Beard Trimmer Rating: The Best of the Best

The popularity of beards among men is growing exponentially, in connection with this, the demand for all kinds of accessories and tools for grooming facial hair is growing. The most convenient and indispensable tools are trimmers, thanks to which you can shave, cut and trim your beard, model its types and shapes. It will be difficult for a beginner to choose a quality trimmer due to the huge range of such products on the market.

Due to the complexity of choosing and the provision of a huge variety of beard care products, experts have compiled a rating of the best trimmers from well-known manufacturers to help men decide. It is the top list that will help you not only find the best beard trimmer for yourself, but also first familiarize yourself with its capabilities and functions, weaknesses and strengths.

What is a trimmer and its purpose

Among all the beard grooming tools available, trimmers are the most sought after. This is explained by the functional purposes and features of such tools. The trimmer is a compact in size and weight electrical device for cutting beards, sideburns, mustaches, eyebrows, as well as for removing unwanted hairs in the ears, nose, bikini area.

The trimmer of a modern model from a reliable manufacturer works both from the network and autonomously from the battery. To work with the device, you do not need to have knowledge and skills. The device should be supplied with nozzles with different levels of lengths, so that regrown hairs can be cut evenly of the same length and density. Trimmers are durable rotary for professional use, as well as vibrating with less power for home use.

Review of the best beard and mustache trimmers

The best beard trimmers, which were compared by experts, were included in the ranking of leading models and brands. When compiling this list, the materials used to manufacture the devices, their functionality and quality, the availability of additional options, battery life, the quality of cutting parts and the availability of care items, as well as direct feedback from the men themselves, were considered.

Babyliss E835E

The Babyliss E835E takes the first place in all parameters and quality indicators with 100% water resistance, thanks to which the trimmer can be used even in the shower. The manufacturer offers an ergonomic stand with connectors for the device and accessories that come with the kit. The device works from the mains and autonomously for about 40 minutes, and it takes about 16 hours to fully recharge.

Photo 2

Advantages of the device:

  • water tightness;
  • advanced functionality (6 attachments for cutting hair on the head, beard, body);
  • 3 years warranty;
  • long-term service;
  • Convenient charging and storage cradle.

The disadvantages of the E835E model include perhaps a long time to fully charge the device and the presence of nozzles that you don’t have to use at all.

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Wahl 9818-116

The American brand Wahl offers the model 9818-116 with a large list of functions, which the trimmer can handle easily and quickly. Stainless steel is used to make the case, there is a special knife block for working with hair in the neck, face and ears.

Photo 3

Benefits of this trimmer:

  • reliable assembly and metal case;
  • 6 operating modes of the nozzle from 1,5 to 13 mm;
  • several beard attachments for trimming long beards, three-day stubble or short hairs;
  • special comb for styling;
  • zero shaving head;
  • replaceable block for hard-to-reach places;
  • convenient design stand for recharging and storage;
  • battery life up to 4 hours.

The only drawback experts call is perhaps the high price of the device, otherwise the Wahl 9818-116 is a reliable, durable good beard trimmer.

Braun BT5030

The model is relatively old in terms of release, but the demand for it has not been falling for a long time. The manufacturer offers mostly inexpensive models that are equipped with all the necessary cutting functions. The adjustment of the nozzle functions within 20 levels of 0,5-10 mm.

Photo 4

The advantages of this model:

  • double battery;
  • battery life, about 1 hour;
  • universal nozzle for all types and lengths of hair;
  • self-sharpening stainless-steel blades;
  • affordable price.

The disadvantages can be considered, a fairly long charge for 8 hours, as well as the impossibility of a smooth shave of the stubble. Otherwise, the model meets all standard requirements for trimmers from specialists.

Philips BT7210

Philips today is considered one of the best manufacturers of quality and mid-priced trimmers and other devices for men. Experts note that in addition to the standard functions, the Philips BT 7210 model has a number of additional functions and useful options.

Photo 5

Pros of the model:

  • vacuum system for suction of cutting hair into a container;
  • Lift&Trim lifts hairs for easy shaving or trimming in one go;
  • stainless-steel blades and they’re self-sharpening during operation;
  • step of 0.5 mm and the ability to adjust the length of the cut;
  • reliable battery;
  • offline service for 1.5 hours;
  • the possibility of washing the blades under running water;
  • compactness and light weight;
  • warranty work for 2 years.

For many specialists and men, the price can be considered rather a shortcoming of the model; in rare cases, a trimmer can pull the hairs of a thick and long beard.

According to most experts, the Philips QT 4015 is the ideal compact model for mustache and beard work. The trimmer allows you not only to cut and trim the beard, but also to make a haircut in the form of a three-day stubble. The device is light in weight and size, easy to operate and suitable for use on the go or away from home.

