After shave: we use it right, choose the best

Shaving is a traditional procedure for many men. However, it can be quite traumatic. The use of special care products such as cream, balm, gel, cologne and aftershave will help to minimize risks and prevent unpleasant consequences.

Why you need after shave products

The modern male care cosmetics industry is represented by dozens of variations of different products: from light antiseptic balms to special powerful masks and special products for the beard. After shave products differ in consistency, time and method of application, as well as in effect. Some are aimed at achieving a specific result (for example, preventing irritation), while others are designed for a specific skin type: dry, oily, combination, sensitive or normal. However, finding the perfect aftershave without a test is nearly impossible.

To understand what aftershave products are for, it is worth understanding how the procedure for removing hair from the face and neck affects the skin. The type and quality of the blade does not play a special role, although the risk of injury is much lower with new expensive sharp blades. When the razor runs over the skin, it automatically cuts off the top thin layer of the epidermis along with the hairs. Thus, sensitive and unprotected areas of the dermis begin to come into direct contact with the environment. For this reason, the main accompanying problems that arise after hair removal appear — dryness, irritation and minor inflammation.

To eliminate and prevent them, special means were created. They are applied immediately after shaving and have the following functions:

  • create a protective barrier when the epidermis contacts external negative factors;
  • relieve inflammation;
  • prevent the appearance of irritation;
  • have an antiseptic effect;
  • kill germs;
  • heal small wounds;
  • moisturize the skin.

A properly selected product that has the necessary properties will make the shaving process pleasant and painless.

Types of funds

Types of skin care productsThere are such after-shave products:

  • balms;
  • gels;
  • lotions;
  • cream;
  • colognes;
  • stones from cuts.

Each type of manufactured product differs in the form of release, consistency and method of application. Some of them have an aromatic fragrance, but for those who do not like extraneous odors, there is a special fragrance-free cosmetics.

For sensitive skin, creams and balms are well suited, since their composition is often enriched with valuable oils, useful vitamins and emollient components that prevent the development of irritations.

For dry skin, the best after-shave remedy is gels or lotions, because they have a light structure that is quickly absorbed and moisturizes the skin without overdrying the epidermis.

For those with oily skin, it’s best to choose an after-shave product such as cologne, cream with an alcohol-based drying formula, or thick cream. They do not create a dense film, regulate the production of sebum and help to cope with inflammation.

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Shaving gelPost-shave care does not differ by gender. One of the most common forms of the release of cosmetics for these purposes is gel textures. They are intended for:

  • combating microbes and disinfecting the epidermis;
  • soothes the skin and relieves inflammation;
  • prevention of irritation;
  • healing of small cuts and wounds.

Some men also use shaving gels as a perfumed product, as most manufacturers add pleasant fragrances that stay on the skin for a long time.

However, the smell and beautiful packaging are not indicative of high quality. The gel after the shaving procedure for men must be selected according to its composition, taking into account the individual characteristics of the epidermis. Also, before buying, it is worth studying consumer reviews. Often buyers share their opinions about the use of a particular product, talk about its positive and negative qualities.


aftershaveShaving lotion is primarily intended to protect against irritation — this is its main function. After removing facial hair, there are dozens of visible and invisible foci with small wounds, cuts and inflammations. With improper care and shaving technology, they appear in the form of redness and local bruising.

To disinfect the wounds and prevent the ingress of microbes into them, alcohol or an antiseptic similar to it is added to aftershave lotions. But, creating a protective barrier, alcohol greatly dries the skin, so owners of dry or sensitive epidermis prefer products containing less antiseptic components (up to 30%).

Every men’s aftershave lotion has the following effects:

  • disinfection;
  • tranquility;
  • food;
  • healing.

It is also important whether the man knows how to properly use aftershave lotion. The implementation of the correct application technology will help to reduce the risk of negative impact:

  1. After hair removal, rinse your face with cold water. This is necessary in order to cleanse the face of the remnants of previous cosmetics and tighten the pores.
  2. Without wiping your face (it should remain wet), pour a small amount of the product onto your hands. The average sufficient amount is about a teaspoon.
  3. Rub the lotion between your palms for a couple of seconds.
  4. Apply the product to face with patting movements.

One of the best aftershave lotions for men on the domestic market is Silver Protection from Nivea. It is enriched with components such as silver ions (which have antiseptic properties), provitamins and chamomile extract, which helps to quickly heal wounds.

After Shave Cream

After shave cream, unlike men’s lotions and gels, performs other functions, namely:

  • moisturizing;
  • food;
  • softening the epidermis.

