Beard camouflage: what is it and what is it for

A beautiful and well-groomed beard has always been a desirable attribute of a man. In any cultural society, she symbolized and emphasized the qualities and traits that a true protector of the family and successor of the family should have. Responsibility, reliability, resilience — all these characteristics of a mature person with leadership abilities are traditionally associated with a beard.

Therefore, for a modern man, she is a source of pride. In addition, image makers and stylists almost always use different beard shapes to create a masculine and attractive image of a strong and determined leader. However, over time, natural dyes can fade, gray hair appears. A simple cosmetic procedure — beard camouflage helps to renew the beard, to give it an attractive and respectable look.

What is camouflage and what is it for

Asking the question «what exactly is beard camouflage?» many men think only of the usual color of dull or gray hair. This is a very limited understanding of this procedure. It has several other useful functions:

  • Eliminates inconvenience and psychological discomfort during growing, hiding unevenly growing hair.
  • Visually thickens a rare beard, gives it the desired shape and volume.
  • Hides bald patches, individual areas with thin hair, gives uniformity.
  • Makes hair color more saturated, intense, which distracts attention from appearing wrinkles, nasolabial folds, imperfections or inharmonious facial features.
  • Harmonizes the look by matching beard color and hair color on the head
  • Allows you to hide the appeared gray hair, rejuvenating the image.
  • Allows you to quickly eliminate defects that have appeared after unsuccessful shaving, cutting or burning (while smoking) part of the hair.
  • Creates a new image, allows you to experiment with appearance.

Beard preparation

beard preparation

Before carrying out the procedure, you must wash your beard well. On clean hair, the paint lays down better and smoother, lasts longer. And bald spots or small defects will be better visible. In some cases, before applying camouflage, for example, in the form of a gel, the beard must be dried and rubbed into semi-damp hair.

Powder (powder and all short-term tint forms of camouflage) should be applied to washed, but completely dry hair. Similar requirements apply to aerosols and solid forms (in the form of a cosmetic stick). In this case, the coloring effect will appear immediately after application of the product.

Before dyeing, it is better to tidy the beard: shave or cut. In this case, the effect of the procedure will be much clearer.

After the procedure, the beard must also be washed (in cases of using a gel or lotion). To eliminate hair stiffness, experts advise rinsing your beard with a special beard balm. After the beard is dry (you can use a hairdryer), it should be combed with a thin comb.

Required Tools

beard camouflage productsIn beauty salons and offices, everything you need for coloring is always at the ready. But to carry out this simple procedure at home you will need:

  • Spacious wide cup (ceramic or plastic) with a large neck for diluting paint.
  • A stick for stirring paint.
  • Running warm water to wash off the coloring lotion in the form of a shampoo.
  • Towels or wipes to protect the neck and clothing when using aerosols, gels or powders.
  • Rubber (preferably disposable) gloves for hand protection.
  • Old newspapers or a large piece of oilcloth to protect the room, furniture and other items when spraying paint spray.
  • Hours (when using lotion, the exposure time is 5-20 minutes, depending on the instructions in the instructions for a particular product).
  • Hair dryer for quick drying of the washed beard.
  • Mirror.
  • A rare comb for combing the beard after the procedure.

It is advisable to have a greasy face cream on hand. Before painting, you need to generously lubricate all open areas of the face adjacent to the beard with cream. This will help avoid paint and irritation. If the paint does get on the open areas of the face, you need to quickly wash it off with alcohol, cleansing lotion or lemon juice.

Wood surfaces also absorb paint quickly. If it comes into contact with furniture, quickly remove paint splashes with a damp cloth.

Variety of camouflage

On the cosmetics market, you can find camouflage products for every taste. Some of them are used only in special conditions (a beauty salon or a bathroom with warm running water). Others take with them on the road, regularly renewing their beards as needed. Something you can use yourself, in other cases you will have to resort to outside help.

