Haircut beard at home

A neat beard is a natural adornment for a man, allowing him to express his individual style, emphasize facial features and even hide flaws. With its help, you can change the appearance beyond recognition. To create an attractive image, this attribute of masculinity, solidity and maturity requires high-quality and regular care, from washing to modeling the shape.

Now you can give your facial hair a beautiful edging, straight lines and a suitable length at home without resorting to the help of professional stylists. To make trimming a beard a simple and enjoyable process, you must first prepare it and choose the right tool. You will learn how to properly trim a beard and what it takes to do this in our article.

Inventory of a bearded man or what to cut a beard

Trimming a beard and mustache at home is possible with the help of both improvised inexpensive tools (scissors and razors) and with the help of special accessories (trimmer, clipper). Let’s consider how to make a beautiful mustache and beard using each of these devices, as well as the features of the devices.

beard trimming equipmentScissors… This is a classic all-round tool for trimming your mustache and beard. There are many varieties of beard clippers. Their difference is in:

  1. Manufacturing material. This is usually stainless steel. The harder the metal, the longer the service life. To increase the hardness, add molybdenum, vanadium. Sometimes the device has an additional coating of titanium or chrome, which makes it hypoallergenic and durable.
  2. Form. The beard scissors should be comfortable in your hand, otherwise they will be difficult to use. There are various forms of appliances. For example, with a sharp end — they are great for edging. The handle can also be different, sometimes it is longer than the cutting part. The choice of this or that tool should be based on ease of use, so it is better to buy directly from the store so that you can hold the product in your hand.
  3. Sharpening the blades. The smaller the angle of the blade, the sharper the tool.
  4. Smooth running. A quality tool is correctly adjusted, so that when opening and closing, the cutting elements move softly and smoothly. If you leave the scissors in a half-open position, they will lock in shape.

The tool is suitable for those who are thinking about how to cut a long, fluffy beard. For short facial hair, there are more comfortable options.

Trimmer… These devices allow you to quickly and accurately model the shape of the beard and mustache without any special effort. The devices differ in the width of the cutting head, the length of the cut (often replaceable nozzles are included in the kit), the power of the motor, the type of power supply, the rotational speed of the blades, and other parameters. With the help of the trimmer, you can create a stylish haircut from short vegetation: the effect of light unshaven; neat, brutal or one-day, almost to the root, bristles. The devices also help to define the definition of the beard and mustache.

Typewriter… These electrical appliances differ in the type of engine: rotary (the most powerful, used mainly in beauty salons), rechargeable (they can operate continuously for 30-60 minutes, the service life of such devices varies from several months to several years), vibration (they have low power, with the haircut vibrates in the hand, the time of continuous work is 10-20 minutes). The set may include several attachments for the machine, allowing you to choose the optimal length of the hair cut.

Razors… They are conventionally divided into machines and electric shavers. Shaving the first beard requires the use of post-shave products, since the blades come in contact with the skin and often cause irritation. But they cut the hair at the root. When using the second, there is no need not only to use shaving cosmetics, but also water. The principle of operation is several sliding blades that cut the hair caught between them. The first cutting element is the mesh, the second is the vibrating or rotating blade hidden in the head. Since there is no contact with the skin, the likelihood of a cut is reduced to zero. But the quality of shaving is inferior to machine tools. Perfect smoothness, as when using a razor, will not work, but the effect is still as close to ideal as possible.

Additionally, to model the shape of a beard and mustache, you may need:

  • hairbrush / comb;
  • after shave cosmetics;
  • templates / stencils;
  • towel;
  • mirror.

Preparing the face and hair for a haircut

Styling a beard requires some training. Before you cut a short or long beard and mustache at home, you should choose its shape. To get started, consider the following tips:

  • blondes and redheads can afford longer and thicker vegetation than brunettes;
  • with low growth, voluminous, lush vegetation is not recommended — in this case, it should be symbolic. With medium and high, a large one will do.
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Next — determine the shape of the face.

beard to the shape of the faceTrapezoidal face with wide jaw and narrow forehead. Suitable beard shapes: square, frill, skipper. They visually reduce the wide part and widen the narrow one. It is recommended for such men to combine a beard with a voluminous hairstyle in order to visually align the shape of the face.

Triangular with a narrow chin and a wide forehead. To make the volume of the lower part of the face visually larger, a goatee, a horseshoe-shaped beard or slightly rounded will do. Such vegetation will give masculinity and solidity.

How to style a mustache and beard with an oval face. Almost all forms of vegetation are suitable for such men. Therefore, it is recommended to experiment and choose your own version.

How to style a mustache and beard with a round face. To visually make the face elongated, a form of vegetation from temple to temple is suitable, covering part of the neck, chin, cheeks, for example, chinstrap, brett.

How to trim a mustache and beard with an elongated rectangular face. This face looks elongated, so long or narrow beards (eg goatee, French beard) will not work. The best option would be a horseshoe-shaped haircut, for example, an anchor.

How to wash facial hair and steam before shaving

washing beardBefore trimming your beard and mustache with a clipper, trimmer or other tool, steam your skin, wash your facial hair thoroughly and moisturize it. Soft bristles and leather will make shaving more comfortable, which will help prevent irritation and injury.

