Choosing the right shaving gel

It is difficult to imagine the process of shaving without foam, gel or cream — even those men who do not like to spend time and money on personal care use them. Many people have to shave every day, so the skin for such a procedure must be properly prepared and protected from irritation after it. For this purpose, shaving products are created, differing in composition, texture and capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers. But in order to choose the right shaving foam or gel, you need to understand their advantages and disadvantages, navigate the brands on the market and know the characteristics of your skin and care for it.

To get a clean-shaven skin and at the same time protect it as much as possible during the procedure, it is necessary to correctly approach the choice of a product.

Benefits of using shaving products

For many years, older men have used soap when shaving, which in fact is absolutely not suitable for this. It does not foam well enough, so the machine does not slip on the skin, but scratches it, leaving behind a feeling of dryness and burning. Some even manage to shave without any “helpers” at all, cutting off the top layer of the skin along with the hairs. This is a direct path to severe irritation, inflammation of the hair follicles and hyperpigmentation of the skin. Fortunately, such vestiges are becoming less common, and the question of why you need shaving foam is losing relevance.

But in order to dot the “i’s” once and for all, it’s better to figure out what exactly are the benefits of gels, creams and shaving foams:

  1. Moisturizing. The bristles on the face are barbed and tough, like wire, and the older a man gets, the more noticeable it is. But the skin still remains soft and sensitive, which means that removing all hairs without damaging it is a difficult task. Using a shaving gel or foam, the stubble can be moistened to the point that cutting it requires minimal effort — the more comfortable the process, the better the skin will feel after daily contact with the blade.
  2. Lubrication. A shaving gel or cream makes it easy to remove stubble while protecting against extremely unpleasant effects such as scratches, irritation and redness. This is important for those with sensitive skin and prone to breakouts — a thin protective layer, which is created by the cosmetic product, allows men to remain attractive and take care of their health.
  3. Control over the process. This plus from using shaving cream or foam is so obvious that it is rarely thought about. But it is with their help that you can easily understand which areas have already been processed, and which ones have yet to meet with the blade. That is, the shave will be of good quality, and you will not have to start over.
  4. Refreshing and softening. We are talking about the condition of the skin after shaving — using men’s cosmetics, it can be made beautiful and pleasant to the touch, and a light aroma that will last all day will be a good addition to the scent of a perfume or deodorant.

Obviously, painless hair removal without special cosmetics is a difficult task, but it is no less difficult to figure out which is better to buy — a gel, foam or shaving cream, so that they ideally fit the skin type and leave behind a feeling of freshness and comfort.

Which is better: foam, cream or shaving gel

You can choose the best shaving product only by studying in detail what kind of men’s cosmetics are on the market, and what is the fundamental difference between these or those products. If we talk about the benefits of shaving foam, then it is not for nothing that it is considered one of the most popular products of this kind. Due to its airy texture, it is easily applied to the skin, absorbs quickly and softens the bristles well, and the presence of a dispenser button on the foam bottles makes it easier to squeeze out and allows you to economically use the product.

The smell of cosmetics can be chosen according to your preferences, and the presence of natural oils in its composition with daily use will significantly improve the condition of the skin. In addition, it often contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic components that protect against irritation and rashes.

Which is better: foam, cream or shaving gel

Every man most often, through trial and error, determines for himself what is best for his skin type and reaction to shaving with sharp blades.

The product is applied to both dry and damp skin, which means that a man gets the opportunity to independently choose how it is more convenient for him to shave. The remaining foam is easily washed off with clean water, leaving behind a feeling of softness and freshness.

However, shaving foam also has drawbacks: after application, its density quickly decreases, so it is impossible to hesitate in removing the bristles, and low-quality products may contain a mineral mass — a product of oil refining — a component, if not harmful, then certainly not particularly useful. In addition, when deciding what to use — gel or shaving foam — you need to take into account that the latter is more suitable for young guys, adolescents or men with soft bristles.

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Shaving cream is often considered a cosmetic from the past, but for people with unassuming skin, it works well. The cream nourishes the skin well and spreads easily over it, but men who decide to buy such a product quickly wonder whether to use a shaving brush while shaving? Unfortunately, without it, it will not be possible to apply the cream on the face, which means that this cosmetic product can hardly be called convenient. In addition, the cream does not provide a perfect glide of the blade on the skin, so inexperienced «users» often get scratches and cuts. But it also has an undoubted plus — an acceptable cost, which is pleasantly reflected in the thickness of the wallet.

