Electric shavers with bristle length adjustment: why are they better than others?

The fashion for a beard has swept almost the whole world, or rather its strong half of society. Today, many men prefer to wear a long and thick beard of a certain shape and thickness. Experts only note that in this image it is important not to overload the face with vegetation, so the shape of the beard must be regularly trimmed and cut off the excess length.

A high-quality electric shaver with adjustable bristle length will allow you to quickly and easily cut your beard to the desired length, without cutting off the excess. To achieve this, experts have created trimmers and machines with different nozzles, thanks to which the hairs are cut to a certain level. Thanks to a machine, you can get a three-day stubble or even a full beard of medium and maximum length.

Benefits of an adjustable bristle razor

Initially, electrical appliances were intended for those men who do not tolerate contact with sharp blades of machine tools and razors, suffering from severe irritation, inflammation, and even contact dermatitis. After some time, the developers created other versions of electric shavers already with nozzles, thanks to which the device can both cut hairs to zero and leave bristles of a certain length.

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An adjustable bristle razor has the following benefits:

  • easily cuts hairs, even of increased density and rigidity;
  • the device has nozzles of different lengths for a wide choice of men;
  • during a haircut, the device can perfectly trim the overgrown bristles;
  • can be used for modeling, cutting, trimming and shaving the beard;
  • is a compact and multifunctional electrical appliance for men;
  • does not require the use of cosmetics and preparatory procedures;
  • do not leave irritation, dryness of the skin, does not injure it;
  • copes even with hard-to-reach places;
  • ergonomic and visually aesthetic device.
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An electric razor can be used by a man both periodically and on an ongoing basis. Most often, such razors involve several nozzles in the kit at once to obtain different results, including complete shaving of hairs to zero.

Mode of application

It is necessary to use such a device for cutting a beard and mustache to the desired level according to the same principle as a trimmer or clipper. Namely:

  • according to the instructions on the device, you need to install the necessary nozzle;
  • before cutting, the beard and mustache should be washed with soap so that the hairs become stiffer and easier to shave;
  • hair should be allowed to dry naturally;
  • to begin with, the beard and mustache are combed with a comb;
  • then, thanks to an electric razor, they begin to cut off excess hairs from the temples to the cheeks;
  • after that, they go to the chin area;
  • now cut the hair on the neck;
  • at the end, you need to cut the hairs on your mustache, moving the device from the center of the mustache in different directions.

After completing the actions, the beard must be combed with a comb and, thanks to scissors, cut off the protruding hairs. The device is cleaned of hairs, as required by this model and manufacturer. In addition, modern models are created with an automatic self-cleaning function.

Browse popular models

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To date, manufacturers of shaving appliances and tools have increasingly begun to produce upgraded and improved versions. If we consider only those electric shavers that allow you to adjust the length of the bristles, the following brands are worthy representatives of such devices:

  1. Braun CruZer6 Face is a well-known brand of foil shaver that can be washed under running water thanks to its waterproof housing. You can use the razor for dry and wet haircuts, and the device works both from the mains and from the battery. Nozzles are supposed to be of different lengths, namely 1,2; 2,8; 4,4; 6 mm.
  2. Philips S5110 — this razor can also be considered as a device with bristle length adjustment, as it comes with a trimmer with nozzles in the form of a separate cutting, removable head. The device can process a large area at once, getting the effect of a small bristle. Moreover, the trimmer can handle not only the beard, but also sideburns and mustaches.
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Of course, this is not the whole list of models and brands of electric shavers that allow a man not only to shave off his beard, but also to leave stubble of different lengths. This is just a list of the best-selling models, according to a rating from experts.


A quality adjustable bristle electric shaver is a compact, mobile and ergonomic device with a list of functions for cutting, shaving, trimming and modeling mustaches, beards and temples. Absolutely any man at home can use such an item, without special skills and practice. Electric shavers offer both wet and dry cutting and can be powered by batteries or mains. Prices for such devices are high, but the characteristics and versatility of electric shavers justify their cost.

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