Choosing the best shaving machine

The shaving machine is a very important accessory. With the help of such a device, you can get rid of unwanted facial hair. A shaving razor consists of parts such as a cassette and a handle. On the surface of the cassette, there are blades that are responsible for the shaving quality. The machine makes the skin smooth. The device easily cuts hairs at the base.

Varieties of shaving razors

Reusable Shaving Razors made of quality materials. Such devices are easy to use. These razors are equipped with practical blades, so they can serve a man for many years. In this case, you need to periodically change the cassettes.

Disposable Shaving RazorsDisposable Shaving Razors Is a great budget option. These adaptations are ideal for business trips.

Shaving razors for women are in a separate segment. Such devices are distinguished from products intended for men by the following features:

  • stylish appearance;
  • more gentle touch;
  • availability of additional features.

Some ladies’ shaving machines are equipped with foam pads. Other products have special blades that are perfect for women with sensitive skin.

Men’s shaving razors often have a floating head for sensitive skin. In this case, a representative of the stronger sex needs to pay attention to various factors:

  • sharpness of blades;
  • the presence of diamond dusting;
  • blade thickness;
  • head rotation function.

The classic shaving machines of the popular brands Schick and Gillette have been recognized as the most reliable. Similar products are included in the rating of products from well-known companies.

How to choose

how to choose a shaving machineSafety razors are easy to use. When choosing a product, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Duration of use… Disposable razors for men are relatively cheap. When using appropriate products, representatives of the stronger sex with sensitive skin may experience irritation. The reusable machine for men has a more complex design;
  • Floating head… The presence of such a part allows you to reduce the trauma of shaving. The floating head can be found in both male and female models;
  • Blade direction… For quick removal of unwanted hair, it is recommended to choose products with blades pointing in opposite directions. Male machines of the premium and middle segment fully meet this requirement;
  • Number of blades… Popular single-blade T-shaped razors are not very popular. It is recommended to purchase goods with cutting elements at different levels. Quality T-razors like these help you achieve better results than older models;
  • Products with rubber plates with cream… These men’s shaving razors have a soft slide. The products help to lift the hairs, which is necessary to increase the effectiveness of the procedure;
  • Case availability… Such products are characterized by a relatively high cost. This machine for men is designed specifically for travel.
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Advantages and disadvantages

Quality T razors have the following benefits:

  • availability;
  • convenience in use.

The classic T-shaped popular razors provide a comfortable shave. Their advantages include:

  • the presence of several carefully honed blades;
  • additional hydration;
  • the presence of a special indicator strip, which indicates the need to replace the blade;
  • minimal likelihood of skin irritation.

Even the best practical T-razors have some drawbacks. They can injure the upper layer of the epidermis. To prevent irritation, it is recommended to use special gels and shaving foams. They contain ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Top 10 Best T-Shavers

You can vote for 3 shavers.

Gillette fusion proglide flexball

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Flexball safety razor is designed with innovative technology. The blades of the product help to move in any plane. The beard razor is equipped with 5 super-thin blades for approximately 30 days. It is ideal for people with sensitive skin. The T-shaped shaver is equipped with a head soaked in mineral oils. On the back of the product there is a special trimmer designed to reduce the pressure of the razor on the skin. The likelihood of redness on the body when using this device is quite low. The main advantages of the product include: the presence of a movable head and a comfortable handle.

Sensor Excel by Gillette

Gillette’s Sensor Excel has a specially coated shaving surface to remove even fine hairs. The blades of the device remain sharp for a long time. The tip is attached using micro springs that can adapt to the individual characteristics of the skin. The Sensor Excel has five flexible micro-ridges. The razor quickly removes hair in hard-to-reach areas. Gillette’s Sensor Excel with replaceable blades lets you shave off your stubble with one smooth touch.

Schick Hydro 5 Power Select

The Schick Hydro 5 Power Select beard shaving machine can operate in the vibration mode required for a safe shave. The product has 5 blades with a special Ultra Glide shape. The T-razor helps to get rid of even thick stubble. It has a rubberized handle for easy shaving. There is a convenient display on the body of the product, indicating the need to replace the battery. Thanks to a special strip soaked in vitamin E, the product can be fixed in any position.

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Bic metal

The rating of machine tools for men also includes the Bic Metal product. It is equipped with a stainless-steel blade. The machine also has a metal strip on top. The product is intended for removing hard bristles. Thanks to its compact size, it can be taken on the road. Like many of the best shaving machines, this product has a fixed head. Bic Metal T-razor has too sharp blades. Therefore, using them can injure the skin.


The DORCO TG708N is an inexpensive disposable razor with 2 blades and a moisturizing strip. The main advantage of the product is the presence of a fixed shaving head with a convenient level of inclination. The special strip soaked in aloe vera protects the skin from irritation. The blades of the product are made of high quality medical steel. They are platinum-chrome plated.

Flex & Easy Bic

The ranking of the best shaving razors includes, first, the Flex & Easy product from the Bic company. This product has multiple movable blades and a moisturizing strip soaked in aloe extract. The set includes 4 replacement cassettes. The men’s comfortable shaving machine is equipped with a floating head that helps to shave off unruly hair. The design of the product is thought out to the smallest detail, which allows you to quickly change cassettes. Flex & Easy from Bic has the following advantages: small size and low cost.

Bic Astor Sensitive

The question of which machine is better for a comfortable shaving is rather complicated. But many representatives of the stronger sex prefer the Bic Astor Sensitive product. It is a 2-blade system designed for sensitive skin. The set includes 4 machines. The disposable device ensures perfect skin smoothness. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, the machine is easy to handle. It provides tight contact with the skin. The head, on which there are floating plates, perfectly follows the contours of the face. Bic Astor Sensitive blades are easy to clean.

The Schick Extra 2 Orange T-machine is equipped with two comfortable blades. The set from the German company contains 5 high quality disposable devices. Schick Extra 2 Orange are triple coated. The device has a special system for cleaning the blades, there is a lubricating strip with aloe vera. The device glides easily over the skin, adhering to it tightly.

Arko Men System3

The Arko Men System3 product can also be included in the rating of disposable razors. This device is of excellent quality. Arko Men System3 is equipped with three blades for a comfortable, close shave. The product has a comfortable floating head that can follow the contours of the face. The device provides a soft glide on the skin, there is a moisturizing strip, which is impregnated with chamomile and olive extracts. The likelihood of irritation when using such a razor is minimized. The ergonomic handle makes the product easy to use.

Correct care and use

After shaving, it is recommended to thoroughly rinse the product under running water. Otherwise, pathogenic microorganisms may accumulate on the machine. In the future, this often leads to irritation and various skin diseases.

It is recommended to dry the device thoroughly after use. The blade of the product should not be wiped off with a towel: it can quickly deteriorate.

It is recommended to wipe the device with an alcohol-based cologne. Such a remedy has a pronounced antiseptic effect.

Important! If the handle of the appliance is made of horn or wood, it should be wiped off with a soft cloth after use.

To extend the service life of the device, it is recommended to store it in a special stand. This will reduce the chance of moisture entering the machine.

It is recommended to soak the device in warm water for 20 minutes every two months. After that, it must be spotless with a brush, on which a small amount of toothpaste is first applied.

The question of which razor to choose, each man must decide on his own. When buying a product, you need to focus on the individual characteristics of the skin. If the appliance is purchased for a beard or mustache, a disposable razor or trimmer should be preferred.

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