Full beard — brutal Russian style

Beard has been trending for several fashion seasons. She gives a man brutality, seriousness and at the same time emphasizes his style. A full beard covers the jaw completely, connecting to the mustache and sideburns. The option is not suitable for every man, but only for the stronger sex with a certain face shape. Giving the specified shape and growing the beard itself is not difficult, but proper care for it will characterize neatness and individuality.

What does a Russian beard look like?

russian-beardThe second name for a full beard is Russian, not by chance. It has appeared since the days of the great conquerors, when thick stubble was a sign not only of brave qualities of character, but also a symbol of a man’s maturity. The young boy could not afford to grow such a hairline. The beard was designed to protect its owner from wind, frost, and no one thought to get rid of facial hair.

In Russia it was impossible to see a beardless man, and if this happened, then none of the merchants and farmers wanted to interact with a man of effeminate appearance. It was difficult for such men to start a family, they were considered unable to continue their family line. The Russian beard changed everything. Its characteristic features and appearance:

  1. Boundaries… The beard is distinguished by its density, but its borders are clearly defined. It flows smoothly into the sideburn area and can be connected to the mustache. Moreover, if you make the slightest changes, then it cannot be called Russian or complete. By growing and twisting the mustache, you get the Verdi style, and in the absence of the mustache, it will be the Old Dutch type.
  2. Form… The beard completely hides the chin. Moreover, it should be neatly trimmed. The shape reaches the area of ​​the ears and ends beautifully in front of them. Growth of vegetation to any length is allowed. Seen from the side, the bristles bulge forward from the chin, depending on the type of facial hair.
  3. variations… There are two types — short and long. The short version means growing small bristles — up to about 1,5-2 cm. This will take about 15 days. The long variation implies the presence of vegetation over 3 cm.

Not every man can become the owner of this luxurious sign of courage, because it all depends on the intensity of hair growth. For example, if the stubble grows slowly, it will take more than 1 month to get the result. Also, if your facial hair is sparse, you shouldn’t try to get a beard.

In the presence of a mustache and beard, a man seems more serious, but do not forget about the features of brutal jewelry. Hair on the face and on the head differ in structure, stiffness and color. The beard will turn gray with spots, which cannot be said about the vegetation on the head — this must be taken into account when deciding to grow thick stubble.

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To whom does

A full Russian beard will suit almost all men. Going deeper into history, it can be noted that earlier facial hair was not only a sign of courage and courage, but also demonstrated other qualities. For example, a beardless man deliberately excommunicated from the church, and as a sign of preserving their own dignity and honor, the guys specially grew stubble for a long time. Today women are divided into groups of lovers of «smooth cheeks» and «bearded», but earlier a man had to grow facial hair.

who suits
It is believed that a bearded man is a reliable life companion who will solve all problems and protect his woman from adversity.

They grew a beard to demonstrate their belonging to the Russian people, for the desire to harmonize life, to show their independence, and also to emphasize masculinity. If you want to convey all the listed features to others, then the style is suitable, but there are several nuances:

  • the Russian beard hides the imperfections of the face, it will help to hide the chin;
  • the full type is suitable for men with an oval face and a narrow chin: it will look advantageous and successfully hide the delicate features of the volume of vegetation;
  • for men with a large face and large cheekbones, this option is also suitable, but it will be difficult to make it yourself — this will require the hand of a master who will select a successful shape;
  • if a man has a round face, then this shape will help lengthen him — it can be sloppy, but always thick and solid;
  • with a classic oval-type face, this option is also suitable, because it is considered universal and looks original with any vegetation.

It is not recommended to choose a full beard for those men who have a small head size. Visually, this type of haircut will reduce the head, from the side it looks ridiculous.

The Russian beard is suitable not only for residents of Russia and the CIS countries, it is perfectly used in the West. For example, French women have long recognized the fact that a bearded man will be more passionate and active in bed, so they subconsciously choose partners with thick facial hair. It is believed that a bearded man is a reliable life companion who will solve all problems and protect his woman from adversity.

How to make yourself

Even if a man boasts abundant facial hair growth, this does not mean that making himself a full shape will be simple and easy. To observe a beautiful and formalized result, it will take at least 5-6 months. This decision should be deliberate and balanced, since a lot of effort will be spent, and if you don’t like the result, you will feel sorry for the wasted time.

