Beard rings: an overview of an accessory from the Vikings

There are many accessories available for grooming your beard. These include trimmers, combs, razor sets. Men also use special clamps, among which clamps and beard rings are distinguished.

Viking beard style returns

Currently, the ancient Russian and Viking style of clothing is popular. According to the prevailing stereotype, one of the attributes of the Viking image is beard rings.

There are few reliable sources about the life of the Vikings. Most of the information about them is obtained from the results of excavations and the Scandinavian sagas. The fact that the Vikings used hair rings is only indirectly proven. Numerous jewelry was found in Viking burials. Determining the true purpose of each of them is quite difficult.

Only a thick and well-groomed beard can become a subject of pride. At the same time, tails, braids can be made from hair, using ribbons and rings as accessories. But it is important not to forget about the sense of proportion.

Facial hair must be carefully looked after. They should be washed regularly with soap or other cosmetic products. It is recommended to brush your hair regularly with a comb.

Varieties of accessories

There are also accessories such as clips, beard clips. Clips differ in the following features:

  • brevity;
  • clarity of geometric lines;
  • the presence of symbols, totem images.

The clips usually depict birds, bullets, animal tracks, grenades. The main tasks of jewelry include:

  • fixation of braids;
  • beard decoration;
  • fixing dreadlocks.
beard clip krato milano
Hairpin Krato Milano

The famous brand Krato Milano has produced numerous hairpins for men. The new collection features jewelry made in the form of crystals, skulls or anchors.

Elastic bands are also used to fix the hairstyle on the beard. Elastic bands decorated with bright stones are used as decoration. Accessories must match the hair color. At the same time, it is not recommended to purchase elastic bands made of synthetic materials. Such jewelry often provokes allergies.

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Stylish men should pay attention to designer accessories from BearDrop. When creating products, natural materials are used. In the collection from BearDrop there are accessories made of steel, lava stones. In the manufacture of products, unique beads are also used, in the creation of which the latest laser technologies were used. Accessories help to emphasize the individuality of a man. The collection contains specimens dedicated to the camel theme. These accessories bring back memories of a trip to the Emirates.

Accessories such as beads are also popular. Products are used to decorate:

  • beards;
  • cords;
  • dreadlocks;
  • bracelets.

The Valkyrie bead is decorated with an ancient image of a Valkyrie girl dressed in a long dress. The beauty held a horn in her hands, which was filled with honey.

The «Berserker» accessory is based on the motif of a bronze plate discovered on the island of Öland in the 8th century. A warrior who dedicated his life to serving Odin, the god of the Vikings, was called a berserker. The warriors wore animal skins. Berserkers were distinguished by their enormous strength, fierceness in battle, quick reaction.

The appearance of braided braids depends on the following factors:

  • thick beard;
  • uniformity of hair growth.

A trimmer is used to correct the length of the beard. This device has a variety of hair clipper attachments. The trimmer helps to give them the desired shape.

For what use

what is the beard ring forThe beard ring is used for the following purposes:

  • ponytail fixation;
  • beard decoration;
  • fixation of braids.

Stylish accessories are made of silver and bronze and with different ornaments. Jewelry can be called a worthy alternative to ribbons and elastic bands for fixing hair.

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The beard ring is used as follows:

  1. Ponytail or braid.
  2. The tip of the beard is carefully tucked into the ring.
  3. You need to fix the ring at the desired height.

The cost of jewelry that can be used to secure your hair varies.

How to braid a beard

The braid is braided as follows:

  1. Part of the hair is divided into 3 sections, which are parallel to each other.
  2. First, the left section is moved to the center, then the right one.
  3. These movements are repeated along the entire length of the beard.

pigtails on the beardAfter that, the braid is fixed with oil made from beeswax. The product helps the hair to keep its shape. Irish Whiskey oil can also be used. The Borodist brand has a cooling effect. The oil has a unique composition. The product is made on the basis of nourishing argan oil. The cosmetic product contains:

  • rice bran oil;
  • hemp oil;
  • aromatic walnut oil;
  • jojoba oil;
  • vitamin E;
  • menthol;
  • rosemary extract.

The product has a pleasant and tart Irish whiskey aroma. Thanks to the convenient pipette-dispenser, the product is economically consumed.

To create a viking look, you can braid two braids. In this case, the sideburns form a single whole with the beard. The mustache should be quite long — it should not be trimmed. The braids in the beard run parallel to each other.

Choice of ring width

You need to choose the right width of the product. You can simply wind the thread around your braided beard. After that, the resulting thread length is measured.

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Some men also use ribbons. They put rings on them for better fixation.

Where to buy?

When choosing a product, they are guided by the color of the hair. Rings with a warm glow of bronze are perfect for owners of chestnut strands. For brunettes or blondes, silver accessories should be purchased.

Borodist ring
Borodist ring is very popular among bearded people.

A variety of accessories can be ordered from the online store. The cost of the products is quite affordable (from 5 euros).

The silver ring from the Borodist firm is especially popular among men. This stylish accessory was created for the fans of the TV series «The Hobbit». The ring is available in two sizes:

  • with a diameter of 6 mm;
  • with a diameter of 9 mm.
ring trixel
Ring «Trixel»

The accessory is ideal for men with dreadlocks. Borodist rings can be presented as a gift to a friend.

You can also find original handmade jewelry on sale. The original «Triglav» ring is made in the form of an ancient Slavic amulet, which helps to maintain a presence of mind in a difficult situation. The accessory can also be used as a decoration for dreadlocks, bracelets.

The unusual Triskel ring is made of bronze. The dimensions of the item are 1.1 x 0.9 cm. The diameter of the ring hole is 0.6 cm. Triskel belongs to one of the earliest Celtic symbols. The accessory can be worn as a bracelet.

Products need careful care. Accessories should be cleaned regularly. The rings are stored in a place protected from dust and moisture. Products are kept away from cosmetics with a greasy consistency.

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