Curled mustache: growing, cutting, grooming

The fashion for different hairstyles has changed at all times. Over the past centuries, Russian men have managed to return to mustache from long beards through a clean-shaven face. The curled mustache deserves attention. When they are back in fashion, what they are, how to grow them properly and provide care, including styling, haircuts — all this will be covered in the material in question.

How did the fashion for a curled mustache come about?

The presence of a mustache and a beard in a male representative has always depended on the social environment. So, in the 14-15 centuries. Young men and stately men strove to shave off all excess vegetation from their faces and to be «forever young.» By the 16th century, the mustache was already back in vogue and was worn in combination with a beard. And after a short period of time and until the middle of the 19th century, the chins again became smooth, as did the space above the upper lip.

The fashion for this style attribute has always been cyclical. She was associated with the unequal male ideals that prevailed at one point or another in our history. And when masculinity became fashionable, everyone immediately remembered the beard and mustache.

Despite the trends and fashion trends, men continued to wear hair in the facial area. And over time, they learned how to twist them in the style of handlebar to give the image even more extravagance.

When World War II ended, not only the political apparatus around the world changed, but also fashionable rules. It was at this time that the «brush» mustache began to lose ground, and new models came to replace them. The greatest popularity went to the antennae, which were shaped like arcs with curled tips, looking up.

Jimmy Edwards is considered to be a legitimate innovator in this direction. This is an actor from Great Britain who was a pilot in the past. In 1947, it was he who became the founder of the twisted mustache party. As a result, his activity was reborn into a whole community, which functions and develops to the present day. However, no one wears beards in his club, since they were strictly prohibited.

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What a curled mustache looks like

In view of the similarity of this «hairstyle» on the face with the handlebars of a bicycle, it was named handlebar (from English). The mustache is excessively thick, with tips that are strongly curled and directed upwards. As for the length of the brush, in this case it does not play any role and can be short or elongated. The main feature is that the tips are lifted with twisting movements, creating a special shape.

Due to the ability of this hairstyle to smooth out facial shapes, it is ideal for those with square features. The model was popular in the Wild West in the 19th century. She deserved special attention in the cinema. The barbel actors fell in love with the audience, because they got the most interesting roles, and they looked stunning.

How to make Handlebar

To curl a mustache and style it into a hairstyle correctly, you must follow a certain algorithm of actions.

How to make Handlebar
Handlebar mustache makes you look stunning.
  1. You need to take a trimmer and use it to trim the lower edge of the mustache in the center, that is, at the level of the lip. The average height of the strip is from 0,5 to 1 cm. At this stage, you cannot touch the tips, you require starting them later.
  2. Next, the outer borders of the mustache are aligned.
  3. If necessary, it is permissible to divide the vegetation into two parts in half. This is done using wax or a comb. If the hair is not obedient, the event is carried out with a straight razor.
  4. The styling is done with wax. A small portion of the substance is heated with the fingers and applied to the mustache using one of two options: either starting at the tips of the mustache and then twisting and moving to the middle, or by evenly distributing it.
  5. If your hair is manageable, you can apply mousse for styling purposes, applying it using a special technique. The method is relevant due to the preservation of the softness of the mustache and their acquisition of a luxurious shape.
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In order for the result of your work to be fixed, you need to comb the resulting structure using a comb equipped with rare teeth or a special brush. To keep the effect for a long time, dry the bristles, choosing a medium temperature regime, but there is no need to abuse this method, since the hot air causes irreparable harm to the hair.

A life hack for quickly getting a curled mustache as a daily workout!

Simply wet your mustache with warm water and then pat dry with a towel. Train your fingers in a difficult twisting process with the tips pointing up. Such movements are repeated until the mustache dries.

Growth period

Bicycle handlebar whiskers can be of variable length. If you have made a firm decision to grow a stylish mustache that will form your ideal look, you require approaching this step carefully, since it takes a lot of time.

It will be possible to fully twist a short mustache after 2-3 weeks of time. If you want to become the happy owner of a long mustache, you will have to wait a longer time, at least twice. Please note that the growth rate of facial hair is not the same for all men. Therefore, someone can grow a long «head of hair» in a couple of weeks, and someone will have to wait more than a month for a short stubble.

Men want to know the secret: how to make the mustache grow quickly and efficiently. In fact, there is no secret here. The fact is that if you want to make a mustache your true pride by starting to grow it, you should just throw out the razor for a few weeks and not touch what has grown on it.

Of course, if the goal is a mustache without a beard, you can periodically get rid of the latter by shaving it off, and simultaneously twisting the antennae as a workout. The length of the mustache is mainly limited by your fantasies and preferences. Therefore, when they reach the appropriate length of 1,5-2 cm, it is necessary to start the smoothing process, doing it from the center to the sides, going down and up in turn.

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A haircut

In order for the whiskers to always look stylish and emphasize the advantages of your appearance, it is necessary to provide competent care for them, maintaining their shape and maintaining the optimal length. Here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure that your sexy upper lip is properly cared for:

  • it is necessary to carry out laying measures daily (for this, water with mousse or wax should be used);
  • the middle part, which will constantly grow back, must either not be cut off at all (and then you need to work on the divergence to the sides), or carefully cut along the lip level (the volume of the middle part should not suffer much);
  • the ends must be straightened from time to time due to hair growth at an uneven rate (if this rule is neglected, the hair will look unkempt).

To learn useful skills, owners of such luxuries as handlebar mustaches need to visit barbershops. And in a specialized store you can buy shampoo, mustache wax, a small comb with rare teeth and much more, which is necessary for high-quality care of the hair on the face.

It is also advisable to trust a haircut to a guru, but if you decide to try yourself as a stylist, you need to adhere to the following rules:

  • the tips require thinning to give a neat appearance;
  • before a haircut, thorough combing and arrangement is carried out according to the principle «as you want»;
  • after that, the hair can be cut, but in a dry form (a similar rule applies to the beard, otherwise growth will be slowed down, and the structure of the hairs will be damaged);
  • for a haircut, a trimmer is used (first, the desired shape is given, and the contour is created, and then the excess and unnecessary is eliminated).

Thus, making a mustache is not so difficult if you act wisely and follow the recommendations given. Your appearance will become stunning, and your popularity among the representatives of the opposite sex will increase.

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