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Several steps on how to find your own unique brutal style and grow a full beard:

  1. Forget about shaving… From the moment it was decided to grow stubble, it is necessary to completely forget about shaving off the vegetation from the face. It will take at least 1 month to assess the first signs of normal hair growth. Just at this stage, you can understand how quickly the vegetation appears, and what kind of density it is. It is better to get rid of the razor altogether or hide it so far away that there is no temptation to use it.
  2. Watch the formation… This is the period when you have to completely come to terms with facial hair. If before the beard has never grown at all, then at first it will be unusual. A desire to remove excess hairs sticking out in the wrong places of the skin will begin to appear, but you should not risk it. This stage will help you to find out what color the finished result will be — it will differ from the hair color by several shades. In fair-haired men, the vegetation takes on a reddish or chestnut tone. If during this phase you have questions about the form, you can contact the barber.
  3. Help with auto registration… After 4-6 months, the bristles become thick, they cover the entire area of ​​the chin and cheeks, and also border on the temples. At this stage, you can gradually begin to form. For example, visit a trusted master who can accurately select the correct shape.

You will have to modify your lifestyle and start eating properly and in a balanced way. As a result, the beard will be thicker and grow faster due to the production of testosterone. Growth Foods: Beef, beans, broccoli, oysters, cottage cheese, and garlic. They are high in protein, zinc and calcium, and garlic suppresses the production of cortisol, which interferes with testosterone production.

Depending on the shape, you can choose from several different options.

Form Characterization
French fork

French fork

Below the chin, the vegetation is divided into two parts.
Duck tail

duck tail

Beard with a pointed tip at the chin


The cheeks are shaved below the hairline and the beard is joined to the mustache


The whiskers are smoothly connected to the main vegetation


Fits all the way down to ears, medium length


Vegetation expanded at the bottom on the sides
Russian beard

Russian beard

The main characteristics are disheveled and wild

Making a well-shaped beard at home is unlikely to work. It is better to visit a professional for the first time, and over time, self-care at home.

Beard care

  1. Saving the form… The beard should be neat and well-groomed, like the hair on the head. If you decide to wear this style for a long time, it is better to get a hair clipper. They come with different attachments and will help remove excess hair at different lengths. On the edges, vegetation can be trimmed with a hand razor. Initially, the master gives the form, then the man himself must monitor her condition.beard care
  2. Buying a trimmer… This device is compact and inexpensive, it allows you to remove excess hair in a matter of minutes. This option is suitable when you need to quickly get the beard in the proper form before leaving the house. It is better to use the trimmer to go over the edging to draw the borders, and then perform the care with a typewriter.
  3. Haircut with the old method… It is recommended to cut a full beard with sharp scissors under a comb. This is necessary when it is necessary to shorten the length of the vegetation. The comb is set at the desired level and excess hairs are removed along its line.
  4. the washing up… It is better to carry out hygiene measures once every 1 days, while you need to use special means. Shampoo or beard soap will work. After washing, you can rub a few drops of scented oil into the bristles and distribute well over the entire vegetation area.
  5. Drying… If you do not dry your beard and go outside into the cold, then the upper layer of the epidermis at the roots of the hairs will begin to freeze. Before going out, be sure to use a hairdryer to dry.
  6. color (if necessary). If a guy has early graying of hair genetically, but wants to wear a beard, there is a way out. Many dyes are now offered that perfectly hide gray hair. Some men do not like their natural color and prefer to change the shade.
  7. The mustache should also be in order.… A full beard is necessarily combined with a mustache, which must be looked after. Clippers with clippers help a lot. Better to buy small scissors and an edging trimmer.
  8. Add brutality… Sometimes it is allowed to forget about leaving for a short period of time and let the beard stay disheveled. This gives masculinity, but it is not worth delaying the process.

A full beard suits every man — it adds courage, makes the appearance serious and stylish. It will take at least 5 months to grow such a beard, and then the daily grooming process will follow. If such difficulties do not frighten you, you can safely start the experiment and start growing this fashionable accessory on your face.

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