How to lighten your beard quickly and safely

When changing their image, men often resort to bleaching their facial hair. Some do this to make the bristles softer and more invisible, while others get rid of the natural dark pigment before painting to obtain an even shade. Colorists in the barbershop know how to lighten a beard, but you can safely carry out all the necessary procedures at home.

Beard Lightening Recipes

Clarifiers are easy to make with ingredients found in any home. This can be honey, lemon, turmeric, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, chamomile. The pharmacy sells more aggressive ingredients: ammonia, hydroperite, hydrogen peroxide, lanolin.

You can whiten your beard and mustache with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar: mix 20 ml of vinegar with 4 large spoons of juice. The finished mixture is applied to the hairs, wait 7-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Another option is to mix 1,5 large tablespoons of lemon juice with one small spoonful of sugar. The sweetish composition is washed off with cool running water 10 minutes after treatment.

In the absence of an allergic reaction, you can use honey. In addition to lightening, it will make the hairs silky and pliable. In order for the thick mixture to lay on the face without problems, it is diluted with water. The resulting composition is applied to the beard, wrapped in cling film and left overnight.


It is a powerful hair lightening treatment that allows you to achieve noticeable results from the first application. The procedure is carried out as follows:

  • 10 tablets of hydroperite are pounded into powder;
  • add a standard bottle of peroxide (40 ml) and 2 ml of ammonia;
  • after stirring, 1-2 drops of liquid soap are injected;
  • apply with a sponge and leave for 20 minutes.
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This bleaching method is suitable for men with oily skin. With sensitive and dry skin type, burns or severe irritation may occur. Therefore, before using the clarifier, it is necessary to test for the body’s reaction. The prepared composition is applied to the inner side of the elbow and wait 10 minutes. If there is no irritation and redness, they calmly proceed to the cosmetic procedure.

Before using this clarifier, it is necessary to test the body’s response.

Lighten the beard with peroxide and according to this recipe:

  • peroxide at the rate of 1: 1 is combined with toothpaste or shaving cream;
  • a bleaching mixture is applied;
  • wash off after 20 minutes.

After that, the skin is lubricated with a nourishing cream with an oily base.

If you mix regular baking soda with 3% hydrogen peroxide, you get a good hair lightener. For 2 bottles of solution, half a small spoonful of soda is required. The composition is washed off after 20 minutes. After the whitening cream has been washed off, you can repeat the cosmetic procedure in a few days.

Whitening ointments made from natural ingredients are no less effective. Care for a mustache and beard begins with the preparation of the composition. Mix 5 g of lanolin with 2,5 g of petroleum jelly. Add 5 ml of shampoo, 4 drops of 30% hydrogen peroxide, 2 drops of ammonia. The mixture whipped with a mixer is transferred to a glass container and the bristles are processed. Use no more than twice a week.

Lightening with chamomile

The medicinal plant helps to gently lighten the hairy part of the face and not harm the condition of the skin. The recipe for the preparation is simple:

  • 4 teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers are steamed in 150 ml of boiling water;
  • insist in a thermos for 4-5 hours;
  • filter and apply to the beard and mustache.

Chamomile infusion for beard lightening

Chamomile is gentle and requires repeated application.

Chamomile infusion is ideal for rinsing after each wash. It is recommended to repeat the procedure until the bristles brighten.

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Cinnamon discoloration

A cinnamon honey mask is an effective way to lighten facial hair. Lightening the beard is carried out as follows:

  • ¼ cups honey mixed with 2 large tablespoons of cinnamon powder and a large spoonful of regular conditioner;
  • the mixture is rubbed, starting from the roots, trying to evenly distribute it through the hair;
  • after 3-4 hours, wash off with warm water without soap or shampoo.

    If a man does not know how to discolor a beard and mustache at home, or cannot do it on his own, it is better to contact the experts of the barbershop. They will pick up special brighteners and tell you how to take care of the vegetation and skin on the face in the future.

Food pigments

The staining can be temporary or permanent. Of the popular and proven means that provide a sustainable effect, there are:

  • Gentleman cream color that helps to brighten and guarantees long-lasting color with a result of up to 4 weeks.
  • Godefroy is a man’s beard dye.
  • Just for man is a beard coloring agent with natural ingredients.
  • Cameleo men is a dye that is easy to use at home and works in a gentle mode.

Beard paints

It is important to follow the instructions and do not forget about safety measures.

Temporary dyes are presented in the form of shampoos, gels, foams, balms. They can be used at home by following the instructions. Their exposure time on the face does not exceed 15 minutes.

The effectiveness of each of the methods

By using clarifiers with hydrogen peroxide, a man can count on a quick effect. Other natural ingredients: vinegar, honey, cinnamon, chamomile are gentle and require repeated application. Experts advise using such formulations twice a week. Gradually, the bristles will become lighter, softer and silky. In this case, the skin will not dry out and irritate.

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Discoloration with chemical dyes and blond hair is quite effective. However, it must be carried out strictly according to the instructions and no more than once a week. Otherwise, the hair will acquire an unnatural shade, become brittle and unruly. At the same time, aggressive formulations can provoke severe allergies and cause burns, therefore, with thin, weak hairs, it is better to use homemade recipes.

Applying a brightening solution to the beard

Lightening of beards and mustaches is possible both at home and in specialized institutions. Natural ingredients and professional dyes will help to achieve the desired shade, change the appearance, experiment with the image. It is important to follow the instructions and do not forget about safety measures.

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