Beard Growth Stages: Watching Hair Growth

If you are over 20 and serious about growing the beard of your dreams, this article is for you. When starting to grow stubble, it is important to evaluate the growth of the beard, its thickness and shape, to roughly plan how much time you will have to spend on this difficult and lengthy task.

If you want a long, lush beard that everyone will be delighted with, you will have to be patient and grow a beard for about six months. If you want a not very thick and neat short beard, a couple of months will be enough.

When does beard growth start and end?

The appearance of a beard in men is a very individual process and has many features. Everyone knows that everyone’s beard growth begins in adolescence, however, it is very difficult to name a specific age. In southern countries, men begin to grow a beard at a very early age. Men who live in more northerly and colder regions notice coarse stubble in the mirror, usually between the ages of 20 and 25.

In men, representatives of the Slavic peoples, a beard usually begins to grow at the age of 16-18, but these are very approximate data, since the growth of a beard depends on so many factors: genetic predisposition, dietary habits, and even nationality. In different nations, the beard begins to appear at different times. So, for example, for representatives of some races, the norm for the beginning of stubble growth is considered to be 16 years, and for others — 35 years.

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It is precisely because of such discrepancies that experts recommend that Russian men not worry about the density and growth rate of their beard until the age of 20, since the bristles usually begin to grow not too densely and evenly. It often happens that young guys, dreaming of a beautiful and lush beard, literally at the age of 17 begin to worry that their bristles are not too thick and experience various means to accelerate hair growth. This is completely in vain, besides, it can be dangerous if the funds are of poor quality.

Factors Affecting Beard Growth

Guys who dream of growing a stylish beard should know the stages of its development, so as not to worry about the fact that the beard does not look quite the way they expect. The first signs of facial hair begin to appear as early as adolescence — at 14-15 years old. Until about the age of 20, serious changes in the hormonal background are observed in the body of young men, which seriously affects the appearance of facial hair. At first, it will not be too thick and uniform, but this does not mean at all that it will remain so forever. There are several main criteria that affect beard growth:

  • Testosterone. The level of this hormone directly affects the speed and quality of bristle growth. The lack of testosterone can be quickly replenished if you start actively playing sports. At the same time, classes should be regular and with sufficient load, since only in this case there will be the desired effect.
  • Individual predisposition. Usually, if the father and grandfather had a gorgeous beard, then most likely their sons and grandchildren will also have beautiful stubble on their faces.
  • Belonging to a certain color type. It is known that brunettes have a thicker and stiffer beard than blondes.
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Why does a beard grow too fast or too slow? There are various reasons for this!

How fast does a beard grow?

A beard is now a fashionable trend, a significant addition to any male image that can add brutality and charm to any guy. Following fashion trends, many men decide to grow a beard and hope to do it as soon as possible, sometimes without even realizing how much it grows.

Considering that the beard grows slowly, often men resort to dubious means that accelerate hair growth. Sometimes they even take hormonal drugs to influence the process of hair growth from within the body, thereby disrupting the hormonal background. If the problem really exists, you need to determine the cause of slow beard growth and seek medical help.

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Usually, the beard, depending on the desired length, grows on average from a month to six months. All this is individual and depends on what result you expect.

Stage 1 month

Starting to grow a beard, in the first 2-3 weeks you will definitely feel an unpleasant sensation of itching and slight redness on the skin of the face. During this period, a monthly beard will look very unattractive and sloppy — the hairs can stick out in different directions, twist and prick the skin. The most problematic place in this sense is, of course, the neck because it is constantly in motion.

To survive this unpleasant period, try to just endure and not wash your beard with shampoos or alcohol-containing products, so as not to irritate the skin even more.

Advice! Use regular soap during this period to care for your beard. Shampoos can be used a little later.

At this stage, it is already possible to outline the contour of the beard, shaving off all that is superfluous, and if it cannot be shaped yet, then the desired outlines may already be noticeable. Try not to shorten the length of the hairs too much because often men cut too much and then grow it out again.

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If the beard grows unevenly, do not rush to shave it. A little later, when it becomes thicker, its shape can become much nicer and more even.

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2 months

A beard of this age acquires density and volume. Now it can be safely trimmed, but only by giving it the desired shape, and not shortening the bristles too much. At this stage, it is important to allow the beard to grow further, even if the required length has already been reached. This is critical to achieve the correct density.

Even for a period of 2 months, you should not finally form a beard. Let her grow and gain pomp.

If you’re patient enough, and you don’t trim your beard early, you’ll notice that the hairs begin to curl and the beard as a whole takes on a brutal look.

For reference! It is important to properly care for such a beard. To do this, you need to wash it daily with clean water, and once a week (or two), thoroughly wash your beard with soap. At this stage, you can already purchase a special beard shampoo and use it regularly. You can also use beard oil daily.

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3 months

Continue to do all the above procedures, do not forget to cut your beard, wash it, and also start combing. During this period, the hairs will twist even more at the tips, and therefore the ritual of washing and combing the beard should become daily. If you take care of her regularly, she will have a neat, attractive appearance.

Important! If you are blow drying your beard, do it from the bottom up. This will give it splendor and shape.

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6 months

You can only envy your endurance — for half a year you have been growing a beard, and it really takes on attractiveness and the desired shape. It is better to trim and cut your beard in a barbershop, at least at first, until you learn how to properly care for it yourself. Dry the beard after washing with a not very hot hair dryer so as not to damage the hairs. To style your beard beautifully, use a metal or wooden comb.

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Now that you’ve grown a real chic beard, you can feel the difference between that thin stubble that was in the beginning and lush vegetation that makes you more masculine. Now you are a real bearded man.

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It would be nice to find a good barbershop and visit there regularly to keep your beard in a stylish and beautiful shape. You can already safely and fully use special beard shampoos, oil, wax and other products.

Endocrinologist recommendations

If you have a slowly growing beard or barely noticeable stubble on your cheeks, seek the help of an endocrinologist to prescribe the necessary tests. Often the cause of this situation is a destabilized hormonal background, but this can be corrected. In no case should you prescribe hormonal drugs or smear your face with dubious folk remedies. It is not difficult to replenish and adjust the number of hormones responsible for beard growth. It is important to understand at the same time how not to harm the body with self-medication, which men love to resort to so much.

A beautiful beard is unlikely to grow in a month if you dream of a truly lush and stylish beard. The longer you think your beard should be, the more patience you will need to grow it.

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Usually, the stages of a beard are different for every man, and to notice how quickly the beard grows and how it changes, you can take regular photos. This will allow you to evaluate, for example, the growth of a beard in a month or two. This way, you can roughly estimate the speed and stages of beard growth.

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