If you steam the skin, then the vegetation will become more pliable to haircut. First, rinse your face and neck with hot water. Then apply a hot, wet towel to your face for a couple of minutes.

After that, you need to start washing your hair. For this, it is recommended to use special cosmetics. Some also use ordinary shampoos, but the latter contain quite aggressive surfactants, which cleanse quickly and efficiently, but dry a lot. Ultimately, this can lead to flaking of the epidermis and increased hair stiffness. Shampoos designed specifically for the beard gently cleanse facial hair and gently moisturize the skin. They contain less aggressive substances, therefore they provide more gentle and delicate care.

To wash your facial hair you need to:

  1. Apply a small amount of shampoo to thoroughly moistened vegetation.
  2. Spread over the entire length of the hair with massaging movements.
  3. Rinse under warm water. Repeat if necessary.

After washing your hair, you need to moisturize it to make it softer and more manageable. For this, you can use special conditioners or oils. They quickly turn coarse, dry, dull beard hair into hydrated, shiny and smooth beard hair. It is recommended to apply them not only on the scalp, but also on the skin with rubbing movements immediately after washing.

Dry your hair before shaving

You can dry your beard yourself with a regular towel. It is enough to apply it to your hair to release excess moisture. A hairdryer can be used for long vegetation. On sale there are special devices for drying the beard, they help to straighten and style the hair beautifully, while maintaining the natural hydration of the skin.

These devices are designed for barbers and professional hairdressers, but you can also use them at home. The strength of the air flow and the temperature regime in such devices are regulated, which allows them to be used for drying hair on the face and head.


combing beard

After washing, brush the vegetation thoroughly. The comb should be easy to use, not pulling out hairs, and have an optimal density of teeth. It is better to buy a special comb for a beard, since such an accessory has certain advantages over a conventional comb:

  • durable materials — the bristles are much tougher than the hair on the head, so the comb has increased strength and greater thickness;
  • the distance between the teeth — for long vegetation, the teeth are located more rarely than for short ones, thanks to this the hairs are not injured, they are easier to comb (often the teeth on the ridge are located on both sides with different density).

If, after combing, the hair remains unruly, sticking out in different directions, then you can use a tool to straighten it — a beard iron. Such a device is small in size, especially for short facial hair. You can purchase such a device at specialized retail outlets or order from an online store. The hairs are ironed in layers, in the direction of their growth. It is recommended to pre-treat the vegetation with thermal protective agents to prevent evaporation of moisture from the hair shaft and prevent dryness, brittleness, increased rigidity.

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After a quality styling, it will be much easier to trim your beard. To fix the result, you can use spray, varnish, special lipstick, wax or cream. Such products have different degrees of fixation; it is necessary to select them according to the type of hair. A special brush can be used to distribute the retainer evenly.

General cutting technology

After washing, drying and brushing, you can start trimming. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with several recommendations on how to make a beautiful beard.

Facial hair will look attractive and neat if you trim the mustache and beard. The wrong hairline in the neck area can ruin the whole impression of a brutal look. You can, of course, leave your hair in its natural form, but in this case the vegetation will look untidy and uneven.

beard trimming templateIt is very important to correctly and evenly form the contour of the beard, therefore, in the process of movement, it should be smooth, without haste. If you cannot do this yourself, you can purchase templates or stencils to form clear lines.

These tools are not only used by men who cannot create symmetrical and even features. The devices help to save a lot of time and at the same time with high quality, and most importantly, quickly cut a beard, therefore, they are popular even among professional hairdressers.

Using such a device, a man can be calm that he will not accidentally shave off excess hair. The template gives you confidence in movement and helps you create precise beard edging, even in hard-to-reach areas. Devices come in different shapes, sizes, materials. The choice should be based on the shape and length of the beard.

To create a beard outline will help:

The first will help to make the area without hair cleaner. Movements should be directed first along the hair growth, then against, i.e. you can achieve a flat and smooth surface, avoiding imperfections. The latter will help create a crisp edging without bumping into excess hairs. With its help, you should carefully work out the area above and below the lip. Try to create the upper and lower lines in the cheekbone area parallel.

How to trim your beard with scissors

beard trimming with scissors

This tool is used primarily for trimming long hair or for clipping hair that stands out too much. To trim a beard with scissors, a man will need the scissors and a comb directly.

So, how to properly trim a long beard and mustache with scissors:

  1. Decide what length of hair you need to cut.
  2. Divide your hair into 3 parts (center and sides).
  3. Comb the center with a comb and leave it at the desired cut level.
  4. The scissors should be perpendicular to the hair growth and parallel to the comb.
  5. Cut off excess hair and start trimming the vegetation on the sides, moving towards the cheekbones.
  6. You do not need to cut a lot of hair at once, you should leave a margin so that you can correct mistakes and adjust the required length.
  7. When finished, comb the hair and trim the beard, keeping the symmetry.

