How to make a balbo beard yourself

Do not want to be like everyone else, but at the same time strive to maintain elegance and masculinity? Women have more opportunities to emphasize their individuality. The arsenal of men for working with the image is limited. Modeling a beard helps out in such a situation. The small and neat balbo beard has been a hit among men growing a beard for several years now. It will help modern people to stand out from the crowd, to be in the spotlight. With this model, a person will look modern, stylish and original.

The model appeared relatively recently and is worn by both celebrities and ordinary people. Balbo allows a man to look brutal and elegant. It is easy to do it yourself, but there is also a complex version of the model that requires professional skill.

The history of the emergence of balbo

The balbo beard style appeared a long time ago, almost a century ago. The founder of this trend was Italo Balbo, a military politician who served and was subordinate to the famous Benito Mussolini.

To this day, there is no information about the hairdresser who originally made the balbo haircut, so its name was fixed by the name of the person who wore this style.

Today, balbo is one of the most fashionable options for designing facial hair; it adorns the faces of such popular personalities as Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio.

What is balbo

The first person to wear the original balbo beard was Italian Italo Balbo. The man was close to Mussolini, but this was forgotten, but a stylish beard in his manner became popular. From his name came the name of the new type of beard.

The classic model is an upside-down T that does not connect to the mustache at the corners of the mouth. Many people experiment, leaving the mustache and beard connected, choosing different hair lengths, the shape of the central islet.

Beard Anchor

A more complex version of the balbo beard is the anchor. It is difficult to do it yourself. This requires experience. In the model, the lower part is shaved in the shape of a cone, leaving a strip from the lower lip to the edge of the chin. The second distinctive feature of the anchor is considered to be shorter hairs.

Balbo’s new beard is a mix of several styles:

  • Goatee.
  • Separate mustache.
  • Island.

The peculiarities of beard growth are that it does not have sideburns, the mustache and the lower part have a specific shape. Balbo requires minimal maintenance.

Balbo suits you if

The beard will well emphasize the image of a man if he is ready to take care of her regularly. Stylish and short model does not interfere with everyday life. It adorns any person, but looks most advantageous on those with a round or square face. The vertical stripes of the model will visually make the face oval more elongated. But if a person has soft and sparse hair, then he should not choose balbo.

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A beard looks good on a face with a narrow chin. She makes him more masculine and expressive. This model is not suitable for men with a massive lower part of the face. She will further emphasize the outlines and make the image coarse.

How to make a beard yourself

Before making a balbo beard yourself, you should grow your chin hair. There is no need to grow facial hair for a long time for modeling. The classic balbo length is 5 mm, for the anchor option, 3 mm hairs are enough.

Preparing the face before creating the model

To create a balbo model from scratch, you need to grow the hairs to the required length. This will take 4 to 6 weeks. The optimal length before creating the balbo is 1 cm. In order for the chin with the balbo beard to look good, the hair should be thick, preferably dark.

Special products for men’s hair care will help to achieve the desired result. Do not use products for women. Women’s hair has a different structure and cosmetic preparations intended for them will not help in this case.

A beard looks best on a well-groomed and clean face. The skin should be fresh and even. Don’t change the shape of your old beard immediately after tanning. After resting, the face acquires a certain dark shade, and the new shaved skin areas will be light. This combination — dark and light spots on the face will nullify all efforts to create a beautiful balbo beard.

How to make it out of an existing beard

If the length of a simple beard is more than 10 mm, you can make a balbo version out of it. For this, all facial hair is trimmed to the required length. Separate the beard from the sideburns, shape the mustache and shave off the areas around the lower corners of the mouth. After that, the lower part of the beard is modeled.

What tools are needed

A trimmer is very useful

To quickly and easily create a new beard model, you need tools that can be found in any home. For work you will need:

  • trimmer;
  • regular hairdressing scissors;
  • razor;
  • Shaving gel;
  • moisturizer / aftershave balm;
  • if you plan to have an elongated beard, you can purchase modeling wax.

