Goatee — beard of stylish men

A goatee beard or a Spanish beard is one of the most beautiful options for decorating facial hair. She gives a man elegance, style and aristocracy. It is rightfully considered one of the most sought-after and popular types of beard, since it successfully complements the male image, refines facial features and gives a unique charm.

What is the

goateeWhat is a Spanish beard? It is a rounded, well-edged short bristle in the very center of the chin under the lower lip. It occupies only the area around the mouth, while the cheeks remain clean-shaven. Sometimes complemented by a mustache.

This option for cutting facial hair appeared in the distant XX century and was initially of an exclusively practical nature. High lace collars were in vogue and the goatee was the perfect beard for this kind of garment. It remains relevant for modern men as well, as it gives the face aesthetic appeal, accuracy and elegance.

It is often confused with a goatee. There is indeed a similarity, but a distinctive feature of the goatee’s goatee is the presence of a wedge of hair in the chin dimple. In addition, the Spanish goatee has a smooth, rounded shape and a wider shape.

Types of goatee

This element of decorating a man’s face is made in several versions:

  1. Circular
    circularWhat does a circular goatee look like? It is the center of the chin filled with bristles. The vegetation is rounded, blending smoothly with a thin whisker. Visually resembles an island of facial hair, affecting the area above the upper and lower lip. This type of beard is especially popular. Looks stylish and neat.
  2. Classical
    classicalThis is a goatee without a mustache. Vegetation occupies the central part of the chin, has a pointed shape. Almost the same as a circular beard, only with a sharper end and no hair above the upper lip.
  3. Van dyck
    VandaykovskayaThis Spanish goatee owes its name to the Flemish portrait painter van Dyck. Assumes the presence of a mustache and beard that do not connect with each other. The mustache in this version is a separate element of face decoration. They are thin and do not touch the corners of the lips. And the beard is made in the form of a small, thin wedge located in the central part under the lower lip.

To whom does

Goatee is a universal option for styling facial hair. It suits almost everyone. Looks good on natural brunettes. In this case, she is especially expressive and creates a graceful image.

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The goatee visually lengthens the face, therefore it is suitable for wide cheekbones. Also, visually smoothed sharp features. Looks good on thin men. But sometimes inappropriate. For example, with sparse vegetation or on a narrow face. Given that there are several design options, in the latter case, it makes sense to experiment and perhaps add new elements, for example, growing a hairline from the chin to the cheekbones. This will be a kind of «extended» version of the goatee.

How to grow a goatee beard

To grow a goatee beard, a man will have to stop using a razor for a while. The length of the bristles should be 1-2 cm. Each man’s hair grows at a different rate. For one, 2-5 days will be enough, for another — more than a week.

how to grow
The first thing to start with is to forget about the razor for a while. Your facial hair should grow in its own order.

Care should be taken to ensure that the hair on the chin reaches the required length. In certain areas of the face, growth can be more intense and rapid, for example, on the cheeks. You need to wait until the chin is filled with thick hairs and start modeling and edging the vegetation.

If the beard grows in foci, then it makes sense to remove excess vegetation in places where it is not needed. For example, on the neck, cheeks, cheekbones. If uneven growth is observed in the chin area, then the man should accept this and wait until the beard in this area becomes thick, and the hairs reach at least 1-2 cm.

To accelerate growth and increase density, it is recommended to purchase special cosmetics, for example, castor oil, burdock oil. They strengthen the follicles, restore their function and repair hair damage.

There are also medicines to stimulate hair growth. They are made on the basis of minoxidil. This substance dilates blood vessels and promotes blood flow to problem areas. As a result, the hair follicles receive more oxygen and nutrients, and hair growth resumes.

Irregular or slow growth may be associated with a lack of vitamins. Therefore, you can take special multivitamin complexes:

  1. Dragée Merz — contains more than 15 vitamins necessary for the health and growth of hair.
  2. Revalid — provides the body with the necessary substances for the restoration, strengthening and growth of hair.
  3. Perfectil is a rich vitamin and mineral composition. The drug accelerates regeneration processes, improves vascular function, improves the condition of hair and nails.
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How to cut and style correctly: step-by-step instructions

With a radical change in the image, as well as if there were no experiments with the shape of the beard before, then the first time it is better to turn to a professional. He will show a visual example and all the stages of modeling.

