor, placed under glass, after which the knives are sharpened using a trihedral nozzle and reverse movement. Small revolutions of the screwdriver last no more than 5 minutes.

Using GOI paste

Sharpening a razor involves the use of another device — GOI paste. This tool was first put on the market a hundred years ago. The original purpose of the paste was to polish metals, stone, ceramics and steel, and later on other surfaces. Today, several types of pasta are offered for sale:

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  • for a matte effect on the surface;
  • for rough polishing;
  • for glossy effect and finishing.

If we talk about the metal of electric razor knives, it is impossible to apply paste on it in its pure form, it is diluted to a state of solution or applied with a soft cloth. The electric razor is sharpened with GOI paste as follows:

  • in a bowl, the paste is dissolved with a small amount of vegetable oil;
  • a little solvent is added to the mixture;
  • then the blocks of electric shaver knives must be lowered into the solution;
  • you need to hold the knives for as long as one shaving procedure lasts on average;
  • at the end, wipe the knives with a paper towel and assemble the device.
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Pasta manufacturers and experts in sharpening blades and knives of electrical appliances note that after these manipulations, the device will work like new. When changing blades, it is advised to first carry out such polishing with a paste so that the razor works 100%.

Using denim

You can restore the sharpness of razor blades or electric razor knives with denim. The technique does not require financial costs and promises a result no worse than in previous methods. The instruction involves the following steps:

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  • denim is turned inside out;
  • a small piece of jeans inside out is placed on top of a durable object, such as a wooden beam, a ruler or a cardboard cylinder;
  • if the jeans are sewn evenly, the lining is held diagonally; if the jeans are made of diagonal fabric, the lining is fixed evenly;
  • razor blades are moved along the fabric in the opposite direction from the usual one during shaving.

Advice! Sharpening electric razor blades with denim fabric will not always be effective. It all depends on the quality of the fabric, the service life of the device and the materials used to make the knives.

Such manipulations will preserve the integrity of the fabric and sharpen the blades. But this method is suitable for temporary sharpening several times. Yes, and for an electric razor, this method is not always effective enough, many experts note that it is difficult to find high-quality denim for sharpening knives.


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With patience and skill, every man will be able to rehabilitate his electric razor by sharpening its knives. This will allow for a long time to preserve the service life of the device and provide the man with a high-quality and unhindered shaving of the bristles. If you follow all the instructions and rules, home sharpening will be in no way inferior to the one performed by the master. The highest quality method is considered to be sharpening with GOI paste, after which the service life is extended for another year in advance.

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