Choosing the perfect beard oil

Facial hair is a man’s pride, especially if it is thick, shiny, well-groomed. But not every representative of the strong half of humanity can boast of a beautiful stubble that nature gave him. In some people, it practically does not grow, in others it grows slowly and unevenly. But this state of affairs is not a reason for refusing to achieve the desired. The oil for the beard comes to the rescue, which will make it sleek and beautiful even at home, regularly taking care of the vegetation and nourishing the skin of the face.

How does oil work

To understand why beard oils are needed, consider the effects they have on your stubble. The value of hair oils is determined by their rich composition. They contain fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A, E, B.

action of beard oilThey have several types of effects on the hair of male vegetation at once:

  • nourish the roots;
  • soothe, soften, moisturize hair and facial skin;
  • increase the pigmentation of the mustache and beard;
  • awaken follicles;
  • microcracks heal;
  • accelerate the regeneration of skin cells;
  • saturate the hair with nutrients;
  • give a pleasant aroma;
  • improve mustache and beard growth, make them attractive, adding healthy shine and grooming.

An oil film envelops each hair, protecting it from the aggressive action of ultraviolet radiation, preventing the hairs from drying out and fluffing. Beard oils can be easily found on the market and used both separately and as part of masks, compresses for everyday care. They nourish well, moisturize thin, coarse hair, give them additional strength for growth. Thanks to their daily use, the bristles become slightly darker, fade less, regrowing hairs do not cause discomfort and do not cause itching.

But not all products can be applied to beards and mustaches. It is better to exclude drugs that contain harsh odorants, synthetic components, dyes. These products should not be used by men with sensitive skin, as some oils can cause allergic symptoms.

Types of oils

Oils have a different effect on the hair follicles and the entire hair structure in general. But they are united by the ability to eliminate skin irritation, moisturize it, and stimulate the growth of facial hair.

The most popular oils are:

  1. Burdock… One of the best oils for beard growth, smoothness and shine. The effect is achieved by enhancing blood circulation in the skin of the face. It should be used sparingly, as it is very greasy and can give the bristles an unkempt look.Burr oil
  2. Garir oil (arugula). It is considered the most valuable product in eastern countries. It is squeezed out of arugula seeds and used for rubbing, compresses, making cosmetic products. In Arab countries, the remedy is valued for its ability to awaken frozen follicles. As a result of its influence, they «wake up», new hairs grow, so the bristles become lush, thicker, more beautiful. The product has a soft and light texture, absorbs quickly without leaving an oily sheen and feeling of heaviness, perfect for curly, coarse, thick, dry hairs that cannot be styled.
  3. Olive… Gives shine, silkiness to the beard, eliminates dryness, brittle hair. It becomes easier to care for them.Olive oil
  4. Linen… Stimulates beard growth. When choosing a product, you should carefully read the label and find out that it was produced by cold pressing. Otherwise, during heat and chemical treatment, it loses all its benefits and will not have the expected effect. Contains healthy fatty acids in high concentration, minerals, vitamins that improve the supply of oxygen to skin and hair tissues. It is useful to use it for men who have just started growing stubble. The product relieves irritation, itching, soothes the skin. You can use both a mono-product and as part of masks, combining it with kefir, egg yolk, and other oils.Linseed oil
  5. Castor. Time-tested remedy made from castor bean fruits. Perfectly stimulates the awakening of hair follicles, nourishes hair with keratin. Castor oil contains all the necessary vitamins, trace elements, acids that trigger regeneration processes in the skin and hair, relieve irritation and itching, as well as ricinoleic acid, which has an antibacterial effect, stimulating the growth of new strong hairs.
  6. Coconut… Recommended for dry hair. Penetrates hair shafts, retaining moisture and keratin in them. As a result, they become shiny, flexible, moisturized. A mixture of argan and coconut oils helps get rid of bald spots in the beard, strengthens and thickens thin beard.
  7. Cedar. Suitable for oily hair, has a drying effect. Eliminates inflammation, acne on the face.
  8. Argan oil. Softens bristle hair, makes the chin skin supple and soft. As a result of its use, the hair follicles receive adequate nutrition.Argan oil
  9. Almond… It soothes, relieves skin irritation, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Hair returns elasticity, flexibility, prevents fragility, prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs on the face.
  10. Jojoba. It is a source of essential amino acids for the skin, which stimulate skin nutrition. It is quickly absorbed into skin cells, penetrating deep into the epidermis. Thanks to it, the skin of the beard becomes soft and shiny.
  11. Serpentine… One of the best oils for softening the beard, stimulating its growth, protecting against aggressive UV rays. A distinctive feature is its ability to restore the uniformity of bristle growth. It helps those who have bald spots in their beards. But you need to use such a tool very carefully, it contains components that cause an allergic reaction.

    The best effect is provided by a combination of base oils for beard growth (almond, olive, linseed) with esters (coniferous, citrus, tea tree, jasmine, rosemary). The positive effect on the beard depends on the base of the base oil, and the smell, acceleration of blood flow, depends on the essential component.

