Choosing a beard grooming comb

When planning to order popular paraphernalia for the care of stubble on your face, you need to remember that regular brushing provides maximum grooming and a decent look for your beard. This simple procedure should be performed at least twice a day, and should take at least 10 minutes in sessions, in order to perform cosmetic facial care and normalize blood circulation processes.

More practical is a pocket-type beard comb — it is easy to hide it in the pocket of a jacket or trousers, and if necessary, use it at the right time to give your face a neat and tidy look. You should not skimp on this item, preferring cheaper options that contain many irregularities on the teeth and body, and are also capable of scratching the skin on the face, involuntarily pulling out hairs. The quality of the materials, the natural composition (wood, bone, iron, plastic) are important.

What should be a comb for a beard

If you want to have a mustache and beard, it is recommended to select the necessary items in advance for the comprehensive care of this part of the face. Indeed, in addition to professional tools for cutting, shaving, you may need a mustache comb, including accessories for styling, modeling or complex care of the bristles.

Sawed and polished models of universal combs are appreciated. And accessories for the care of hairs made of high-quality plastic are considered more hygienic. They are lightweight, do not require special care, and are resistant to body deformations.

What should be a comb for a beard

Difference from a conventional comb

Lush vegetation requires to be brushed daily. You shouldn’t spend money on a comb for a beard and on paraphernalia for a mustache — experts recommend buying a universal accessory right away. The differences in this type of combs are:

  • Closely spaced teeth, short.
  • Compact models that help to separate without damaging the skin on the face and pulling hairs, quickly untangling and laying «unruly vegetation».
  • Versatile tools that can fully replace the beard comb and mustache comb.
  • The ability of cosmetic items to give more splendor and grooming, accelerate the growth of facial hair in the chosen direction.

If the bristles are not very thick, then a beard brush may simply not be needed. A mustache comb used to care for vegetation will help increase the density of the bristles and stimulate active hair growth. This cannot be achieved with a traditional comb. Do not neglect these attributes, it will provide professional face care in everyday life.

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A wide variety of beard and mustache combs are available, among which are:

  • Compact designs featuring a mustache comb, as well as a special tool — a beard comb, to help quickly shape growing stubble.
  • Accessory kits that include a beard comb and a versatile kit in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Versatile models that are suitable for all mustache shapes and lengths without the need for a stiff-bristled beard brush.


brushIf a man has thick stubble on his face, a beard brush made on the basis of natural ingredients will come in handy. This accessory gently smoother the strands, allowing you to quickly put your face in full order without irritating the skin, without pulling out the hairs. It will be more rational to use a hair and beard brush for grooming along with cosmetics. This is a great option when you require applying to the skin and evenly distribute the composition of the oil or balm on the strands of hair.

The brush is recommended for use with a very hard hair structure in men or when too thick bristles on the face. A beard brush made of a nylon base is considered more hygienic. There are products on sale that use:

  1. Hair from a horse’s mane.
  2. Pig bristles.
  3. Natural wood structure.


crestCombs are recognized as a more universal option — a special comb for combing is made of natural wood. This type of beard comb:

  • gives the hair structure a special gloss — natural shine,
  • significantly thickens the bristle structure,
  • prevents the cutting process for too long strands,
  • eliminates tangled hair, eliminating damage.

Combs are also suitable as combs for a mustache, especially when the face has thick, rather stiff bristles, and you have to constantly style the hairs in the right direction. This will give the appearance more gloss and grooming, and will help to monitor the condition of the skin.

You do not need to purchase a whole set if you choose the right comb for your beard and mustache, after consulting an expert. Often, a wooden comb, which has teeth on both sides, is made from natural wood species such as oak, ash, cherry or walnut.

For haircut shaving and styling

For fashionable styling, a safe shave, or a beard trim, use a special comb. At the top, the model has a specially shaped rib with rounded-concave edges. Bringing the top of the comb to your cheek — use the blade to get a perfect contour from the sideburns to the bottom of the chin. By moving the blade along the body of the comb in the chosen direction, you will form the lines much more aesthetically. An excellent tool for modeling, creating smooth, clear lines. This type of product is limited — it is produced in small series, it is not always available for sale.

for styling
The ideal beard comb is a styling comb that does more than just comb the hairs, but also helps you shape your beard with a crisp, even outline.

A beard brush is not used in the haircut, but special models made on the basis of natural rubber (ebonite) are selected. This will prevent static while brushing and will also help replace the missing beard comb to stay in shape and size. Such tools are used in work, both with a trimmer and with scissors.

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For a haircut at home, it is recommended to purchase ebonite models, which are in no way inferior in quality to combs made from expensive natural materials. But at the same time, the hairs are carefully processed — they do not electrify the bristles, do not cause a cross-section of the structure of the strands or tangling of abundant vegetation.


dangerousAmong the universal tools created for the care of the beard, it is customary to distinguish between the folding version of the comb. The universal design, which refers to the «dangerous» comb, is used to care for the mustache, outwardly resembling the shape and design of the dangerous version of the razor. This is the most durable, comfortable type of folding comb used for a variety of purposes for men’s facials. It is proposed to take the item on the road without worrying about the condition of the teeth. Can replace your iron beard comb without damaging your skin and facial hair.

Materials play an important role in the safety of the tool used. Therefore, special attention should be paid not only to the brand, design features, but also what the mustache comb is made of, as well as the comb, brush or other devices. This will help you cut, style and shave more safely by using the necessary functions of professional appliances.

The combs presented in the assortment for the care of the mustache and the shape of the beard are recommended to be purchased in original kits, which are offered by the manufacturers. The demand for models packed in cases has increased. It is very convenient for storage and hygiene, and will keep the instruments looking impeccable.

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Top 5 beard and mustache combs

When evaluating beard combs in a variety of manufacturers and original designs, it is worth highlighting the TOP 5 models. Popular accessories on sale include:

Beard life

The products are made on the basis of high-class surgical steel. Standard-sized (14×4 cm) shaving and brushing tools are distinguished by rounded ends on the teeth of the models. This is very important for those users who are looking for not just accessories for the care of facial hair, but want to purchase attributes that are guaranteed to protect against scratches and cuts.

Premium Cremo

Premium sandalwood comb with 100% natural scent and double action teeth for all beard types.



Combs and brushes (wood, metal), which will provide gentle care for the hair structure, will help protect the hairs from cutting.

Sea calm

Universal metal comb for beard and mustache care, which has standard parameters of 14×4 cm and is available in two versions. Fans of glossy and matte surfaces will be able to choose the most acceptable type of finish of the metal case to their taste. The set is complemented by a practical case that will protect the accessory from damage to the teeth.

Enjoy the wood

Wooden structure, which is available in various designs. The exquisite shapes of the original products, made on the basis of natural wood, will interest anyone who does not seek to purchase a mustache or beard comb made of metal.

For everyday care of a man’s face with stubble, products from the brand are recommended, The Bluebeards Revenge — brushes. Suitable for beard and hair. The items are made on the basis of natural ingredients. This brand produces a whole line of quality products designed for professional hair and beard care. Products from the brand are popular Kent presented by a variety of original designs.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the price. Quality things cannot be cheap. Therefore, it is advised not to skimp on items such as brushes, combs and beard combs.

These functional items also play the role of a kind of massager, eliminating scratches, preventing other unwanted injuries on the body and strands. Provides an impeccable image of an imposing man, a well-groomed face and maintaining the original image of an exquisite young man (dandy, dandy or dandy).

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