Electric shaver for men: tips for choosing

Some men prefer to use mesh razors, others rotary, while still others grow a beard at all. One thing is clear: an electric shaver is as much a must-have for a real man as a phone or a car.

Often, representatives of the sterner sex have been using the same razor for several years, and if it is necessary to buy a “new life partner,” they are lost trying to make a difficult choice: which electric shaver is better. Our rating of electric shavers from Russian and foreign manufacturers will help you once and for all solve the issue of buying a suitable model for sensitive or irritated skin, for frequent or rare use.

What to look for when choosing an electric shaver

electric shaver selectionBefore buying a new electric shaver for men, it is enough to decide on the following criteria:

  • Ergonomics of the model: before buying the device, you should hold it in your hands in order to understand how convenient it will be to shave with this particular device.
  • Technical characteristics: a rotary or mesh system is used in the shaver, a trimmer, the number and mobility of shaving heads, the ability to perform wet or dry shaving.
  • The presence of a built-in battery: the battery will allow you to stay well-groomed and tidy even in situations where there is no stable access to electricity.

Naturally, the answer to the question of how to choose a razor may be different for every man. However, the criteria listed above will allow you not to be sprayed and concentrate on the most important parameters.

Wet or dry shave

Modern manufacturers of household appliances do their best to satisfy the needs of their customers, despite their inconsistencies. It is for this reason that electric shavers were created, with various operating capabilities, conditionally they can be divided into two large categories:

  1. Dry shaving models;
  2. Wet electric shaver with the ability to use gel or foam.

The latter option has both advantages and disadvantages. The fact is that, on the one hand, the use of special tools allows you to improve the condition of the bristles and skin and makes the whole process more pleasant and faster. On the other hand, a «wet» electric shaver becomes a dangerous breeding ground for pathogenic microbes and fungi. To reduce the negative factors from the use of such devices will allow regular disinfection, which should be carried out after each use of the device.

Rotary or foil shaver: what to choose

                A-rotor B-mesh

Before buying an electric shaver, you should decide on the type of device — a rotary or mesh system. The technical characteristics and capabilities of the device will depend on this parameter.

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The mesh razors are based on a special combination of a moving knife and a stationary, securely fixed mesh. The knife gently cuts off the hairs that fall into the mesh cells. The vibration mode allows you to grip even long and thick bristles. The main advantage of such models is considered to be small in size, which provide a convenient grip and comfort of use. Many models are equipped with a trimmer that allows you to shave even long beards and mustaches. The mesh is cleared automatically. Depending on the manufacturer, the devices can work not only in dry, but also wet shaving.

In turn, rotary shavers have two or three shaving heads moving in different directions. Each head is self-contained and tilted with respect to the others. Among manufacturers and buyers, such a system is called «floating». Machines of this type are almost always equipped with a trimmer, which allows you to quickly get rid of even a thick beard and three-day stubble.

The advantages of the rotary system are high shaving speed, gentle attitude to the skin, self-sharpening knives, dry and wet shaving, strength and durability. Such razors can be an excellent solution not only for an adult man, but also for a teenager.

Most popular brands

Currently, there are several dozen popular and little-known manufacturers of electric razors for men on the consumer market of our country. However, not every brand is capable of winning the unconditional love of the consumer audience. Among the most popular brands of electric shaver manufacturers are:

Top 10 best electric shavers for men

So, if we are talking about the owner of coarse and thick bristles, the choice of a razor is obvious — he should pay attention to rotary models that cope better with complex tasks and shave cleaner than mesh models. For example, some manufacturers produce rotary electric shavers with adjustable bristle length and trimmer for convenient and comfortable beard care. However, skin contact with knives often causes irritation.

If the buyer, on the contrary, has sensitive skin, soft and thin bristles, then ten sellers out of ten will advise him to buy a mesh machine. It acts gently, slowly but surely to get rid of overgrown stubble. In order to make life easier for the male half of the population and save you from the disappointment of buying, we have compiled our own rating of electric shavers with the best value for money. You can vote for 5 models.