On the other hand, those who like to save money among all men’s shaving products prefer to give preference to gel — its price is higher than that of other similar products, but it is also consumed much more slowly. In its consistency, it resembles jelly, so it is more difficult to apply than other products — the cream will have to foam on the face, spending time on this. For hard bristles and oily skin, the gel is best suited — it cleans well, tones up and makes the hairs softer, due to which the blade glides smoothly without leaving behind irritation and cuts.

And small scratches are dealt with by the silicone and herbal extracts contained in the gel — they reduce inflammation and promote quick healing. However, men with dry skin need to be careful when buying shaving gel — the acids and alcohol contained in many products leave behind unpleasant sensations.

Top 10 Best Shaving Products Manufacturers

Having decided what is better to buy — foam, gel or shaving cream — you need to understand the brands on the market, finding out which of them have earned the trust of men. Among the popular manufacturers of shaving products, deserve attention:


It is the leader of the Russian market, whose products combine two significant advantages: quality and reasonable cost. An extensive line of cosmetic products meets the needs of the most demanding customers — Gillette products are well applied to the skin, provide a close shave and gentle care after it. In addition, the stylish packaging makes them a great gift that any man will appreciate.


An American-made product suitable for men with all skin types. The emollient ingredients — lanolin and aloe vera — provide care, hydration and protection against microtrauma, while menthol cools and tones, leaving a feeling of freshness for a long time.


The cosmetics produced under this trade mark, thanks to the German quality, are suitable for any skin, including sensitive and prone to allergic reactions. They are easy to apply to the face, moisturize well and minimize cuts and scrapes.


Shaving foam from this brand has a dense consistency — it thickens the face, providing convenient and safe removal of stubble. It contains vegetable oils for moisturizing and menthol for freshness and protection from reddening of the skin.


Cliven products soften even coarse hairs, which means they are suitable for men with dark and thick bristles. The result exceeds expectations — the skin is healthy, soft and without the slightest signs of irritation.


The cosmetics of this brand are world-famous, and for good reason: they soften and nourish the skin of the face, so that after shaving there is no feeling of dryness and tightness. L’Oreal products are hypoallergenic and do not contain alcohol, so shaving is not associated with discomfort and burning in men who prefer it.


Shaving gels and foams produced under this brand are in constant demand not only because of their quality — the price of these products can be safely called low. Arko products are easy to apply and provide comfortable hair removal, but are not suitable for men with sensitive skin, so choose the product with care, carefully studying the information on the bottle.


The products of this brand are developed according to a special formula that provides perfect glide, and therefore, removal of stubble without irritation and rashes. After applying the skin, the skin remains fresh and healthy — Figaro shaving foam unclogs pores and prevents micro-cuts.


Gibbs products are a prime example of quality and low cost. Cosmetics made under this brand are suitable even for men with sensitive skin, providing them with easy hair removal.


Men’s cosmetics of Russian production with a cooling effect and a special protective formula for delicate and sensitive skin.

Of course, every man should find his best shaving product that suits his needs, but focusing on the preferences of most buyers, making the right choice is much easier.

The best shaving gels

Shaving gel remains one of the best beauty products for men to remove stubble safely and cleanly. It is consumed slowly, does not dry out the skin, does not cause irritation, breakouts, and promotes healing of minor scratches. In addition, it is slightly more transparent than foam, so it is easier to see the un-shaved areas under it, does not contain soap and a large amount of oils, which means it is suitable for men with both dry and oily skin.

