Disposable razors: simple, fast and inexpensive

Disposable razors have their own advantages and disadvantages. The products are easy to operate and have a low cost.

Benefits and features of using a disposable razor

The advantages and disadvantages of disposable machines are listed in the corresponding table.

Pluses of devices Disadvantages of products
  • when using products, you do not need to make special efforts;
  • the price of the corresponding goods is quite democratic;
  • machines do not need to be oiled or sharpened regularly
  • instrument blades dull quickly;
  • disposable razors can injure the skin

Note! The representative of the stronger sex needs to choose high-quality models of products. Disposable machines should shave off hairs, not forcefully pull them out.

There are many types of razors. There are disposable devices with replaceable cartridges. These products have a movable head. The disposable handy razor easily adjusts to each face area.

The disposable T-razor is safe to use. Devices can have different head shapes:

  • with a straight cut;
  • with an oblique cut;
  • with an open cut.

t shapedDisposable T-Shaped Straight Cut Razor ideal for daily use. A knurled head is great for shaving several times a week. Such disposable machines perfectly separate and shave hair easily. Such models do an excellent job even with thick bristles.

Disposable Bevel Cutting Machines… Such devices quickly penetrate the hair root, cutting it off. The disadvantage of such disposable machines is that after using them, wounds can remain on the skin.


The prices for disposable machines are varied. The cost of the corresponding products varies from 30 to 300 rubles.

The price of a disposable machine depends on the following parameters:

  • the presence of removable blades;
  • type of razor;
  • the product has additional functions.

Care and maintenance

The disposable machine needs careful maintenance. After use, the product is washed with water. It is not recommended to leave the disposable machine in a wet place. Otherwise, the blade may rust. After each use, a disposable razor is treated with alcohol. This is necessary in order to disinfect the instrument. A disposable razor is recommended to be oiled regularly.

Shaving quality with a disposable razor

The quality of your shave depends on the following:

  • blade shape;
  • type of machine;
  • product shape.

Disposable machines are designed for one-time use. For permanent use, you should purchase more expensive and practical products.

To improve the quality of your shave, you should use creams that moisturize and soothe the skin. Products with aloe vera and shea butter have a pleasant spicy aroma. Such creams perfectly moisturize the skin after shaving. Products containing shea butter enrich the skin with unsaturated fatty acids. The creams are perfectly absorbed, keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day. Shea butter protects against the negative effects of environmental factors. It helps to increase the elasticity of the skin and slow down the aging process. Shea butter, which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, contains vitamins A and D, which are necessary for the natural protection of the skin.

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After a man has used a disposable shaving machine, Aspirin can be used. The medicine prevents the appearance of red spots after facial hair removal. To prepare the product, you need to crush 4 Aspirin tablets to a powder consistency. The resulting mass is dissolved in a small amount of water. The finished mixture is gently applied to the face with massaging movements. The product must be left on the skin until it dries completely. After that, it is washed off with a sufficient amount of warm water.

How to make the right choice?

It is worth explaining which shaving machine is better to choose. It is recommended to give preference to products with platinum blades. Also popular with buyers are machines equipped with moving heads. After using these devices, no irritation remains on the face. Disposable machines with counter-rotating blades help avoid cuts.

How to make the right choice

It is recommended to give preference to products with platinum blades.

Before choosing a specific product model, you need to consider the following factors:

  • skin type… There are special models for sensitive skin. These razors provide a gentle shave and gentle facial care after removing unwanted hair;
  • age… If a young man is just starting to shave, he should buy a floating head machine. These products help you quickly hone your shaving technique. Ideally, there should be 1-2 blades in a cassette. Otherwise, a young man just starting to shave can cut his skin. It is recommended for young representatives of the stronger sex to purchase a model with a built-in trimmer. A disposable razor is not the best choice for your first shave. Products equipped with a built-in trimmer can also be used for styling a beard or mustache. For example, the Schick Quattro Titanium Sensitive model comes with 2 blade cassettes and a comfortable stand. Each cassette is equipped with 4 diamond-coated titanium blades. This design of the disposable machine prevents cuts. The model has a trimmer blade that allows you to create well-defined lines when shaping the beard. The special strip of Schick Quattro Titanium Sensitive is impregnated with a gel with a soothing effect. Schick Quattro Titanium Precision has 4 titanium blades and a special protective mesh. This allows the young man to shave gently. A razor strip is saturated with agave juice and jojoba oil. The Schick Quattro Titanium Precision has a small trimmer.
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It is worth noting that the best and most popular disposable razors are products that have additional functions. The most famous firms to look out for are:

The main features possessed by disposable razors from various manufacturers are listed in the corresponding table.