For better work, it is better to use a floating head razor. She well bends around the irregularities of the chin, moves easily, cuts hair gently. To work with such a razor, the hand makes a minimum of effort. It is difficult to model the balbo correctly with a rigid machine. To shave the skin well with a machine in the chin area, you need to make a lot of effort, work carefully with the device so as not to injure yourself.

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For daily hair care, get a thick-toothed comb.

Step by step guide

Before work, you should choose the model of the beard, the shape of the middle island, the length of the hair. It is better to do this in front of a mirror, this will help you imagine how it will look.

Balbo how to do

What to shave when preparing a balbo?

The sequence of actions for modeling a balbo beard is as follows:

  1. We even out the length of the hairs to achieve the classic size of 5 mm. If you wish, you can bring the length up to 3 mm. The procedure is best done with hairdressing scissors. If this is not done, the razor blades will clog and the work will be long, and the result is not high-quality. You can trim the edges with a trimmer or straight razor.
  2. Apply shaving cream / gel.
  3. Define the sideburn line and carefully shave the cheeks.
  4. Shave your neck. You should start from the bottom, gradually rising to the chin.
  5. Modeling the mustache. To do this, you need to mentally draw a straight line in the upper part of the mustache from the middle to the edge. Trim the mustache to fit this shape. Repeat the procedure on the other side. We do the same with the lower contour. Shave the hair under the nose. You should constantly monitor the symmetry so that the balbo does not turn out to be skewed.
  6. Separation of mustache and beard. Shaving off the mustache at the bottom corners of the mouth. This is an important point that distinguishes balbo from other types of beards. The length of the shaved areas is optional. It can be small — 5 mm, then the sides of the lower part of the beard will be slightly raised. It can be up to the chin, in this version the sides of the lower section will correspond to the contour of the chin.
  7. Making an island. To create this model, shave the hairs under the lower lip on both sides. In the center, we leave an un-shaved area. Its shape can be rectangular or corner. Other options are possible. There is already where fantasies roam.
  8. Apply a moisturizer or aftershave balm to the skin.

Balbo’s beard is ready.

How to trim a balbo

To work on a new image was successful and fast, you should take into account the rules:

  • for work, use a safety razor or a razor without attachments;
  • shaving should be done by moving the razor from the ears to the center;
  • to achieve symmetry, shave the same areas on each side alternately;
  • in order to achieve the required shape, the nozzles are changed;
  • the length of the hairs is leveled with scissors or a trimmer;
  • if the length of the beard is more than 5 mm, it is given a certain shape and fixed with a special wax;
  • the length of the beard is selected at will — you can experiment with the length depending on the shape of the face.
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The main rule for keeping the model in perfect condition is daily beard care. Without regular maintenance, any vegetation will become unsightly and unkempt.

Beard comb

  1. To keep the contours of the model from blurring and to keep the face fresh, the beard should be trimmed every day. Areas shaved initially should be carefully treated. To do this, use a trimmer or a simple razor.
  2. It is necessary to wash the beard daily with water and comb it with a small comb with thick teeth. It is good to carry your comb with you at all times and comb your hairs throughout the day. This will keep your beard in good shape and always look flawless.
  3. To keep your hair fresh and clean, you should treat it with fir oil 1 — 2 times a week. This procedure will give the hairs shine, make them thick and strong.
  4. To look neat, you need to make sure that food does not fall on the balbo. If this happens, the food is quickly removed, and the hairs are washed and combed.
  5. When smoking, make sure that ash does not fall on the beard. Otherwise, the man will look sloppy.

To keep your hair thick and shiny, you need to balance your diet. The body must receive a sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients. In addition, with proper nutrition, hair growth will accelerate.

Alcohol and smoking have a bad effect on the state of vegetation. If you want to look good, these habits should be abandoned altogether or minimized. Otherwise, a person’s health will deteriorate. As a result, the hairs become dull, the root bulbs become weak, and the hair begins to fall out strongly. As a result, the beautiful model turns into a sparse beard.

The original and simple balbo beard will be a godsend for men who want to be stylish and modern. It is easy to do it yourself, the model needs simple maintenance. You can choose the optimal beard length and maintain it. The main thing to remember in order for the balbo to always look good is that the chin needs regular care. Then the man is guaranteed success.

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