How can you get rid of stubble for a long time?

Men with a beard or stubble do not always look well-groomed and elegant. In most cases, an integral image shows signs of slovenliness, untidiness. To combine the presence of a beard, stubble, mustache or sideburns with clothes and create a harmonious look in a uniform style, you need to know:

  • how to properly combine kits with a lifestyle;
  • how appropriate to include stubble, beard, mustache or sideburns in the image;
  • how to select the length of dense facial hair;
  • how to combine stubble or beard and mustache; stubble or beard and sideburns; mustache and sideburns;
  • how to choose hair color;
  • how to choose the shape of each component so that it decorates and does not spoil the external impression;
  • how to present the selected combination, in what proportions, shapes and color combinations to wear the selected stylish solutions.

Only an expensive specialist can give answers to all these questions; not every man agrees to pay for the services of a designer, stylist and barber. And just a grown beard or the appearing stubble on a young face looks, to put it mildly, ugly. It is much easier and more affordable in terms of financial terms to standard care — shaving and the use of grooming products.

The presence of a beard adds to the hassle — trimming the edges every three days to maintain the shape made in a paid salon. It is also inconvenient while eating. If before, after eating, it was enough to rinse your mouth with water and wipe the lower part of the face (lips and chin) with a napkin, now you have to wash it with shampoo or other care product so that the beard and mustache look neat. In this regard, the standard shaving of 1-2-3 mm bristles every third day of the week looks much more attractive than the daily hour of «fiddling» with the grooming of a grown beard.

Keeping your face clean and tidy is a top priority for every man. To remove stubble, you need to shave daily. Not everyone has the time and desire for this, many men limit themselves to shaving twice a week and are satisfied with their appearance. Representatives of the stronger sex with a dark natural color type, who have black or brown hair, already a day after shaving, thick bristles are visible. Guys consider the main problem of daily care to get rid of the contrasting elastic villi that appear the next day after shaving on the chin, cheeks and in the area above the upper lip.

How to get rid of stubble at home

The most affordable and easiest way to get rid of stubble at home is to use a razor or a razor with several blades every day to go through the places where hair is emerging. Shaving rules:

  • steam your face — the time is ideal after taking a shower or in the bath;
  • evenly apply shaving cream containing cooling menthol — the foam is spread with your hands, and the cream with a badger bristle brush;
  • carefully remove the bristles along with the cream;
  • wash off the remains of foam or other care product;
  • treat the shaved surface of the skin with lotion or cream.

You can use a trimmer to shave. It allows you to customize a snug fit for a clean, close and secure shave. Rotating trimmer heads prevent cuts and other skin injury. A good trimmer is inexpensive, convenient for travel, as it does not take up much space in the bag. With a trimmer, it is convenient to maintain the contour made by the professional barber, shaving off the appearing stubble on the cheeks, neck and chin.

How to get rid of stubble at home

The most affordable and easiest way to get rid of stubble at home is to pass every day with a razor or a razor with several blades in places where hair appears.

If the removal of the bristles is not possible, then you can consider the option of whitening, then the constantly appearing vegetation will not be visible on the face. Scrub masks give a short-term effect. Here are some home remedies that can be used to remove stubble:

  1. Oil extract with nettle seeds. Before going to bed, rub the oil into the skin for several weeks until the desired effect is achieved.
  2. We use XNUMX% hydrogen peroxide to treat the bristles several times a day, making one-second lotions.
  3. We use an aqueous solution of soda as a means of inhibiting the growth of bristles.
  4. With a solution (1 tsp castor oil, 6 tsp alcohol, 10 drops of iodine) we wipe the bristle zones twice a day.
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The most effective natural recipe for gradually stopping bristle growth:

  • 1 tbsp Gorbanzo bean flour or chickpea flour;
  • 1 tbsp heavy cream or sour cream;
  • 2 tbsp fat milk;
  • 0,5 tsp turmeric powder or turmeric powder.

Mix the indicated ingredients thoroughly and leave to infuse and swell for up to half an hour. It is advisable to use a freshly prepared mixture. Apply the resulting mass for 15-20 minutes to areas of the facial skin where the appearance of bristles is undesirable. The natural composition of the paste does not prohibit the use of the resulting cream for correcting mustaches, sideburns, eyebrows, since the removal of bristles in these areas is painful.

The unique Ayurvedic composition is used as a mask for the entire face. Fatty cream cares for the skin, whitens it and rejuvenates it. You need to be patient, since you will have to spread the resulting paste two to three times a week for one to three months. At first, the villi become “sluggish” and soft, and then the growth is thinned out and gradually stops completely. The result will delight any stubborn man — his face will be clean and neat. Do not be afraid of the yellowness of turmeric, since milk and cream in the recipe neutralize the coloring effect.


electric epilatorPerhaps many men with stubble will be interested in the budget option to combat unshaven on the face. For electrolysis, you need to buy a special device and do hair removal in a comfortable home. Effective use of the device is possible subject to certain recommendations:

  1. The principle of operation of the epilator is to capture the hairs with the blades and abruptly pull them out.
  2. To use the home appliance, you need to wait for the hair to grow to 5 mm. The shortest ones will not be captured and will remain for the next time.
  3. For effective removal of bristles, it is recommended to tighten the skin, then the grip of the blades will be more reliable and capacious.
  4. The device pulls out the hair along with the bulb, so the appearance of a new hair will occur in 4-6 weeks.
  5. It is necessary to repeat the procedure every three days as a new wave of hair grows back.
  6. The gradually growing stubble will become less frequent and the skin will be smoother and cleaner.