But, if a man is confident in his abilities and is ready for changes, then you can cut and arrange the goatee’s beard yourself. Only first you need to arm yourself with the necessary tools that will help you model vegetation and create smooth, clear, symmetrical contours.

how to arrange
It is very important to buy quality tools and products for beard care, as the shape of the goatee and its general appearance will depend on this.

Before making a goatee, it is recommended to purchase a special template. This is a rectangular device with rounded corners. Allows you to create a clear contour of the future beard. It fits snugly against the chin area and is held in place by the teeth. As a rule, such a template has several adjustment positions, thanks to which the shaving can be made strictly individual by adjusting the width of the future goatee.

With such a device, the beard modeling process will be as fast and smooth as possible, since the man does not have to monitor the symmetry and clarity of the lines. The template will not allow you to shave off the excess.

Also, for modeling a goatee, you may need:

  1. Comb with fine teeth.
  2. Large mirror.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Trimmer with attachments.
  5. Razor with blades.
  6. Hair clipper with attachments.
  7. Products for and after shaving.
  8. Styling wax.

How to cut a goatee beard:

  • Step 1: Decide on the shape. To begin with, a man requires determining the shape of the goatee: with or without a mustache, whether they will connect with the hair under the lower lip, width, etc.
  • Step 2: Prepare the template. If a man has chosen a circular haircut, then for these purposes it is better to use a goatee template. In this case, it will be enough to adjust the device to the width of the lips (protruding slightly beyond them), press it tightly with your teeth and shave off excess hair on the open part of the face. You can use a trimmer for this. If a man wants to achieve the perfect smoothness of the skin around the goatee, then you can use a razor.
  • Step 3: Remove excess. It is better to start the process from the area of ​​the cheeks, cheekbones, neck, smoothly moving to the template. When the excess vegetation is shaved off, then remove the template and trim the hair that was located under it.
  • Step 4: Shape. You can use a trimmer for edging and creating a clean line. And you can even out the length of the remaining hair with a hair clipper. It is necessary to install a nozzle on it. Choose the length yourself, based on the existing length of the shortest hair and the desired result. If there is no typewriter, then use scissors.
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patternThe template can be replaced with a homemade cardboard mold. As a last resort, mark the contour on the skin with a cosmetic pencil and shave off the hair clearly along the drawn lines.

This is the easiest way to quickly create a goatee. If there is no special template at hand, then a man should be as careful as possible when modeling the shape, since careless movement leads to accidental shaving of the hair, which can ultimately ruin the shape. Then the man will have to shave off all his hair and wait for regrowth again.

When modeling on your own, it is important to observe the symmetry of the lines. It is necessary to ensure that the distance of the hair from the corner of the lips to the border of their growth is the same. That is, if you visually draw a straight line along the line of closing the lips, then on both sides the hairline should be the same width. A good example of how to make a Spanish beard can be seen on the video on the Internet.

The process does not end with modeling the form. The goatee is not just vegetation in the center of the chin, but also a prominent island inside. It is much more difficult to make it. Under the lower lip in the very center (i.e. in the dimple), it is necessary to maintain the hair and shape it. It can be rectangular, wedge-shaped (widening or narrowing towards the base). This island should merge smoothly into the lower hairline, and the rest (i.e., the skin under the lower canines) should be shaved off.

It is very difficult to do this with a razor, since the area to be treated is small, and you can easily shave off excess hair. For these purposes, the ideal tool is a trimmer with a narrow nozzle.

To maintain a neat look, the goatee’s goatee needs regular grooming:

  • the washing up;
  • applying conditioner, oils (to moisturize and soften hair);
  • combing;
  • fixation with special means (so that the hairs do not stick out to the sides).

Regular contouring is also required. If the stubble grows quickly, it will be difficult to maintain its shape, otherwise the Spanish goatee will look sloppy and lose its zest.

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