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The best shaving gels include:

Gilette Fusion Gel is a good choice

Gillette Fusion Gel is a good choice

  1. Gillette fusion… The product was originally created for use with the razor of the same name, but quickly earned recognition among the owners of all possible machines, including those released by competing firms. The product lathers well, is easily applied to the skin and is evenly distributed, allowing the blade to glide perfectly over it. The gel is thick, which means that you need a little of it to shave, and the purchase will not greatly affect the state of the wallet. Thanks to natural ingredients, primarily aloe vera extract, the skin after using Gillette Fusion gel remains fresh, hydrated and without a hint of irritation for a long time.
  2. Nivea classic shaving gel… Fully meets the needs of all skin types, can be easily applied to the face, and thanks to its translucency makes it easy to remove bristles. Has a moderate moisturizing effect — on dry skin after it there is no feeling of tightness and burning, and the oily one keeps freshness for the whole day. In addition, the classic Nivea gel contains a multivitamin complex, which, with daily use, improves the condition of the facial skin as a whole.
  3. Nivea for men Sensitive… Men who prefer this gel note how easily it turns into a pleasant-tactile lather. It makes shaving quick and comfortable, even for sensitive skin.

However, these tools have their drawbacks. For example, if the gel does not foam well, it sometimes drips off the face while shaving, and the transparency, which in some cases plays into the hands, in others can complicate the situation. Men who are not accustomed to using gel can find it difficult to see underneath which areas of the skin they have already treated with a razor, and which are still covered with stubble, so shaving can take a long time and provoke irritation.

Best Shaving Foam

In order not to make the mistake of buying shaving foam, it is important to study in detail the products on the market today. High quality cosmetics have an airy structure, natural composition, safe even for the most demanding skin, and easy to use. It can be used without additional accessories in the form of a shaving brush, and the dispensers with which the foam bottles are equipped make its consumption economical, especially since the average price for such products is already quite low.

Best Shaving Foam

First of all, you need to pay attention to the composition of the foam.

When choosing the best shaving foam, first of all, you should pay attention to the following products:

  1. Gillette Classic Clean… Its main advantage is the ratio of cost and quality, which will not leave indifferent any buyer. Suitable for all skin types, easy to use, evenly applied and leaves behind a feeling of freshness and a pleasant, long-lasting scent. The foam is slow to release and provides stubble removal without discomfort or burning, allowing the blade to gently touch the skin without damaging it.
  2. Nivea for men Shaving Foam… Foam with enhanced moisturizing effect, containing vitamins and aloe vera. Thanks to its dense texture, it evenly spreads over the skin surface and provides a gentle shave, avoiding cuts. The active ingredients included in its composition cope with even the toughest and thickest bristles, making their removal clean and soft.
  3. L’Oreal Paris Men Expert… For someone who has never used it, French shaving foam may seem unreasonably expensive, but its price is quite justified — the product is suitable for men with any type of skin, including sensitive, prone to redness and rashes. It does not contain alcohol, so even daily hair removal does not dry out the skin and does not leave behind discomfort and burning.
  4. Arko Men Foam Comfort… It is popular with men due to the opportunity to get decent quality at a low price. It is easy to apply and provides comfortable bristle removal, but careless handling of the machine can leave micro-scratches on the skin — Arko products are slightly inferior in safety level to high-quality shaving gels.

Among the disadvantages of such products is the risk of overdrying sensitive skin and purchasing a product containing preservatives, if you do not pay enough attention to the information on the composition of the foam on the bottle.

Varieties of the most popular creams

Creams for removing stubble are gradually losing their relevance, giving way to more modern means — foams and gels, which provide the blade with perfect glide and are applied without a brush. But they are still used by many men who are wondering: which shaving cream is better to buy so that it meets all expectations? In addition to price, the quality of the product and its effect on sensitive skin prone to irritation and dryness are important. With this in mind, the baskets of experienced shoppers most often end up with:

  1. Nivea moisturizing… Its name speaks for itself — the use of the cream allows you to avoid unpleasant burning sensation after removing the bristles, which occurs if low-quality components in the shaving product dry out the skin. It contains aloe extract and a complex of vitamins and minerals that moisturize, nourish and protect it.

