Accelerating beard growth with castor oil

If a man wants to grow beautiful facial hair, but cannot do this due to its slow or uneven growth, it is recommended to use special cosmetics. Castor oil for beard growth effectively solves the problems of thinning, shedding, insufficient bristle density.

How it helps and what is it for

Castor oil for beard contains many vitamins, organic acids that nourish the hair shaft down to the root. The oil saturates the hair follicle with beneficial trace elements that have a positive effect on hair growth. With regular use:

  • passive follicles awaken;
  • the processes of cell division are accelerated;
  • the nutrition of the hair root improves;
  • metabolic processes are normalized.

Hair grows quickly and evenly, gains a lush appearance, and prevents hair loss.

Castor oil for the growth of a thick, beautiful beard, it is also used to improve the structure and condition of the hair. Substances in the composition of this cosmetic product envelop the hair shaft, thanks to which it acquires a natural shine, a healthy look, becomes smooth and obedient.

The positive qualities of the oil do not end there. It deeply nourishes the skin, making it moisturized, soft, velvety, preventing dryness and flaking. The barrier function increases — the epidermis becomes less susceptible to temperature fluctuations, chapping and other unfavorable factors. And scratches, abrasions and other violations of the integrity of the skin quickly heal.

How to use

how to use castor oil
You can use the simplest oil from the pharmacy

Castor oil can be applied to the beard in its pure form, or can be used in combination with other ingredients for a faster and more pronounced effect.

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The latter will be noticeable only with constant use of the product. To speed up the process of hair growth, you need to apply a little oil, rubbing it into the epidermis. Leave on for 1 hour and rinse. The procedure is best done after thorough washing. It is recommended to steam the skin beforehand so that the beneficial components penetrate into the layers of the skin and reach the hair root. Repeat three times a week.

To find out how to use castor oil in combination with other ingredients, see the Castor Oil Recipes section.

Contraindications for use

Castor oil for the growth of a beautiful beard has almost no restrictions on its use. The only contraindication is hypersensitivity to a cosmetic product. Individual intolerance is very rare, but it is still better to check the sensitivity of the skin before use.

To do this, apply a couple of drops with rubbing movements on the epidermis in the wrist area. If after 15 minutes no negative reaction follows (for example, itching, burning, rash), then the product can be safely used on the face.

Photos before and after the procedure

The effectiveness of the cosmetic product is impressive. After regular use of castor oil at home, the hair becomes noticeably thick, grows evenly, without bald spots. The vegetation takes on a healthy appearance.

Castor oil
The effect of applying castor oil for two weeks.

Castor oil recipes

For best results, castor oil for thick beard growth can be used in combination with other ingredients.

Castor and burdock oil for beard… Suitable for those whose hair not only grows slowly, but is also prone to falling out, brittle, and has a pale color. Mix the ingredients in equal amounts, heat a little, and apply to the epidermis in the area of ​​hair growth. Wash off after 1 hour.

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With egg yolk, honey and olive oil… This nourishing mask is suitable for very dry, damaged vegetation. Honey helps to increase hair density; egg yolk regulates the water-lipid balance, prevents flaking, eliminates increased oily skin; olive oil deeply moisturizes and improves the function of capillaries, which nourish the hair follicle and regulate cellular metabolism. Mix 30 drops each of olive oil and castor oil, a teaspoon of honey and egg yolk. Apply the mask to the epidermis in the area of ​​hair growth, rinse off after 1 hour.

use of castor oil for beard growthWith gelatin and lemon juice… The recipe is suitable for unruly vegetation and obtaining the effect of lamination, shine, smooth hair. Gelatin seals the oil in the hair shaft, removes damaged areas; lemon juice enriches vegetation with vitamins, eliminates dullness and visually improves its appearance. However, the last ingredient should be added if there are no microtrauma on the skin. Otherwise, the mask may cause additional skin irritation. Mix 1 tsp. Gelatin with 2 tbsp. l. warm water. After 10 minutes, add 50 drops of castor oil and some freshly squeezed lemon juice. Apply to washed bristles for 1 hour.

With aloe… The recipe is suitable for men whose skin in the area of ​​hair growth is prone to irritation, regularly disturbed by various rashes. The mask helps to grow a beard: castor oil has a positive effect on the growth rate; aloe promotes deep hydration. It also has a powerful bactericidal effect, creates an unfavorable environment for pathogenic microorganisms that cause an inflammatory process, inhibits their vital activity. Mix equal amounts of aloe vera juice and oil, apply on the face with massaging movements for 60 minutes.

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With pepper tincture… The mask provides intensive growth of a beautiful, bushy beard. Capsicum tincture promotes the expansion of small blood vessels that nourish the hair follicle. As a result, blood flow increases, microcirculation processes improve, and the phase of active growth and cell division increases. The mask should only be used if there is no damage to the skin (scratches, cuts, etc.). You can buy the tincture ready-made at the pharmacy or make it yourself (grind red pepper and add to 100 g of vodka, leave for a week). Mix 1 tsp. tincture and 50 drops of oil, apply to the epidermis for 10-15 minutes.

Castor oil is an effective and affordable product that has a positive effect on hair growth and condition. It gently cares for facial hair and moisturizes the skin. After 3 — 5 weeks of constant use, passive hair follicles restore their activity, new hairs are strengthened, and their loss is prevented.

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