Removing the stubble the first time is quite painful because a lot of hair grows on the face. As the density decreases, the painful sensations will be less. The disadvantage of this method is that the epilator does not immediately capture villi of different lengths. To cleanly remove the bristles, you need to repeat the procedure many times as the remaining villi grow back. After the first month of using the device, the bristles will grow more slowly, there will be no need for weekly use, and the face will delight you with cleanliness and neatness. Electrolysis will be much more effective if you use shaving cream in parallel, and in between, one of the ways to reduce growth with folk remedies.


ShugaringIt is unlikely that a man at home will prepare a creamy mixture and attempt to remove unwanted stubble on his own. Today, the list of services of any beauty salon includes shugaring, which can be used by any man. How can you achieve a good result with a creamy sticky substance? How effective is this procedure and can it be used to remove stubble?

Shugaring is the process of plucking short hairs using a sticky ball or ball. The composition was invented by oriental beauties, caring for the body. The hair of oriental women is dark and coarse, so they tried to remove it by any means. The ancient Ayurvedic recipe has been mastered by the manufacturers of cosmetics and care products, they have improved and they propose to pull out all hairs without exception with the help of a sugar sticky composition. The sequence of the procedure is as follows:

  1. The face is cleaned, heated or steamed.
  2. The surface of the skin is thoroughly wiped and degreased.
  3. Sprinkle generously with talcum powder so that the paste is easier to separate from the skin surface.
  4. Warm up the paste, while it is warm, spread on the area of ​​the face with bristles.
  5. Smear the sticky substance over the site of bristle growth.
  6. Iron with pressure so that each villi is well hooked or adhered.
  7. After the wax has cooled, it is sharply raised against hair growth, as if tearing off the sticky paste from the skin of the face. Hair is pulled out by the root, the skin remains clean. The wax consistency adheres tightly to the skin and captures the hairs well.
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For those who agree to make a simple and affordable recipe for sugar paste at home:

  • 6 tbsp. l. sugar or 100 g;
  • turmeric — 1 tbsp l .;
  • vinegar 9% — 15 ml.
  • water — 40 ml.

To carry out shugaring of bristles, you will need talcum powder or baby powder, a degreaser. The procedure is a bit painful, but cheap. In comparison with shaving, it should be noted that the bristles are removed cleanly, to the very root. There is no irritation on the skin, since the composition of the cream is absolutely natural.

The presence of turmeric in the paste makes it indispensable among topical hair removal products. The amazing effect of oriental powder, which is used as an ingredient in a cosmetic paste, is that the hair is not just removed, but gradually stops growing due to the natural component. Despite some discomfort during bristle shugaring, many men who take care of their health choose this option to combat vegetation on the chin.

Salon hair removal methods

One of the popular stubble removal methods is laser hair removal. This method is suitable for those men who do not know:

  • how to get rid of thick stubble forever;
  • how to shave properly so that new hair grows much more slowly;
  • how to care for sensitive skin;
  • how and with what means to remove irritation on the face;
  • how to deal with profuse facial hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair RemovalLaser hair removal is expensive and involves several stages.

  1. As the hair appears, a special device is applied to the hair roots, killing the hair follicles. After destruction, the villi fall off and no longer grow.
  2. After about a month, laser hair removal should be repeated. Some hair follicles survive and the bristles, which are thinner than at the beginning, grow back.
  3. The total number of procedures performed varies from 6 to 8 times, depending on the density and stiffness of the bristles.
  4. Each subsequent wave of sprouted hair is weaker and less frequent. The hairs, on the bulbs of which the laser was exposed, become less rigid, then turn into fluff and gradually stop growing.

The procedure for laser hair removal in the first and subsequent procedures is painless, therefore it is very popular among males. The removal process is delayed for a couple of months, and not all men are ready to wait that long.

Elos epilation

ELOS hair removalThe most painless way to deal with stubble on a man’s face is to use radio frequency and light radiation. The salon procedure is a non-contact option of exposure. The man does not feel:

  • how firmly «sitting» bulbs of thick hairs are removed;
  • how thick bristles become thinner with each subsequent procedure;
  • how the exposure occurs without contact with the skin surface;
  • how the structure of the hair follicle changes, gradually weakening and dying off;
  • how changes occur on the surface of the skin.