Manufacturer Distinctive features of the device
Gillette The shavers are equipped with a moving head that adjusts to the precise movement of the hand. The machine has an indicator strip that indicates the need to replace the blade. Gillette razors do not cause redness on the skin. Thanks to the presence of anti-friction blades, the devices are easy to use. The only significant drawback of the products is the relatively high cost.
Schick The razors are equipped with three blades. The mechanism has a rubber handle. The damp strip of the device is impregnated with aloe vera, which nourishes the skin with nutrients. The medicinal plant is distinguished by wound healing, moisturizing properties. Aloe Vera activates the tissue repair process. The medicinal plant has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. Moisture strip with aloe vera provides a smooth glide of the razor for easier hair removal
«Bic» The company manufactures high quality and inexpensive razors. The products of this company can be used by men with sensitive skin. The movement has one blade made of high quality steel. Thanks to the special shape of the blade, the disposable machine perfectly adapts to the characteristics of the man’s skin. A significant drawback of this company’s razors is that they are often counterfeited. Low-quality blades that try to pass off as Bic products quickly become dull

Top 8 best disposable machines

The following products can be included in the rating of disposable shaving machines (you can give up to 5 votes for your favorite machines):

Bic metal

Bic Metal shavers come in convenient packs of 5 or 10. Appliances equipped with stainless steel blades have a metal strip on top. Bic Metal helps shave off tough stubble. Due to its compact size, the product can be taken with you on a trip. The razor handle is made of plastic. The device is equipped with a fixed head. The advantages of Bic Metal are: special head design, low cost. The disadvantage of a disposable machine is the presence of too sharp blades that can injure the skin if used ineptly.


The DORCO TG708N is an inexpensive disposable razor with 2 blades and a dampening strip. The main advantage of the product is the presence of a fixed shaving head with a convenient level of inclination. The special strip soaked in aloe vera protects the skin from irritation. The blades of the product are made of high quality medical steel. DORCO TG708N blades are platinum chrome plated.

Sensor Excel by Gillette

Gillette’s Sensor Excel has a specially coated shaving surface to remove even fine hairs. The blades of the device remain sharp for a long time. The tip is attached using microsprings that can adapt to the individual characteristics of the skin. The Sensor Excel has five flexible micro-ridges. Thanks to the sharp blade, the razor quickly removes hair in hard-to-reach areas. Gillette’s Sensor Excel shaves hair with one smooth touch. The lubricating strip of the machine helps the plates to glide well, which reduces the likelihood of irritation.

Bic Astor Sensitive

Bic Astor Sensitive is a 2-blade system designed for sensitive skin. Arko Men System3 set includes 4 machines. The disposable device ensures perfect skin smoothness. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, the machine is easy to handle. It provides tight contact with the skin. The head, on which there are floating plates, perfectly follows the contours of the face. Bic Astor Sensitive blades are easy to clean.

Blade pivot plus

Blade Pivot Plus features a floating head to prevent cuts. The blades are chrome-plated. Blade Pivot Plus Moisture Strip prevents skin irritation. The product includes 5 shavers. The razor is able to follow the contours of the face.

Kai-Razor with 5

The Kai-Razor is designed with 5 double coated titanium blades. The model is manufactured using a special super-strong blade technology. Two strips with aloe vera extract are designed for a soft glide of the razor. The comfortable Kai-Razor grip is made of rubber to follow the curves of your palm.

Schick Extra 2 Orange is a machine with two convenient blades. The set from the German company contains 5 high quality disposable devices. Schick Extra 2 Orange are triple coated. The device has a special blade cleaning system. The shaver has aloe vera lube strip. The device glides easily over the skin, adhering to it tightly. After the procedure, it is recommended to thoroughly rinse the product under running water.

When choosing a razor, you need to focus on the individual characteristics of the skin. If the device is purchased for shaving a beard or mustache, you should prefer disposable razors to more durable models equipped with a trimmer.

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