How to grow a mustache: patience and work, and the mustache will sprout

Mustaches have been popular at all times. Many people believe that the main thing is to choose the right shape, but this is far from the case. You need to know how to grow a mustache as many guys face the problem of poor facial hair growth. This is due to heredity, low testosterone levels. Facial vegetation in men grows steadily only after 20 years — remember this too. If you want to grow a beautiful mustache, then stimulate the activity of the hair follicles both outside and inside. In this article, we will look at what you can do to be able to complement your look with a luxurious, fashionable mustache.

Why mustaches don’t grow

Many guys, when deciding to grow facial hair, get upset if after a week without shaving, there is no change. It should be noted right away that it will not be possible to grow it in a few days or even weeks. But, if it is noticeable that even after a month, no changes have occurred — in this case, we are talking about pathologies of a dermatological or hormonal nature.

Therefore, if you want to see a beautiful mustache on your face, but they do not grow, the first thing to think about is the help of professionals. There are several reasons for the absence, it is not always a pathology. Often the bristles do not grow due to heredity. Pay attention to your male relatives. If they do not have vegetation under their noses, do not expect that after a month you will have a beautiful and thick mustache — it is difficult to do something against genes.

Adolescents have unstable hormonal levels. Testosterone levels fluctuate, so you should not count on active hair growth simply because the hair follicles on the face have not yet been activated. You should not use special means either — you need to wait a bit to grow a mustache.

Let’s look at the stages of hair growth in order to have a clear idea of ​​how it grows. This will help you understand when to start growing vegetation, and if it is worth doing it at all.

  1. Bristle… The first stage, at which it is already clear whether it will be possible to grow a thick mustache. Forget the razor for two weeks. If you see that they grow slowly, there are bald spots — in this case, it is best to abandon the idea of ​​growing antennae. If your mustache does not grow at all, try using professional shampoos, oils, lotions. Hairdressers or barbers can recommend them to you.
  2. Three months… The stage is not easy, because at this time the bristles look unkempt and create an unpleasant appearance. In the center, hair will grow faster, and on the neck, cheeks — more slowly. If you want to look neat, then during this period trim the hair on the Adam’s apple, you also need to trim it in the cheek area. After eating, the hair above the lips should be thoroughly rinsed — it is possible that food particles will remain in them.
  3. Six months… This is exactly the amount of time that must pass if you want to let go of the mustache. They need to be looked after, cut regularly. To keep the hairs soft and pleasant to the touch, it is important to use all kinds of balms. You can cut vegetation from a special master — a barber. Then you boast a beautiful and bushy mustache.
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If in six months you still have not seen abundant facial hair, contact a beautician. He will help eliminate the cause (if any). When the reason lies in genes — unfortunately, only surgery — hair transplantation from the head to the face — will help to correct the situation. It is expensive and does not always pay off.

Many are interested in how to speed up the growth of a mustache. There are a variety of cosmetics specifically for this. Also look at the pharmacy, or google effective folk methods.

When a lack of testosterone is the cause of poor facial hair, you can fix it. Change your lifestyle — go in for sports, switch to proper nutrition. You will have to give up alcohol and smoking, it is important to avoid stressful situations.

How to grow properly

The most important thing in this process is to be patient. We’ll have to wait at least six months. After making sure that the mustache really grows back, the hair will be thick enough, without bald spots. Otherwise, the view will be just comical.

how to grow a mustache properly

Take care of your skin. You need to follow the rules of personal hygiene every day. In the morning and in the evening — washing your face, then use peeling — it will help to remove old cells, giving way to new hair growth, while they will be of normal shape. Do not let the hairs grow in the wrong direction, correct the shape, this should be done regularly. Trim your hairs.

Buy a trimmer, all dangerous machines and razors, when using, require certain skills if you need to grow a mustache. With a trimmer it is much more convenient — you can trim the vegetation without any problems, thanks to which you will be able to achieve the desired result.

Guys with good genetics, normal testosterone levels will grow mustaches. If a small number of follicles were laid by genes, nothing can be done. They release special products that will help accelerate the growth of hairs, but it is important to remember that they will not become thicker.

If you want to grow a mustache faster — avoid stress. They are negatively reflected on the general well-being, on the condition of hair and skin.

It is important to establish a diet. All nutrients enter our body with food. Use oils, lotions, but you can achieve perfect results only if you do everything together.

Include in your diet:

  • vegetables — tomatoes, cabbage, carrots;
  • greens — parsley, dill, basil;
  • fruits — dates, bananas;
  • seeds, nuts;
  • milk.

It is better to refuse fast food — there are no nutrients in such food, but the condition of the skin and hair spoils.

How fast does a mustache grow? Purchase a special complex of vitamins and minerals at the pharmacy. Castor and burdock oil is also sold there. Mix and massage into skin daily, overnight. After a week, you will notice that the hair has begun to grow more intensively, and its color has become darker. This effect appears due to the fact that the active components contained in the oils «wake up» dormant follicles. So the mustache will be thicker — for many males, this moment is relevant.