Haircut with a clipper at home

Modeling a beard with this tool does not take much time and effort. The process is much easier than cutting your beard with scissors. Here you do not need to follow the symmetry, borders, clarity of lines. Therefore, after the contour of the beard has been drawn, the only thing left for the man is to give the facial hair a uniform length.

beard trimming

Before shaving your beard and mustache with a shaving machine, you should select the attachment. If the procedure is taking place for the first time, then it is better to choose the one that will leave a little more hair than originally intended. Shortening vegetation will be much easier than regrowing it.

How to trim a beard and mustache with a clipper:

  1. After switching on, move the device smoothly over your face. There is no need to press into the skin, but a snug fit should be maintained.
  2. Movement should be in 2 directions: along and against the growth of hairs. This is necessary in order to smooth the surface as uniformly as possible.

Using a typewriter, you can create the effect of uneven hair growth. For example, make the edging area not clear, but blurred, smoothly turning into longer vegetation. This is usually done by experienced owners who have mastered the instrument well. A man will need several attachments.

How to trim your mustache and beard to achieve a smooth transition from short hair to long hair:

  1. Create a clear outline.
  2. Put on the attachment that leaves the hair as short as possible.
  3. Cut 1 cm of hair from the border of its growth (contour).
  4. Put on an attachment that leaves more hair than the previous one.
  5. Work her about 2-3 cm of vegetation from the contour, etc.
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You can also achieve a smooth transition with the special filler attachment. Sometimes it comes with the device, or you can purchase it separately. With its help, the ends of the hair are cut at different levels, due to which there are no sharp boundaries, the natural contours of the beard appear.

Trimmer instruction

This multifunctional device allows you to carry out high-quality modeling of a beard and mustache without any special effort. It is designed to make shaving and trimming your facial hair as easy as possible. Therefore, there are usually no difficulties with how to make a beautiful mustache and beard using a trimmer.

beard trimmer

The devices help to make the beard neat and attractive, regardless of the stiffness and thickness of the hair. The blades of the devices are designed for long-term operation, therefore, their materials are usually durable, hypoallergenic, and resistant to corrosion. During the cutting process, the cutting elements do not come into contact with the skin, so the likelihood of cuts, irritations, scratches and other damage to the epidermis is minimized. Thanks to the floating head, extra hairs are not left even on the curves of the face, for example, in the chin area.

Trimmers are versatile devices that make the process of caring for your appearance comfortable. Modeling a beard, mustache, correcting their length and shape does not take much time. All that is required of a man, before properly trimming his mustache and beard, is to wash and dry the facial hair. No cosmetics, such as gel, shaving foam, or even water are needed in the process.

How to properly trim your mustache and beard using a trimmer:

  • install the required nozzle;
  • turn on the device and gently bring the blades to the vegetation;
  • move them along the desired hairline (so that the formation of a beard and the creation of even, clear boundaries is carried out the first time, some devices are equipped with a built-in laser beam);

    Attention! Too much pressure will shave off more hair than is required.

  • if the hair grows in different directions, then it may be necessary to move the blades down, up, horizontally;
  • after use, switch off and clean the device.

Such devices are more suitable for creating short haircuts or for edging hair. However, some devices are equipped with a special comb attachment, which expands the functionality of the device and makes it easy to cut even long vegetation.

How to trim a long beard using a trimmer with a comb attachment:

  • fix the nozzle on the head of the device;
  • set the required length for cutting with the nozzle (in case of insufficient experience, it is recommended to set the position for a longer haircut, in order to avoid excessive shortening of the vegetation);
  • turn on the device and cut hair, starting from the chin, along the face line towards the ears.

Shaving your beard with your own hands will be much easier if you take care of good lighting in advance. By the way, some trimmers have a special built-in illumination that allows you to achieve a quality shave even in dark conditions.

Correcting the shape of the beard at home

Correcting the shape of the beard at home

A beard correction is usually necessary every 4-6 days. Usually, during this period, the hair grows a few mm and does not look so attractive. But due to physiological characteristics, the growth rate of vegetation can be higher and lower, therefore, beard correction in this case should be carried out individually as needed.

It should also be borne in mind that hair in the neck and cheeks grows differently. Hard and at the same time growing evenly, are located on the face, softer are localized on the neck, they have a different direction of growth. Therefore, for a high-quality beard correction, you may need to direct the trimming tool in different directions.

In order for the hairs on the face to be obedient and beautiful, it is necessary to have the necessary procedures for steaming, washing, moisturizing and drying the vegetation. Then the hair will look well-groomed and easier to cut.

After edging or trimming your beard, flaky or irritated skin sometimes appears. In order to quickly eliminate these unpleasant symptoms, it is recommended to have soothing moisturizing cosmetics for this case. To prevent increased dryness of the skin, it is better to use them every time you wash your hair.

Caring for the instrument is important, therefore, before cutting a beard, as well as after the procedure, it must be sterilized, washed or cleaned. That. the risk of infection in case of accidental damage to the skin will be minimal, and the device will last much longer.

Difficulties with how to trim a mustache and beard at home will not arise if you adhere to all recommendations for hair care, tools, and also follow the rules and technology of haircuts.

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