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Beard Camouflage Forms application method Purpose and advantages of this form of camouflage Disadvantages of the form
Gel Rubbing into the hair roots with massaging circular movements, if camouflage of the beard is necessary. Relatively long (up to 3 cm) beard of medium density. The procedure can be carried out without assistance, but in a specially designated place (bathroom, dressing room). Deep penetration of the thickener into the skin and hair follicles allows for smooth color transition and the absence of contrasting areas during hair regrowth. The coloring matter will hold until the first wash. The desired effect cannot be achieved on a beard that is too short and sparse. Depending on the composition of the dye, some gels may stain clothing.
Lotion It is applied according to the principle of an ordinary shampoo: it is applied to damp hair, it foams well. It is necessary for some time (see instructions) to keep the lotion on the beard, then rinse with running water. Suitable for beards of any thickness and length, renews hair color and increases volume, making the beard look fuller. Provides long-lasting and long-lasting beard tinting. It is convenient to combine the procedure with the washing process (to be carried out after it). No.
Individual intolerance to the components of the dye.
Aerosol Spraying on the beard or on the desired area. It is used to mask bald spots, sparsely growing or unevenly growing hair. The can of liquid fits easily in a small purse or in the glove compartment of a car. Spraying does not require special skills or great physical effort. During use, it may come into contact with adjacent skin or clothing. Therefore, before use, it is necessary to limit the spray area, use the aerosol in a special room and in protective clothing.
Powder (powder) It is applied to the hair and evenly distributed over the entire length, rubbed into the hair roots and skin. Small beard (stubble) is toned, bald spots, areas with thinning hair are masked, gray hair is painted over. A small box of powder fits easily into a bag, briefcase or in the glove compartment of your car. Can be used alone throughout the day. When rubbing the powder into the skin of the face, allergic reactions (redness, rash, peeling) may occur. The light powder is highly volatile and can be dispersed even with a slight draft. A completely wind-insulated room (space) is required to use the powder.
Waterproof coloring pencil It is applied to problem (thinning, gray, damaged) areas of the beard. A good effect is achieved in cases where tinting of a small beard (stubble) is required. Accurate application of this form of camouflage (outside assistance is desirable) minimizes the consumption of the dye. Not suitable when large-scale beard tinting is required (more than 50%). To obtain a good and lasting effect, the help of a partner (stylist, make-up artist) is needed.
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Experts and professionals advise using special cosmetics along with beard paint. These can be nourishing oils, tonics, combination masks that are rubbed into the skin of the face. These cosmetic products for men will strengthen hair follicles, make the beard more luxuriant. A balanced diet and adherence to the daily regimen, the absence of bad habits and addictions (alcohol, smoking) will contribute to the growth of strong hair, and the beard will acquire an even and shiny shade.

Thickener color

Choosing the right shade for toning your beard is not an easy task. A beard should look beautiful in all conditions (day or evening, sunlight or artificial lighting, open space or premises), in any climate, winter or summer. Quick and accurate selection of the required shade for camouflage is one of the main characteristics of a competent stylist. When choosing a toner for hair, you should focus on the following criteria:

  • The natural color of a dyed beard, its harmonious combination with the main tone of the hair.
  • Paint safety, lack of individual intolerance in the form of an allergic reaction to the composition of the coloring agent, its smell.
  • Achieving the desired effect (ordinary toning of the beard, painting over hair that has turned gray or lightened by the sun, increasing the volume, eliminating visual defects).

thickener color

It is better to entrust the first color matching procedure to a professional who can ideally choose a tone and tell you the result of the selection, which you can use in the future when using camouflage products on your own.

The easiest way to paint a beard in monochrome colors — black or white. It always looks very stylish, goes well with almost any fashionable clothes. But it should be remembered that beards of black or white shades require careful and regular care, the obligatory adherence to certain norms of behavior. Red and purple shades (mahogany, mahogany) are not suitable for everyone and are difficult to wash off. Moreover, such colors rarely match the image of a business person. Bright and unusual shades (green, orange, blue, pink) will be good only in a creative environment or in a nightclub.

Coloring gray hair

dyeing gray hair

Often men decide to grow a beard after 35-40 years. At this age, the first gray hair already appears. Their presence gives the impression of being unkempt and untidy. The image and the whole image of a man deteriorates. In barbershops, you can paint over gray hair with the help of special tinting agents for up to two years. For the same purpose, some people use folk remedies, which, however, need regular updating.

