How to properly trim your mustache

Recently, men’s fashion has been undergoing dramatic changes. Famous actors, athletes and other media personalities, whose face constantly flashes on the tabloids, were the first to try to grow a beard, mustache, change haircuts and images. Young people, like girls, began to pay more attention to their appearance, there was a desire to change something and the desire to look better.

Endless experiments with beards and mustaches require specific grooming, trimming and shaving skills. Not all guys know:

  • how to properly care for a growing mustache and beard;
  • what forms are currently at the peak of popularity;
  • how to style each mustache to keep it curled throughout the day;
  • what combs to use for styling;
  • how to cut and shave a mustache;
  • what tools are most effective for facial hair care;
  • how to choose the shape of a mustache and beard, mustache and sideburns, mustache and hairstyle;
  • what cosmetics to use for care;
  • what are the most budgetary options for cutting and styling a mustache.

A mustache cut allows you to give a unique and unrepeatable shape that supports the overall image of a man. Professionals insist that the mustache option should match the suit, hairstyle, beard and sideburns. An independent choice will not always be as accurate and correct as the work performed by an experienced specialist. Before growing and cutting a beard and mustache, you need to look through numerous photos from the Internet and determine which form of the three possible suits the desired image more than others:

  • curled ends up (mustache of a clerk, Englishman or waiter);
  • curved ends down (the style of Chinese kung fu warriors);
  • trimmed parallel to the horizontal lines.

Short mustaches, like bristles, do not interfere with eating, do not require attention after water procedures. But long ones — every morning you need to comb, style and fix with cosmetic wax. During meals, you need to be careful that the mustache does not fall into the mouth. After a meal, you need to wipe your lips with a napkin and check how well the mustache, greased with wax, is holding. To be attractive to women and to stand out from other peers or colleagues, it is worth making a lot of effort, but the result will not be long in coming.

Which tool to choose

The mustache is located on the shaky area of ​​the face above the upper lip. In this place, pulling out, cuts both from inaccurate actions with tweezers and from the undertaken cutting to remove unnecessary hair during correction are especially sensitive and painful. It is quite difficult to create precise lines along the contour of the upper lip, so you need to purchase a special device, tools and styling products. If a guy does not know how to properly trim and cut a mustache, then it is recommended to watch the training materials of the site and videos on the YouTube service.

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Which tool to choose

For mustache care, manufacturers offer effective tools:

  • scissors, combs;
  • trimmer for a haircut;
  • shaving machine or razor.

How and how a man will shave his mustache, only he himself decides, guided by some arguments:

  1. If there is irritation, then the care is carried out with hairdressing scissors or a trimmer, as in a barbershop.
  2. If the mustache is short, a trimmer will work.
  3. If the vegetation is at the stubble stage, then a shaving machine or a simple machine can easily handle it.
  4. If the mustache is long, then the young man will need a comb and a mirror on a swing arm.

Mustache trimming with a clipper

Mustache trimming with a clipperTo trim a mustache with a mechanical clipper is an old method used by men 30-40 years ago. Manufacturers now offer more sophisticated and better customizable typewriters that can handle mustaches, beards, sideburns and stubble with ease. After choosing the length, the extra millimeters are removed to make the edging, the nozzle is removed, and the mechanical apparatus quickly aligns the contour. A neat haircut with a clipper is possible today, provided that certain conditions are met:

  1. Provide good lighting.
  2. Place the mirror in front of another mirror so that you can clearly see your face from different angles.
  3. Keep your head upright to keep the clipping tool position, strand direction and mustache as straight as possible.
  4. Use tweezers to straighten the top line, use a highlight to accurately grab the desired hair.
  5. After the machine, it is advisable to check not only the lower contour, but also the thickness and evenness of the layer. The protruding «antennas» are cut with nail scissors. They have thinner blades and a semicircular curve, so they will neatly cut out excess villi.
  6. To cut your mustache as accurately, neatly and evenly as possible, you need to have several attachments, a comb and an additional tool.

With a trimmer

Tips for choosing a mustache grooming tool:

  • coarse hair will be much easier to cut with hairdressing scissors or a trimmer with different attachments;
  • the trimmer must have access to charging from the battery and regular mains;
  • the device is equipped with additional attachments for hair removal in other hard-to-reach places.

