Gray beard — a flaw or «highlight» of a fashionable male image

The appearance of the first gray hairs on the head and in the beard is almost always perceived by a man as a tragedy. If earlier nothing could be done about it, now there are a lot of ways to hide this alleged flaw, for example, by a successful haircut or painting. But stylists do not always and not recommend everyone to resort to extreme measures. A gray beard can become the highlight of an image for a man even at 30, the main thing is to learn how to combine it correctly with a hairstyle and fit into the image.

The beard turns gray before the head

Gray hair appears in men due to a lack of tyrosine, a component found in proteins. Often this condition occurs if a person was fond of diets, did not include in his diet a sufficient amount of meat, dairy products. But even the daily consumption of chicken breasts and cottage cheese does not guarantee that gray hair will not appear at an early age. The endocrine and nervous systems are responsible for this process. If not everything is in order with the work of these systems, then this will affect the growth and color of the hair.

beard turns gray

Some men begin to turn gray as early as twenty years. And in other representatives of the stronger sex, silver hairs do not appear until very old age. And this happens under seemingly equal conditions and nutrition. The fact is that the appearance of gray hair is determined not only by external factors and nutrition, but also by heredity.

Melanocytes located in the epidermis are responsible for the color of the hair. They supply the hair cells with keratinocytes, which impart color. A man turns gray due to the fact that enzymes that decompose hydrogen peroxide begin to work worse in melanocytes. The hair itself seems white, since voids appear in the core of it. Light rays easily fall into them, scattered along the structure, which gives a gray color.

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Alas, scientists still cannot answer the question of why the beard turns gray before the hair on the head. One of the possible reasons is the difference in the structure of the skin in the forehead and back of the head from the skin in the area of ​​the nasolabial fold and chin. A gray mustache and beard, as a rule, appear earlier than the first gray hairs on the crown. Moreover, the time interval between these two events, when a guy turns gray, can reach 10 years.

Types of gray beards

Localization of gray hair in men is different. In some, gray spots appear on the entire beard, in others they are only in the middle or on the sides. You can predict the appearance of gray hair if you look at a man’s father or grandfather. Genetically transmitted is not only the speed with which a man turns gray and when it happens, but also where this process will begin.

gray beard dotted

The most common type of gray hair that occurs in men in their 30s is dot gray hair. It is with the appearance of the first gray hairs, unevenly located in the beard and mustache, that a man begins to ask himself questions — what to do with this, how to mask? Over time, the number of silver hairs will outweigh the number of non-pigmented hairs, resulting in a pure white beard.

Focal gray hair is less common. Whitish surfaces appear on the mustache and beard. But usually they are localized on the temples and chin. The man turns gray slowly.

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Tips for stylists

Each man evaluates the appearance of gray beard differently. For some, this is a signal that he has become older and more courageous. Others start to panic and try to find a way to hide this «flaw». Stylists have developed several options with which they carry out visual correction.

beard trim

The first option is to highlight your new color as much as possible. Self-confident men are going to turn gray with dignity, so they do not mask their natural peculiarity. A gray beard will become the highlight of the image, it looks especially colorful if the hair is in order and of its own color. Gray hair favorably sets off real age, thereby visually rejuvenating.

But most men prefer not to flaunt a new feature, but add uniqueness with an interesting haircut. A short gray beard will add attractiveness, make the image more presentable, youthful, no matter how old the man is, when he turns gray. The stylist will advise on a suitable haircut, finding out the aspects of the structure of the face, the type of gray hair and the features of the man’s wardrobe.

beard coloring

A radical option is to emphasize gray curls with white paint. Now, a popular option is when the hairs that have not lost their pigmentation are painted in a rich tone. You can even out the color by dyeing the entire beard in a natural shade. So you can hide a slight yellowness. But only a stylist should paint. Coloring at home can lead to spots on the beard, gray areas will become too prominent and bright, since the paint is taken stronger on a white tone. You should not risk it, because instead of a beautiful beard, you can completely lose it.

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In general, a gray beard is now more of a fashion trend. The rich and famous men of the world prefer not to hide this fact, but to make it a highlight of their adult, wise image. Actors Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, George Clooney appear on the red carpet with beautiful haircuts or a gray beard. Of course, in order to achieve a stunning effect, it is not at all necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a trip to a stylist.

Dyeing a beard when a man turns gray is a technically difficult process. Pick up a paint that is resistant, with ammonia or other active ingredients. It is necessary that the shade is in harmony with the hair color on the head and does not stand out from the skin color.

gray beard types of haircuts

It is important to pay attention to the haircut. Often, even a beard that is beautiful in color looks untidy only because it is not given the correct shape. Stylists do not recommend choosing an «anchor» haircut — minimalist in the form of an anchor in combination with a thin mustache. An option is selected depending on the type of person.

The choice of a stylish man is «Hollywood beard» — a wide haircut, length up to 3 centimeters. A three-day stubble (up to a centimeter) will decorate a middle-aged man, visually allowing him to throw off 5 years. A spartan beard makes the person who turns gray look masculine, as the emphasis is on the lower jaw and chin. Chinstrap (stripe on the chin) will accentuate the strong-willed chin.

A gray beard requires special care. Silvery hair becomes porous and needs regular hydration. Helps to turn gray, but does not become bald, special cosmetic formulations.

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