When painting over gray hair, the exposure time of the lotion is increased to 20-30 minutes. In some cases, you need to repeat the procedure.

If an elderly man decided to keep the gray color of the hair on his head and wants the beard to harmoniously complement the gray hair, then you can paint over the penetrating hairs of a different color. On the shelves of supermarkets and barbershops, there are dyes in gray or ashy shades.

Tips for stylists

The modern industry produces thickeners for camouflage in all colors and shades. However, for a competent and most accurate choice of paint, it is better to trust a professional with extensive experience. Specialists, as a rule, are well acquainted with the peculiarities of dyeing specific hair types and with the effect of dyes on various types of skin (in addition to allergic reactions, some types of dyes can even cause chemical burns). In addition, it is often required to correctly mix several paints in order to find the desired color for camouflage.

stylist advice

Stylists sometimes recommend visiting barbershops for camouflage procedures by masters, professionals in their field.

Barbershop experts recommend:

  • Before starting the coloring procedure, study your skin and hair type.
  • Occasionally visit barbershops, alternating home procedures with camouflage sessions from specialists. This will help you remember your dyeing and maintenance skills.
  • Before purchasing a coloring agent, carefully read the instructions. If you use it on your own, it will be useful to test on a small area (the skin of the face is more delicate than the rest of the scalp). If a red spot appears under the layer of paint (an inflammatory reaction), and after washing off the skin begins to peel off, there is a feeling of discomfort from excessive drying and tightening of the skin, then camouflage must be abandoned. Or look for another, more gentle skin, paint (henna and basma are considered the safest and most natural dyes).
  • Be sure to use nourishing oils, masks or balms for your beard. They will relieve the feeling of skin tightening and discomfort, soften and moisturize the skin after using chemical dyes, since any chemical agent always slightly irritates the skin. The use of balms and foams will help restore and strengthen the hair structure. The aromatic substances that make up the cosmetics will prevent the smell of cigarettes from being absorbed into your hair.
  • Regularly carry out camouflage (on your own or in a barbershop) for brown-haired people with sparse and fine hairs.
  • Regularly groom your beard, combing it carefully and giving it the necessary shape.
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Features of home care for a camouflage beard

Keeping a dyed beard in good condition depends on a few specific issues. The camouflage dye layer can remain on the beard from two months to two years (depending on the quality and composition of the paint, the professionalism of the stylist, the person’s lifestyle and the general state of the body). However, you should not wash your beard very often. Or wash it with a special shampoo for colored hair. This will also help you to use less camouflage procedures.

High-quality and proven camouflage equipment (most often from imported manufacturers) can be obtained only in barbershops. Therefore, when purchasing paint on your own (in the market or in supermarkets), you must be ready for its regular use. Funds from little-known companies do not penetrate the hair follicles. As the hair grows back, the border between the dyed and newly emerged hair will be clearly visible (especially on a dark-colored beard). It is necessary to constantly update it.

Photos before and after toning

Over time, the beard fades under the influence of sunlight or is exposed to other destructive effects of aggressive environmental factors. Individual hairs may turn gray. The whole complex of these unfavorable changes spoils the visual impression and image of a man.

Camouflage helps to restore and enhance the positive impression, enhances the attractiveness of the image. In some cases, the procedure will be able to relieve internal stress, psychological discomfort (when growing a beard), eliminate minor defects, and increase volume.

The condition of the beard and hair color depend on the general condition of the body. Hormonal imbalances, poor health, constant sleep deprivation, daily routine and even mood swings affect the condition and color of beard hair. However, social status and professional position require you to constantly maintain a presentable appearance, to maintain your image in excellent condition. Therefore, every man with a beard should know what beard camouflage is.

This simple procedure helps to maintain the image by keeping your beard in perfect condition at all times. Coloring can be done in a beauty salon. But after the selection of the necessary tone and the acquisition of skills, men prefer to camouflage in their usual home conditions. Self-care for an important part of your appearance always positively characterizes and distinguishes a mature person.

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