Creating a spectacular mustache haircut is not the first time. But the vegetation on the face, as well as on other parts of the body, grows very quickly, so any young man, after using the trimmer several times, will get the hang of it and will do an even styling. The power tool greatly facilitates the actions of caring for the exterior. The hair on the mustache and beard of men is always coarse and unruly, so in the arsenal of tools you need to have a trimmer with several attachments.

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Trimmer instruction

How to trim your mustache straight with a trimmer:

  • at the preparation stage, you need to steam your face. The most appropriate time after the morning invigorating shower or in the bath;
  • Apply a softening oily cream to the hair for 20 minutes. Absorbing into the bristles and skin, it makes them soft, and thanks to oiling, separately protruding hairs will be easier and more painless to pull out with tweezers;
  • wash their hair with shampoo, dry it and comb it thoroughly;
  • a nozzle with blades is selected according to the selected length;
  • cut by gently bringing the tool to the edge of hair growth;
  • the styling is secured with reliable styling products.

The trimmer works very quickly, so you need to be prepared to trim your mustache without touching the surface of your skin. The design of the attachments will not allow you to make a cut, but the speed of the device may come as a surprise and the antennae above the upper lip will not be trimmed as smoothly as we would like.

With the help of a beard trimmer, you can gently maintain the shape of the mustache at home, which was made for a man in a barbershop. The main types of mustache that are created using an electrical appliance:

  1. Curled up ends — English, Salvador Dali style, Imperial, handlebar or El Bandito.
  2. With curls down — Fu Manchu (Chinese), horseshoe style, mustache — walrus, chevron.
  3. In the shape of a pyramid, a lampshade and a thin tassel.
  4. Short and wide — «toothbrush».

A variety of shapes and directions will allow you to choose the correct mustache contour for a particular face. If the face is square, the mustache should visually divide it into two parts, and an even haircut of long curls, dropping around the corners of the mouth, makes the lower part oblong. As a result, the face looks harmonious and attractive. For rounded and oval shapes, different mustaches are suitable, and for triangular faces, you need to choose thicker and wider ones, grown along with a beard. Among barbers, there is an opinion that the mustache should be selected in accordance with the natural shape of the eyebrows and the protrusion of the jaw. For home design, it will be quite sufficient to correlate with the contour of the face and the density and color of the hair.

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Shape with scissors

The most affordable and budgetary tool is scissors, which everyone has. With their help, you can take care of a long mustache, keeping in shape.

How to trim your beard with scissors

  1. The mustache is combed from the top down, from the nose to the upper lip.
  2. With scissors, they cut off the regrown hairs, successively passing along the edge of the lip from each corner of the mouth to the center and vice versa.
  3. Hair must be dry.
  4. To get a smooth haircut, you need to leave the comb in your mustache. A vertically positioned comb will gently cut the bristles that protrude beyond the mustache line. The parallel teeth of the combs will prevent you from cutting more than intended. The scissors are guided along the comb and neatly align the shape of the mustache.
  5. Mustache trimming is a responsible event. If a mistake is made, then the mustache will have to be completely shaved off or changed in shape, the pack will not grow new.
  6. Before a haircut, the necessary toilet procedures are carried out — steaming, the use of soap or shampoo for washing, as well as a cream to soften the hair structure.
  7. After trimming with scissors and straightening the shape, comb down vertically and horizontally to check if individual hairs are protruding beyond the conventional mustache shape.
  8. The upper contour under the nose cannot be leveled with scissors. Individual bristles protruding beyond a straight line can be pulled out with tweezers or passed along the contour with threads. This procedure is very painful, but the line will be 100% straight.
  9. You can maintain the length yourself at home without visiting a barber.

It is recommended to use shampoo and conditioner for washing your mustache. To keep the long mustache in shape, you need to fix the styling with wax:

  • rub a small amount of fixer in the palms;
  • the wax heats up and easily envelops the hair;
  • use your fingers to give your hair the right direction;
  • styling or curls hold up securely all day.

A budget way of haircuts at home will allow you to maintain a fashionable image that emphasizes brutality and masculinity. According to the admission of the opposite sex, the guy’s face with a mustache, neatly bordering the upper part of the mouth, looks sensual and sexy. Modern trends and trends in fashion encourage young people and men of the age to try to grow mustaches of different shapes, sideburns, beards and, through interesting experiments, find the best combination and solution.

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