Photo 6

Pros of the model:

  • quick changeover of nozzle length;
  • step between lengths of 0.5 mm — 1 cm;
  • trimmer razor with maximum hair cutting;
  • titanium blades with maximum cutting and shave quality;
  • rounded ends and combs for safe work with the trimmer;
  • offline beard trimming for 1.5 hours and fast charging;
  • the possibility of washing the nozzle under running water;
  • affordable price.
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The weaknesses of such a trimmer from a well-known brand include the lack of a charging indicator, as well as the fact that the comb is covered with thin, impractical plastic. During operation, the trimmer comb must be handled with extreme care.

Remington MB 4130

The most popular brand and model among American trimmers, which guarantees results comparable to professional performance. Therefore, experts recommend this model to aesthetes and connoisseurs of an impeccable appearance.

Photo 7

Pros of the model:

  • stainless-steel blades with titanium coating;
  • blade self-sharpening function;
  • curved shape of the device for comfortable holding at the desired angle during operation;
  • cutting length adjustment in 13 modes;
  • without a nozzle, the trimmer knife will cut 0,4-1 mm;
  • the maximum length of the nozzle is 18 mm;
  • battery life lasts 1 hour, charging — 4 hours;
  • the possibility of washing the blade under running water;
  • ergonomic shape;
  • 3 years warranty service.

If we consider the weaknesses, the Remington MB 4130 model has practically none. Experts only note that the device will cope poorly with a long and thick beard. Other than that, it’s the perfect battery-powered trimmer for men everywhere.

Panasonic ER-GB40

Among the best models of stubble trimmers, the Panasonic ER-GB40 model occupies a worthy place, which immediately catches the eye with a bright unusual design. A distinctive feature is the ease and simplicity in switching modes due to a certain mechanism from the manufacturer.

Photo 8

Pros of the model:

  • convenient mechanism for switching modes;
  • step between nozzle levels of 0.5 mm;
  • function of wet shaving with a knife without a nozzle;
  • rinsing blades under running water;
  • how much does a trimmer cost;
  • ease and comfort in operation.

The disadvantages include, first, the fact that the trimmer blades do not sharpen themselves, so eventually they will need to be changed, and these are extra costs. In addition, charging the battery takes a long time — about 9 hours.

Moser 4900-0050

The optimal trimmer model for men with a standard set of functions and nothing more. It is necessary to use such a device to remove hairs from the ears and nose, the model has no other purposes.

Trimmer pros:

  • titanium coated stainless-steel blades;
  • rotation of the blades around its axis;
  • the possibility of washing the blades under running water;
  • rotary motor;
  • work on batteries (finger-type);
  • metal case in the form of a flashlight, weighing only 60 grams;
  • storage case with velour fabric inside.

The weaknesses of such a device can be considered the absence of a built-in battery; instead, the male trimmer runs on a simple AA battery.

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Photo 9

The experts decided to complete the review of trimmers by rating the models presented on a five-point scale. The Babyliss E835E trimmer can be considered the leader, which experts put a solid 5. Wahl 9818-116 is rated at 4 points, the Braun BT 5030 models are 3,9 points. Philips BT 7210 got 4,1 points, Philips QT 4015 — 4. Remington MB 4130 — 4,8 points, Panasonic ER-GB40 — 3, Moser 4900-0050 — 2 points.

Tips and Tricks

In order for a man to decide which beard trimmer is better, it is necessary to evaluate its technical, functional and qualitative characteristics. Namely:

  1. Cutting blade width. For modeling a beard, a trimmer with a narrow knife is better, which can repeat the angles, zigzags and edging of the hairstyle.
  2. Nozzles. A trimmer with nozzles will cost a lot, so you need to choose nozzles that will be really in demand.
  3. Height adjustable. Almost all modern models imply such a function, only the number of levels can vary.
  4. Blades. It is better to give preference to stainless-steel blades and different coatings, but the main plus of the trimmer is the possibility of self-sharpening the blades.
  5. Blade cleaning options. The most popular option is a vacuum system, trimmers with a dry and wet cleaning system will be cheaper.
  6. Offline duration. Depending on the needs and duration of work on cutting and modeling a beard, a man selects a trimmer with a certain period of work without a network.
  7. Charging time. On average, the trimmer needs 4-6 hours to charge, expensive models have an accelerated recharge function.
  8. AC power. Far for every trimmer — electric, a device on a battery will not always be appropriate. Therefore, it is better to give preference to a combined type of food.
  9. Availability of care and storage accessories. Many modern models include brushes, oils for cleaning and lubricating blades, as well as cases and stands for storage.
  10. Voltage switch. If a man often travels around countries, this option will allow the device to adapt to voltage levels in different places.

Also, depending on the desires and needs, when choosing a trimmer, a man can pay attention to additional functions, such as a battery status indicator, backlight, laser pointers and other options. Reviews from experts and men will be the final indicator of a good product.


The list of the best brands and models of stubble trimmers can go on and on, as the market is constantly updated with new products and improved modifications from well-known manufacturers and brands. What is the most enduring device, Wahl Stainless-Steel Lithium-ion + with 4-hour battery life and 22 nozzles? A cheap Ga.Ma GC614 trimmer is considered a good budget model. The name of the manufacturer and his reputation are the main indicators of the quality of the goods that he produces.

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