Philips S5550 Series 5000

Delighting consumers with affordable pricing, the Philips S5550 Series 5000 rotary shaver is designed for wet or dry shaving. The ergonomic shaving unit, equipped with three floating heads at once, smoothly follows the contours of the face, minimizing the risk of skin damage. The model is equipped with a trimmer for perfect results. Indicator lights will indicate when the knives are dull or the machine needs cleaning. The possibility of autonomous use for 50 minutes can be a godsend for frequently traveling people.

Braun 7893s Series 7

This mesh model is equipped with three shaving elements at once, which can cope even with thick and long bristles. The manufacturer has provided for the possibility of using the device in both dry and wet modes. The floating heads in combination with the movable shaving unit guarantee maximum comfort and care for all skin types. Also, the device has a battery life of 50 minutes.

Panasonic ES-LV6Q

The men’s Panasonic ES-LV6Q machines are perhaps among the best in their class. The foil shaver is based on five shaving elements at once, which allows you to successfully cope with bristles of any length. The model can be used not only «dry», but together with foam or gel for a cleaner and more gentle shave. The device can operate on a rechargeable battery for 45 minutes, which allows you to take it with you on business trips or on vacation.

Philips S9151 Series 9000

This model of an electric shaver from the Philips trademark shaves cleanly and delicately, invariably delighting its customers with a democratic price tag. The machine allows you to perform not only dry, but also wet shaving. For ease of use, the floating heads exactly follow the contour of the face. Also included is a trimmer attachment. The battery life of the device is about 50 minutes. A unique feature of the Philips S9151 Series 9000 is the built-in SmartClean PLUS technology, which allows you to clean, charge and dry your device at the touch of a button.

Braun 9299s Series 9

Another electric shaver from Braun, which has a number of undeniable advantages. Probably the only reason the 9299s Series 9 is not in high demand among buyers is that the market value of the model is much higher than its peers. The device is equipped with high-precision V-Track Precision blades and a floating head that works in 8 directions at once. The advantage of the shaver is the SmartClick beard trimmer. The manufacturer has provided wet and dry shaving modes, as well as the razor’s autonomous operation for 50 minutes.

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Panasonic ES-LV9N-S820

A mesh electric shaver, which, according to reviews of numerous buyers, is capable of providing an easy and comfortable shave. The device has built-in dry and wet modes, a folding trimmer and a sensor that determines the stiffness of the hairs. The high water resistance of the device is complemented by the self-cleaning and drying functions. The model shaves cleanly and does not provoke the development of irritation, even on sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions.

Philips AT890 AquaTouch

Without a doubt, the Philips brand makes the finest electric shavers in the world. Philips AT890 AquaTouch is deservedly considered one of the best-selling rotary models on the Russian market. The device is equipped with three floating heads at once with Super Lift & Cut blades and the DualPrecision system, which provides a smooth and comfortable shave even with long stubble. A special sealing contour provides reliable protection of the device from water, which makes it possible to use it not only for dry, but also for wet shaving. In stand-alone mode, the device works for 50 minutes.

Panasonic ES-LT2N

The Panasonic ES-LT2N electric shaver is a state-of-the-art device in the premium segment. Perhaps the only drawback of this device was its unreasonably high price. The model is equipped with three blades and a multi-movable 3D head. The floating heads gently outline the contours of the face without leaving damage to the skin. A unique sensor technology is used to determine the thickness and length of the hairs. Another advantage of the device is its power, which reaches 13 cycles per minute. In addition, the device invariably attracts attention with its matte design and ergonomic grip.

Panasonic Es-6003

This budget and easy-care model rightfully complements our list of the best electric shavers for men. It is designed for both wet and dry shaving. Three shaving heads with ultra-sharp blades provide a comfortable shave in all situations.

When compiling the rating, we were guided by customer reviews, technical characteristics and the cost of electric razors of popular brands presented on the shelves of Russian stores. The concept of the best electric shaver for men is relative enough. Since the choice largely depends on the rhythm of life, habits and personal preferences of consumers. For some, a shaver with a minimal set of functions will be ideal, while someone is in search of ultra-modern solutions.

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