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If you are waiting for them to grow up, and already have no strength to grow a mustache, trichologists recommend taking vitamins of group B. They activate the growth of hair on the face, on the head, and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. There are ointments in pharmacies that accelerate growth, but this is fraught — hormonal disruption is not excluded. Side effects also occur.

5 fashionable mustache shapes

mustache shapes

Consider which mustache shapes at the moment they are the most popular. It must be said right away that it is thanks to the mustache that a special, unique individual style is formed and favorably distinguished among the gray crowd. Photos of haircuts can be found on the Internet, but we must not forget that the shape should fit the oval of the face. In this situation, it is best to consult with a barber — this is the name for specially trained people who know everything about how to grow beautiful and stylish antennae correctly.

  1. Salvador Dali.
    Mustache Salvador DaliSurely everyone knows this popular and talented artist. If earlier this form seemed strange and comical, today it is in trend. It looks attractive for both young people and older people. In some ways, they are similar to the Fu Manchu mustache — and are cut in the same way. They are grown for at least six months. Two short, narrow bases, where the nasolabial is — there is a gap. In the classic version, the mustache has tips that are bent up, but if you wish, fantasize — lay the antennae in the form of a spiral or wave.
  2. Handlebar.
    HandlebarThis year it is extremely popular among people who consider themselves to be an informal movement, but at the same time like to look fashionable and stylish. To conquer everyone around, complement your image with a stylish hairstyle: the bangs are combed up. Outwardly, such a mustache looks like a bicycle handlebar — that’s why they got this name. The mustache should be thick, laid in opposite directions. The tips are left thick, while they need to be twisted up, for this, special styling products are usually used. As for the shape of the face, this shape looks especially advantageous when it is elongated.
  3. Imperial.
    Imperial mustacheThey have similarities with Handlebar — this is due to the fact that both varieties appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century. An ideal mustache option for young guys, as well as those who are older. They emphasize the subtle mental organization of their owner. The royal mustache is divided into several types: lush, wide, while they are laid smoothly; the tips are narrowed, they should clearly look up.
  4. Chevron.
    mustache chevronThis option is more suitable for mature men. The shape is similar to a trapezoid, which has a wide base, the corners are smoothed. Suitable for men who want to look brutal, but at the same time attract admiring glances of the fair sex. They look like a mustache of the «Walrus» type, but there are some caveats: the mustache is made shorter; do not go beyond the boundaries of the upper lip.
  5. Horseshoe.
    HorseshoeFrom the name alone, it is clear how the mustache will look. Outwardly, they look like a wide horseshoe, which is turned upside down. Vegetation is dense, of medium length. It begins above the upper lip and gradually merges into wide lines that descend vertically. Finish at the base of the chin. This model was popular during the First World War. You can see a mustache of a similar plan from bikers.
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Different mustache shapes suit different types. Your task is to choose for yourself exactly such an option that will smooth out all the flaws in appearance, and emphasize the merits. Naturally, you need to take into account the style, the antennae should correspond to your views on life and the inner state of the soul.

Proper grooming is the key to a perfect mustache

Even the most gorgeous mustache will look disgusting if left untreated. Therefore, adhere to the following rules:

  1. mustache careMustache can not be trimmed.
  2. Brush the vegetation at least once a day… This should be done in the direction from the nose, left and right. Thanks to this procedure, the antennae will lie neatly and grow in the right direction. Purchase a special scallop for this purpose from a specialist store.
  3. To make the hair beautiful, shiny — lubricate them with wax… Don’t dry them thoroughly immediately after showering, leave them moist and apply a drop of wax. Just one drop is enough. After combing them.
  4. Do styling… It sounds funny, but the mustache needs to be shaped. You can do this with your hands using special modeling tools. If you want the mustache to curl, use the pen, it will be easier to twist it.
  5. Care is carried out regularly… Even if you managed to grow a mustache, this does not mean at all that they will always look perfect. If not cared for properly, it is possible that you will look odd and unkempt. Use care products regularly, wash your mustache, wax. Apply a mixture of burdock and castor oil at night and do not forget to take care of your face skin.

If you have dreamed of a long mustache for a long time, long mustache has already grown — we offer you instructions on how to properly wash and lay vegetation so that it looks perfect.

  • You need to wash your mustache with shampoo. But do not frequent it — it is harmful to the skin, do this procedure every other day.
  • Apply balm — you can and should! Hair will become soft and silky.
  • Choose soap if you want a bushy mustache.
  • Styling can be done with wax, gel, paste — of your choice.
  • Comb the vegetation thoroughly before styling. Apply a small amount of the product to your fingers — this is necessary to give the overall shape. All barbers recommend applying products only to the tips of the mustache. Bend the ends the way you want and hold in this position for a couple of seconds.

When growing a mustache, the main thing to remember is that it will take a certain amount of time before you achieve the result you want. To maintain a beautiful and attractive mustache, you need to take care of it regularly.

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