Barbershop, or a hairdresser for a beard

As soon as the beard re-entered fashion, men had a lot of questions: how to properly care for facial hair, which of the professionals is better to contact, and what is the name of a special hairdressing salon for a beard, from which you can come out really stylish and beautiful? Until recently, the profession of «beard master» was practically forgotten, but now it is not only popular, but has also moved into the category of prestigious. And now all beauty salons dream of acquiring an experienced specialist, and in large cities, one after another, men’s hairdressing salons are opening, offering numerous services to bearded men. Let’s try to find out more about those who cut beards: what is the name of this profession, what they offer to clients, and where to find the best craftsmen in this field.

In this place where they cut beards and do hair, you will only meet professionals and skilled workers.

Popularity of barbershops

The more brutal macho with plentiful facial hair appears on the street, the more often the question sounds: what is the name of a person who cuts a beard, giving it a stylish and well-groomed look? A hairdresser for a beard is called differently — he can be called a barber, a barber or a barber, although his services do not radically change from this. But it is the last option that is now used more frequently than others — it comes from the Latin word barber, that is, beard. Hence, the name of men’s hairdressing salons — barbershops, the interest in which is growing every day.

Popularity of barbershops

What caused such popularity of such establishments and the demand for qualified masters of beard and mustache trimming? First, the quality and nature of the services provided. A high-end salon barber is more than just a beard cutter. The craftsmen are carefully selected, their ability to work and maintain a conversation with visitors are monitored, they provide an opportunity to improve their qualifications, participate in offsite events, competitions and master classes. The barber’s task is to create a new image of a man, unique and emphasizing his individuality. They are guided by the client’s face type and hair structure, choosing a style that is ideal for him personally.

But a visit to a barbershop is not only high-quality care and a beard and mustache haircut. Men’s hairdressing salons have long turned into a kind of clubs of interest, with a unique atmosphere that helps to relax and calm down. Unfortunately, beauty salons with adjacent women’s and men’s rooms are deprived of this advantage. Therefore, for men, visiting a barbershop becomes a pleasant tradition — here you can plunge into your world, discuss your favorite topics and escape from routine and problems. Salon owners do not skimp on decent interior design — brutality is everywhere, a combination of retro style with modern elements that reflect the inner world of men. In addition to taking care of the mustache and beard, visitors can spend time with pleasant conversation, enjoy their favorite drinks and entertainment — video games, comics or billiards.

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It is not surprising that many bearded men, once trusting an experienced barbershop master, become regulars at such establishments, without the slightest doubt preferring them over ordinary hairdressing salons.

Barbershop vs classic hairdresser

Getting lush facial hair and deciding to keep up with fashion is just the first step towards a new style. Then a lot of questions will have to be solved: what is the name of a beard shaving specialist, what services do he provides, and where does he work — in a regular hairdresser, beauty salon or special institutions designed exclusively for men?

Barbershop vs classic hairdresser

Barbershop is not just a men’s salon, it is imbued with a masculine spirit. In this place, you will not hear gossip, swearing or typical women’s stories.

Unlike the classic salon, the men’s hairdressing salon really is used only by representatives of the strong half of humanity, and only male masters work in it. This is an obvious plus in favor of barbershops — no matter how beautiful lovely ladies are, sometimes you just need to take a break from them. Prices for the services of beard trimmers in high-level salons are 1,5-2 times higher than in a regular hairdresser, but the popularity of barbershops is growing every year, even among men who are not used to throwing money away. It’s probably all about how unique the service they offer to visitors.

The maximum that a bearded man can count on in a traditional hairdresser is to go over the stubble with a razor or hair clipper. Yes, it will become smoother, but that’s all. For high-level services, the masters working in classic beauty salons simply lack the qualifications.


Here they will not only trim the beard, but select the appropriate style.

The situation is different with barbershop workers. They not only shorten the hairs on the cheeks and chin — the master who cuts the beard selects a new image for the client, stylish and attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. A barber does not just make a man bearded, but creates an individual image for him, focusing on attractive facial features. In addition, his responsibilities include consulting a client about modern means for caring for a beard and mustache — an experienced barber will not only ennoble the facial hair, but also teach how to make the hairs stronger, thicker and give them shine.

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And one more thing: what is the name of the men’s hairdressing salon, where you can not only try, but also buy professional cosmetics for hair and skin care? Of course, a barbershop. Classic salons rarely offer such services to customers, forcing them to spend time looking for the right products in special stores. By the way, some barbershops have gone even further, offering customers stylish accessories and even trendy clothes to highlight the new look.

How to choose a professional in your field

Most of the clients of barbershops are men from 25 to 40 years old who strive to keep up with the times and are not ashamed to take care of themselves. And in recent years, representatives of the older generation are no longer in a hurry to trust their hair to a woman hairdresser from the salon near the house. It is they who ask the questions: who cuts beards, what is the name of this profession, and where to find an experienced hairstyle and stubble care master, whose qualifications you will not have to worry about?

Specialists working in barbershops carefully follow new fashion trends and trends. It is not enough for them to learn one or two options for a classic haircut and styling. This is the main distinguishing feature of professional barbers — a high-class specialist does not just shave a beard, but makes a work of art out of it. By the way, the appearance of the master himself says a lot about this — in respectable establishments it is unlikely that you will be able to meet a barber with unkempt facial hair.

Themed clubs of bearded men, which are actively appearing in large cities, have recently gained particular popularity. In them, the happy owners of facial hair conduct conversations of interests, arrange parties and, of course, exchange valuable experience. This means that they can advise those who have not yet found the perfect beard trimmer, the best specialists, whose hands it will not be scary to trust.

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The demand for professionals in this area is growing every day, while respectable barbershops, taking care of their image, will not accept masters on the staff without appropriate education and recommendations. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken, it is better to look for a real professional in such establishments, avoiding the services of hairdressers without qualifications and suitable experience.

Services and their cost

Trying a new image, men are interested not only in who cuts a beard and what this profession is called, but also how much such services will cost. There is no doubt that trimming a mustache and beard in a barbershop is more expensive than doing it yourself or at a traditional barbershop. Why, then, do men prefer to visit elite establishments, even if such a pleasure has to be paid for? The answer is simple — it’s about the level of service. No other classic salon offers its clients such an extensive list of services performed by qualified craftsmen as eminent barbershops.

Services and their cost
To find out how much a certain service costs, go to the Internet and see the prices in the nearest salon

The services of professional barbers include:

  1. A haircut… Men, who are not yet ready for change, can stop at a classic haircut with scissors or a clipper, and daring experimenters can trust the opinion of a professional and change their usual image. Children’s haircuts are also done in barbershops — little men, as future owners of facial hair, should immediately get used to the hands of professionals.
  2. Beard and Mustache Care… Includes haircuts, modeling, styling of facial hair and selection of cosmetics for hair and skin.
  3. Hair coloring and gray hair camouflage… In the first case, we are talking about updating or even radically changing the image, and the second option is intended for those who are afraid to dye their hair, but are not yet ready to put up with gray hairs that have crept into their beard and mustache.
  4. Shaving… In elite barbershops, an exceptionally dangerous razor is used for this — special tools and professional cosmetics perfectly remove stubble, leaving the skin smooth for a long time.

By the way, royal shaving is a service that is provided only in barbershops. Most of the masters in the men’s rooms of traditional hairdressing salons do not know the art of working with a straight razor, which allows you to perfectly trim the beard and mustache. In addition, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping and facial skin care treatments are performed in men’s salons to complete the renewed look.

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