    One of the shaving cream options

    One of the shaving cream options

  2. Arko cool… Beard cream combining low cost and good quality. It has a pleasant scent, spreads over the skin without any problems even without a shaving brush and cools it after shaving. Compared to other similar products, it provides fairly comfortable stubble removal, therefore it is popular with men whose skin is not prone to irritation.
  3. Arko Sensitive… Differs in a favorable price and is suitable for sensitive skin — aloe extract and lavender oil moisturize and soothe it, eliminating the discomfort and burning sensation that often occur after shaving. Arko cream easily whips into an airy foam, and its pleasant aroma stays on the skin all day long.
  4. Proraso (line «Protection and moisturizing»)… It copes well with stiff bristles, has softening and healing properties. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, it heals and improves the appearance of the skin, as well as has an anti-inflammatory effect. Lathers easily in the bowl or on the face, spreads evenly over the skin and ensures safe stubble removal.
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Obviously, a properly selected cream is not much inferior in quality to other means for removing stubble, and the low cost of this product more than compensates for the need to use a shaving brush to apply it on the face. But there is an important nuance — it is better not to save on the tool itself, and to purchase a quality product with badger or squirrel hair, otherwise even buying the best shaving cream will not save the situation.

How to use

When choosing the right product, you need to carefully figure out how to use shaving gel or apply lather to get really comfortable stubble removal. The main thing is to remember that even after buying the most expensive and popular product, you still have to properly prepare the skin for shaving, otherwise you can not hope for a good result. To soften the hairs and make them easier to remove, a couple of minutes before applying the foam or gel, you need to wash with warm water, or even better with a moisturizing soap.

You can also shave after a shower — the stubble will steam out and it will be easier to succumb to the blade. In salons, hot towels are often used for this purpose — it is enough to cover your face with a warm cloth for a short time, so that later you can easily cope with even the toughest hair.

Apply the foam as shown in the picture, the same with the gel

The answer to the question of how to properly apply shaving product depends on what exactly you plan to use — gel, cream or foam? The gel needs to be squeezed onto the hand, lightly lather, rubbing between the palms, and then lubricate the skin covered with unwanted hairs. The situation with the cream is more complicated — it will not be possible to evenly distribute it without a shaving brush, so you will have to stock up on a high-quality tool in advance.

A little cream needs to be squeezed into a bowl, lather and treat the skin with a shaving brush. The easiest way to apply shaving foam is that a ready-to-use product immediately appears from the dispenser button, which any bottle with this product is equipped with, so they just have to cover the bristles.

Thus, it is undesirable to use :)

Thus, it is undesirable to use 🙂

After finishing shaving, the cosmetic product must be thoroughly washed off with cold water — it will refresh the skin and stop bleeding from micro-cuts, if you cannot do without them. A face scrub, preferably with tea tree oil, will help to consolidate the result, which removes the exfoliated scales of dead skin and prevents acne. After that, it is enough to get your face wet with a napkin — from contact with a hard towel, irritation will only intensify.

And another important question: how to properly use aftershave gel to moisturize and soothe your skin? It is applied to the face immediately after washing, otherwise it will be difficult to cope with dryness and burning. The main thing is that it should not contain alcohol — from it, the especially affected areas will literally begin to burn with fire.

What can be done at home

Of course, buying a ready-made cosmetic product is the easiest way, but those who like to save money can prepare shaving foam with their own hands, which is not much inferior in quality to recognized brands. You can use a simple recipe, making it from toilet soap, or spend a little more time and get creative by adding vegetable oils and fragrances as additional components. In the first case, it is important to find a suitable shaving brush, for example, made of badger pile, and then simply immerse it in water for a couple of minutes, shake it and sweep it over the soap. What remains on the villi must be transferred to a bowl, repeating these steps until enough foam has accumulated, and then adjust the density by adding a few drops of water.


If cho, you can just use regular soap.

But for real skin care, DIY shaving foam is best done using soap only as a base. It needs to be grated and heated in a steam bath. The next step is to pour in 100 grams of water or an herbal decoction such as chamomile to reduce irritation and redness of the skin. When the soap dissolves, add ½ teaspoon of peach or almond oil (you can even castor or olive oil), 1 teaspoon of glycerin, 1-2 drops of vitamin E and the same amount of essential oil with your favorite aroma to the mixture. By the way, there is no need to rush with the last ingredient — the mass must cool, otherwise the essential oil will evaporate under the influence of temperature. After that, all that remains is to whisk the foam thoroughly and transfer it to a convenient container with a lid.

It is important to understand that in practice, the best shaving products are not always the most expensive and advertised — the main thing is that its components are of high quality and natural, and the final product provides comfortable bristle removal, regardless of skin type and hair density.

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