Elos hair removal can remove even vellus hair. The procedure is expensive, especially considering that you need to take a full course to eliminate stubble. Reliability and stability of the result when working with this equipment have won recognition in the male society.


PhotoepilationIf a man has not decided how to remove constantly appearing hair, we recommend that you consider a method of photoepilation. The salon option is suitable for blondes and gray-haired men. The imaging device works in the same way as laser equipment. The main disadvantage of this procedure is its high cost. Photoepilation cannot be considered completely safe, since it affects the frequency range of light waves from 700 to 1100 Nm. This may result in minor burns and redness. Since there are other safe options on the cosmetic services market, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the principle of operation of more advanced devices.

AFT epilation

Advanced fluorescent technology showcases developments by Israeli scientists. AFT technology is the next generation of exposure to intense pulsed light on the skin surface with less burns than phototherapy. An additional filter is built into the AFT epilation equipment, which works on the conversion of the short-wave and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum. The structural element generates additional infrared radiation, neutralizing the harmful effects on the skin when removing the hair.

  1. During the procedure, the patient feels warm, no tingling or tingling sensations.
  2. Hair removal occurs quickly as the hair follicle heats up.
  3. The technology «in motion» allows the accumulation of energy inside the follicle, sufficient for its destruction.
  4. A variant of exposure to pulsed light is used to soften or thin the bristles in the event that the hair on the face is too coarse.
  5. The device is constantly moving, so the possibility of scarring, pigmentation, burns or redness is completely excluded. The AFT epilation device is designed in such a way as to cover the entire hair growth zone in motion without missing areas.

AFT epilation

The salon procedure is the most effective in comparison with photoepilation, shugaring.

During the procedure, the necessary safety measures are observed, for which the client of the beauty salon is put on safety glasses and carefully covers the areas that cannot be processed. A special gel is applied to the surface to be treated so that the working surface of the head of the apparatus glides as best and evenly as possible, does not touch the surface of the skin and does not injure the face. The process of heating the bristly follicles is comfortable and convenient for a man, without causing redness or irritation of the skin.

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The salon procedure is the most effective in comparison with photoepilation, shugaring, as well as elos and laser methods of dealing with facial stubble. You can remove annoying hair on a man’s face in 4-5 visits. Although the procedure is not cheap, the reduced number of repetitions makes epilation more attractive and cheaper than other laser treatments.

How to get rid of stubble permanently

There is no exact answer to this question. Each organism has its own characteristics of development, hormones and age. Hair on the human body has a specific function. The body carries the necessary amount of fats and oils through the hair to protect the skin from drying out and aging. When shaving off his bristle hair, a man should use a cream, as it deprives the surface of the skin of the necessary nourishment and protection.

How to get rid of stubble permanently

For the same reason, it is worth considering whether to permanently remove facial hair. In a few years, fashion will change and all men will passionately desire to grow the long-awaited stubble and beard, mustache and sideburns. Perhaps following the country’s fashion and cultural code, shaving the stubble or using modern methods of temporary hair removal is enough. However, modern removal methods promise complete removal of stubble and mustache forever. Devices using a laser beam, scattering ultraviolet light for a long period free the skin from unwanted vegetation:

  1. Shugaring — 4 weeks.
  2. AFT technology — hair stops growing after 4-5 sessions.
  3. Laser hair removal — 8 treatments that guarantee complete hair removal.
  4. Photoepilation — 6-8 visits to remove stubble on the face.
  5. Elos hair removal — 5-8 sessions to remove unwanted hair.

Procedures using modern technologies are expensive, but very popular. Hardware removal of stubble demonstrates excellent results, clients of modern beauty salons are satisfied that they do not have to shave every day. A neat appearance is why men come to epilation. In today’s intense pace of life, it is important to properly manage your free time, to save every minute in order to be with your family and pay enough attention to your children. By doing salon treatments and removing stubble, the man frees up time for other activities.

How to shave properly to avoid stubble

With the right, competent approach to shaving and following certain rules, stubble will not appear longer.

  1. A man can easily get rid of unwanted hair if he steam up his face before shaving. Hair is well removed after a person has taken a shower or bath procedures.
  2. When removing hair, you need to tighten the skin so that the blades on a razor or machine tool poke the bristles deeper. As a result, the time intervals until the next shave will increase noticeably.
  3. Choose a good shaving cream that softens the hair structure and makes the bristles more manageable.
  4. Choose a quality razor, shaving machine or trimmer.
  5. Look for razor brands with 3 to 5 blades. Such elements shave the bristles better.

How to shave properly to avoid stubble

As much as men try to avoid shaving, hair grows quickly. The normal balance of male hormones involves the growth and appearance of stubble on the chin, in the area above the upper lip, neck and side of the face. With age, growth increases and the structure of the bristles changes, so you will always have to use a razor to a greater or lesser extent. Fashion trends change quickly, and the attractiveness of a man’s face is based on the presence of a brutal strong-willed facial contour. It is the bristles that allow you to enhance, creating a dark contour along the chin line, the attractiveness and beauty of a man’s face.

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