Top 10 best remediesIn addition to pure oils, manufacturers of cosmetic products produce special compositions that enhance the value of the base product. The products are supplemented with herbal extracts, fat-soluble vitamins. They are produced in bottles with dispensers, which is very convenient for use.

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You should choose oils for beard growth depending on your hair type and skin on your face. For dry epidermis, it is best to use olive oil. It moisturizes the skin and hair, making them soft and silky. For irritable skin, almond or jojoba squeeze is suitable. It soothes the skin and softens the hairs, preventing them from puckering and frizz. If the beard grows poorly or unevenly, castor oil, squeezing from the seeds of arugula, burdock will help.

With uneven growth of bristles, you should choose products that contain hot pepper or ginger extract. They stimulate local blood circulation, warming up the skin, enhancing the nutrition of the follicles. As a result of this effect, the bristles grow faster, become more uniform and thicker.

If you have a stiff beard that does not fit well, does not comb, puffs up, you should use nourishing and moisturizing agents. They contain additional vitamin complexes, healing components. As a result of the use of shaving oil, supplemented with vitamins, flaking, itching of the skin is eliminated, the beard becomes soft and silky.

Top 6 best beard oils

The following table lists the best (according to numerous reviews of bearded men) hair care products. You can give 3 votes for your favorites.

The bearded man company

Moisturizing, emollient based on wheat germ and hazelnut oil. After applying it, the beard is very easy to comb.

Borodist Premium

A premium product based on jojoba and sweet almond oils. Strengthens and nourishes hair, stimulating hair growth. Moisturizes tough, unruly bristles. Has a pleasant tart odor.

Borodist warming

A preparation for improving the density and density of the beard. It is based on a complex of several natural oils plus hot chilean pepper extract.


It has a warming effect, enhances blood circulation, nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face and hair follicles. Eliminates hair stiffness, dryness. Increases the volume of fine, weak, dull hair. The product contains pomace of soybeans, macadamies, jojoba, sweet almonds, and tropical vanilla extract.

Dr harris

Almond oil in its pure form. Moisturizes the beard, makes it obedient and soft.

You can buy regular beard oils at a pharmacy, professional products — through online pharmacies or manufacturers’ websites.

How to make beard oil

how to make beard oilNot all men know that to improve the condition of their stubble it is not at all necessary to run to the store and spend a lot of money on the purchase of a professional cosmetic product. It is much more convenient to create a recipe for beard oil with your own hands, adjusting to the needs of your own face and beard skin.

Moreover, it will not be difficult. It is necessary to warm up 10-20 ml (depending on the length and thickness of the beard) of the base in a water bath. It can be oil extract of olive, coconut, cedar, almond. And add 3-6 drops of eucalyptus or lavender essential oils to it. Mix everything until smooth and leave to warm up a little more. Remove from the water bath. Everything, the tool can be safely used.

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For dry skin, damaged, unevenly growing beard hair at home, you can prepare a remedy according to the following recipe. Take any oil base, heat it up, add a couple of vitamin E capsules and a few drops of sweet orange extract. Which oil is suitable, the man himself decides, depending on the type of skin and hair.

Apply the mixture to previously washed skin, rubbing gently with massage movements, and distribute the rest over the beard. Cover the bristles with a terry towel and leave for 15 minutes. After the end of the procedure, it is washed with warm water and shampoo.

A homemade recipe will not only save the family budget, but also allow you to experiment, creating your own individual remedy.

Terms of Use

The use of oil masks is recommended even for those men whose beard grows thick and uniform. They are necessary to maintain its sleekness, prevent loss of color, and the appearance of bald spots.

It is necessary to apply natural oils correctly, not pour them, but carefully and evenly distribute them over the hairs. Apply the product to a cleanly washed beard. Otherwise, sebum, dust, particles of hair scales, mixing with oils, not only give the beard an untidy, sloppy look, but also clog the skin pores, hair follicles, preventing oxygen penetration, causing skin inflammation.

how to use beard oil

If there are any injuries, rashes, diseases on the skin, the use of oils should be abandoned.

In order to prevent unkempt appearance, it is not necessary to immediately use a large amount of oil. It is better to apply a small amount of the product, distribute it, blot the beard with a napkin or towel, eliminating the excess.

You should not use several products from different lines at the same time, drugs from different brands may not combine well with each other. In addition, such a combination can have the most negative effect on the skin, causing irritation and the appearance of acne.

Before using beard oils, there are a few rules to remember:

  • mix oil bases only in ceramic or glass containers so that they do not react;
  • before the procedure, the face must be steamed by sitting for 10 minutes over a basin of hot water;
  • it is recommended to apply the product in the amount of a few drops (depending on the length and thickness of the beard) on the hands, rub them a little between the palms and distribute over the hairs of the beard from the hair roots to the ends. For better application, you can use a regular fine-toothed comb or comb;
  • after processing the skin and beard, the lower part of the face is insulated with a terry towel and plastic wrap.

A man who has decided to grow a beard should have several types of oils with different properties in his arsenal of home care products. Before choosing the right mustache care and beard oils for yourself, you need to experiment with their combinations, creating masks, making compresses, you can independently determine a program for the care and health of your beard hair, which will help make it lush, solid and well-groomed.

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