How to quickly and easily sharpen a razor

Most people around the world use a variety of shaving razors to maintain a neat appearance. This applies to both men and women. The easy-to-use device allows you to remove excess hair on the face and body, easily and without unnecessary hassle.

Shaving has been used since ancient times. Most likely, this is due to the inconvenience caused by overgrown hair on the face.

There are several types of razors:

  • Straight razor… Has an open blade. Handle it with care; awkward movement can lead to a cut. It takes skill to keep the sharpened surface at the right angle to get the result;
  • Safety razor… In such a machine, the sharp edge is located at a given angle; it is more difficult to get a cut from touching. The market offers types with replaceable blades, «cassettes» of various blades, disposable options. They are convenient to take with you on the road, they do not require a network connection and are very easy to use;
  • Electric razor… The modern look of such devices. The cutting surface is hidden behind a special mesh that protects against injury. A feature of this type is the need for electrical power for operation. In some models, batteries are installed for autonomous operation for some time.

One of the main disadvantages of this item is the dullness of the blades after a certain period of time. However, not everyone knows that it is quite possible to sharpen the razor for further use. Methods and tools are available that will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs, or to tweak the blade if necessary.

Do I need to sharpen the razor myself

The procedure for updating the sharpened edge of the blade is not as difficult as it seems the first time. Self-sharpening will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses, to restore the sharpness of the razor for a while, when there is no way to purchase a new one.

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If you are interested in the question of how to sharpen your razor, then there may be several possible answers:

  1. Special devices
  2. Improvised means.

Razor sharpeners

Due to the great demand for machines and the emergence of the question of how to sharpen an old blade, some manufacturers have launched into production special sharpening devices that allow you to carry out such a procedure as sharpening shaving blades at home. This device is a plastic base on which an abrasive is applied on top. The use of this item, if the need arises, can give your machine a second, or even a third life. The whole procedure will take 5-10 minutes.

How to sharpen a disposable razor

Many people really think that it is not possible to sharpen a safety razor blade again, but this is not the case. To do this, you need to purchase a sharpening device. The instructions for sharpening at home are below.

razor sharpener

To sharpen the machine, a strip of special plastic with an admixture of the smallest abrasive is used, laid on a convenient base in the form of a block. These devices include RazorPit (manufacturer — Denmark) and Zattoch (Ukraine).

There are several razor blade sharpeners, but they all use the same principle. The action takes place in three stages:

  • Apply some shaving gel to the abrasive surface. This is done in order not to create unnecessary damage to the cutting edge;
  • Move the shaving machine over the surface in the opposite direction to the direction of use. You need to do about 30 movements;
  • Rinse the machine and sharpener with water. It is necessary to remove the smallest particles of metal and abrasive, so as not to spoil the characteristics, to avoid unnecessary skin irritation.
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After completing these simple manipulations, you will get your shaver in working order.

Sharpening a disposable machine on your jeans

Very popular for sharpening razors and improvised tools. If we are wondering how to sharpen our razor at home or how to sharpen the razor blades in a cassette, then the answer is — sharpen with jeans.

To do this, you will need denim (or other stiff fabric), a hard surface, and a few minutes of time.

Sharpening a disposable machine on jeans

It turns out that you can easily extend the «life» of a cassette. It only takes jeans and a little patience.


  1. The fabric must be turned inside out. This side is more suitable for the upcoming procedure due to its rigidity and helps not to spoil the appearance of the clothes if jeans or a jacket are used;
  2. We stretch the improvised abrasive onto a hard surface. The base can be a ruler, book, pen, or something similar. Arrange the material so that the threads run along the entire surface;
  3. To sharpen a disposable machine, we take it and drive it against the direction of shaving across the threads. The necessary friction will remove microscopic notches from the blade surface and remove a thin layer of metal. You will have to repeat the movement about 100-150 times.

The shaver can then be reused. The convenience of this particular option is that in almost any trip, car, etc. you can find a cloth that will serve as an abrasive and help restore the tool to create the perfect look.

Other methods, alternative sharpening methods

A little about other techniques for sharpening and maintaining the performance of blades, knives, etc. It must be said right away that these options have no scientific explanation, but judging by the reviews of the people who use them, the service life of shaving accessories and cutting objects is significantly increased.

Attention, further reading is contraindicated for realists: anti-scientific knowledge 🙂

One of the most common such solutions is to store razors in a pyramid. So, in order:

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What do we know about the pyramid? It is a figure made with precise geometric proportions, with a square base and four sides that converge on top of each other. At home, you can build any shape of any size, but it will be correct if you make the base 1,6 times the height, this is called the golden ratio. Energy scientists believe that energy flows continuously circulate within this figure that affect objects. An immutable law is the location of each of the walls to the cardinal points. It is believed that the machine, knife and any object must be laid so that it points to the north.

The base of the pyramid must be made slightly longer than the machine so that it fits freely in it. If you follow all the instructions, then the object is recommended to be made without the use of any metal products (nails, staples, etc.). The best material would be wood, paper and other carbonaceous materials.

Two options are common:

  • the pyramid is made with a hole in the southern face
  • or that it be removed from the base and put back.

After that, you just have to leave the shaving unit there periodically for 24 hours to maintain or restore the sharpness of the blades.

If you have an electric shaver, then with the question of how to sharpen the razor it is better to turn to a professional, because for this the device, the design of the knives, etc., are disassembled.

In conclusion of all the information described, we can conclude that you can sharpen the razor, and more than once. This will help not only save personal money on the purchase of replacement cassettes and blades, but also help out in a situation when we cannot buy a new device or there is no time to go to the store, but we need to look appropriate for the occasion. This knowledge will be useful for both men and women who need to bring themselves into proper shape.

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