In men, the skin of the face is much fatter and thicker, in contrast to women, therefore, under normal conditions, it needs less hydration. But because of the alcohol-containing components, it dries out significantly, which is fraught with:

  • feeling of tightness;
  • dryness;
  • with insufficient care — eczema;
  • peeling.
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To prevent such negative effects, it is necessary to use moisturizing emulsions in the form of a cream. A high-quality product restores the water balance in the upper layers of the epidermis, moisturizes the skin, and also restores its condition, saturating it with the necessary vitamins and other useful substances.

After shave balm

After shave balms for men are presented in different price segments and are popular due to their advantages:

  • have antiseptic properties and kill microbes in places of local cuts or wounds;
  • soothe the skin after removing the upper layer of the epidermis with a razor blade;
  • soften, moisturize and nourish the skin;
  • create a protective barrier against the negative influence of environmental factors;
  • make the skin smooth and elastic;
  • have a pleasant smell.

There are no significant and common disadvantages of aftershave balms. Individual intolerance to individual components in the composition can spoil the impression of the product. A careful study of the composition before buying or trial testing of cosmetics will help prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions. You also need to pay attention to the mass fraction of the alcohol content. In large quantities, as mentioned earlier, it can dry out the skin, causing flaking and redness.

You can feel all the advantages of the product, knowing how to effectively use the after shave balm. This is done as follows:

  1. After hair removal, wash your face with cool water to remove hairs and residues of other products.
  2. Make a compress with a damp towel. It will relieve redness, narrow blood vessels and pores.
  3. Take the right amount of balm in the palm of your hand and distribute it evenly over the treated skin surface.

The balms have a neutral application time, so you can use them in the morning, during the day or in the evening. They help soothe the epidermis, invigorate after waking up or prepare for bed, which is why many consider them the best and best after shave.

After shave cologne

after shave cologneCleaning your face with cologne after shaving is a tradition that has been used for hundreds of years. But modern cosmetic products are very different from those used in the past. Dermatologists insist that cologne should only be used on certain skin types. For example, they are not suitable for dry and sensitive dermis, as they can cause such negative reactions:

  • dryness;
  • allergies;
  • redness;
  • rash;
  • tightness;
  • peeling.

Despite this, after shave cologne is perfect for owners of normal, combination, oily and problem skin prone to breakouts and clogged pores.

The composition of any cologne is based on alcohol-containing tinctures. They have an antiseptic effect, so they effectively cope with wound healing and excessive sebum production. They also perfectly relieve inflammation and their manifestations in the form of redness and rash. This applies only to high-quality and expensive products, because cheap counterparts contain flavorings that can cause allergies and other negative consequences after use. A good aftershave for men also contains many beneficial herbal extracts and vitamins. They provide complete regular skin care, improve its condition, nourish and even out complexion.

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Colognes are used according to the following technology:

  1. Wash your face after removing the stubble to rinse off the shaving gel (foam) and removed hairs.
  2. Apply a small amount of cologne to a cotton pad.
  3. Wipe the skin in the areas where the procedure was performed.

Normally, a slight tingling or burning sensation may be felt immediately after use. This is due to the high alcohol content in the composition. A quality product helps to disinfect the affected skin, remove dead skin cells and cleanse the face.

Which is better to choose

The question of which is better to choose a balm, cologne, cream or aftershave lotion remains open. The choice is up to the consumer. When buying, you should pay attention to the composition, especially the amount of alcohol it contains, as well as the presence of useful components in it: plant extracts, vitamins and oils.

Which is better to choose

In summer, when the skin is actively producing sebum, you should pay attention to gels or colognes, but in winter, when the skin becomes dry, you can give preference to creams or lotions.

The main factor influencing the decision which is better: lotion or balm (or any other form of release) should be the type of skin. The product will only work effectively if it matches the individual characteristics of the epidermis. Each of the aftershave options has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as the scope and time of use. It is also advisable to combine several cosmetic products, depending on the current state of the epidermis and the season. In summer, when the skin is actively producing sebum, you should pay attention to gels or colognes, but in winter, when the skin becomes dry, you can give preference to creams or lotions. A balm will become a universal option, since it maintains the normal state of the epidermis, regardless of external factors.

When buying, you also need to take into account the manufacturer’s brand, reviews from other consumers and packaging. Quality products, as a rule, have a sturdy tube (or other container) with a laconic and pleasant design.

Every man knows that hair removal is a serious stress for the body. To provide the skin with proper protection, it is necessary to give preference to products that are suitable in terms of composition and effect. This will help maintain healthy skin and minimize the risk of negative effects from shaving.

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