6 main rules of beard care

New trends in style and popular looks for men place great emphasis on the beard. To get a spectacular look, you need to know how to care for a beard — you will learn about this from our article.

Beard care

How to care for a beard at home and what rules should be followed in order to care for a beard and mustache lead to an excellent result? Facial hair requires a special approach, which is expressed in the use of special cosmetics, proper haircut and original beard styling.

Facial vegetation requires constant and attentive care, otherwise the mustache and beard will lose color, the hair will become less frequent and shapeless. Therefore, men turn to the services of professional craftsmen and barbers.

6 main rules of care

A well-groomed beard is the result of hard and careful work on oneself. Today, there are no problems with the opportunities for growing a stylish beard and high-quality care for it — there remains a lack of information and skills. It is not enough to purchase different types of beard care products. Often men make mistakes that lead to a deterioration in the condition of their hair. To know how to care for a beard and mustache at home, it is enough to follow 6 basic rules.


washing beardThis factor is often ignored, which leads to the destruction of the hair structure, not to mention the loss of aesthetics and unkempt appearance. Proper beard care begins with regular washing, for which it is best to use shampoo. The recommended regularity of the procedure is once every 1 days. It is not worth washing more often, because the hair loses its natural fatty protection, which is important for the development of vegetation.

When washing, you should use specialized products, including conditioners and balms. Washed hair can help you style your beard better at home, which can also be done with shaving gel.

Do not shave your hair every time you wash. Every day you wash your face, use soap and wash your beard thoroughly. Do not wipe dry — just apply a dry towel. Avoid using a hair dryer because it will dry out your hair too much.

Long beards, especially those with curly hair, are difficult to care for — so try to get into the habit of washing. With periodic cleaning, the appearance will always be presentable and aesthetic.


comb for beardWith an increase in hair length, the question of how to style a beard becomes especially acute. Facial hair is more difficult to style than scalp. Therefore, professional barbers use a specialized styling and styling product. At home, you can limit yourself to minimal makeup for your beard and mustache to get a beautiful look.

For combing, you must use a comb or brush with natural bristles. Expert advice on these brushing techniques is based on the practical benefits of the techniques: the comb prevents tangling, and the brush evenly distributes oil and other products. Additionally, these tools stimulate hair growth by massaging the facial skin. You need to comb your beard 1-2 times a day, strictly in the direction of hair growth.


beard trimA haircut can be formative, corrective or large-scale. Depending on the goals that the man wants to achieve and the degree of shape change. Self-haircut requires not only skills, but also a special comb with frequent teeth, sharp scissors, and a trimmer. Trimming begins with careful brushing and careful removal of the most prominent ends.

The technique is standard: pass the hair through the teeth of the comb and carefully remove the formed ends. Direction of hair removal from the ears to the center of the face — this will allow you to get a symmetrical shape. Use a trimmer to straighten the lines.

A neatly trimmed facial hair looks prettier and more stylish. If you are unsure of how to straighten beard hair, start by shaping the length of your hair to the desired shape.


For beginners to grow a beard, the issue of periodic alignment of the hairline becomes especially important. A sure sign that you need to straighten your beard is the appearance — if your hair is bristling, then it’s time to grab a pair of scissors or a trimmer and carry out a simple procedure. You can tidy up the beard so that it does not stick out on your own — comb your hair in front of the mirror and carefully walk the trimmer over the entire surface. Watch the depth of the dive so as not to shave off the excess. It is advisable to carry out the alignment 2-3 times a week (depending on the growth rate).

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Look after

beard careThorough and multi-stage beard care is carried out daily. The composition includes washing, cutting, combing, cosmetic treatment, beard styling. The following points are universal advice and binding recommendations:

  1. Wash every other day.
  2. Level 2-3 times a week.
  3. Treat with special cosmetics.
  4. Do not blow dry.
  5. Remove protruding hair with daily inspection.

Men’s beard cosmetics allow you to perform any procedures with high quality and without special skills. It is recommended to visit a professional craftsman once a month, who will put your look in order and will be able to advise on what to do to preserve the look until the next visit.

Do not run

The main problem, especially with the first attempts at growing facial hair. The beard grows on its own, but without proper care, it will become not a decoration, but a negative element on your face. To look attractive and in line with the look you want to create, you must constantly comb, cut and wash your facial hair. Of the most important tools that a man should have to care for a beard, special combs and their varieties stand out:

  • Brush… In the standard form, it is in the form of an oval or rectangle. It is preferable to use natural pile. An effective tool for constant monitoring of the condition of the beard.
  • Sparse-toothed comb… The ultimate tool for shaping your facial hair on a daily basis.
  • Styling comb… Not a necessary tool, but essential for shaping. This element will allow you to quickly learn how to straighten your beard, regardless of the complexity of the process.
  • Hairbrush… Separate hair clipper.

    The rule for all men — if you decide to let go of a beard, then get ready to constantly monitor it. Once you start this process and what should be an adornment and an important component of the image will turn into shapeless and excess facial hair. It is much easier and more comfortable to keep track of your hair than trying to tidy it up later.

Care products

care products

Beard cosmetics today are a separate direction in cosmetology. Over time, stylists and developers of this category of products realized that in order to obtain effective results, it was necessary to adapt products to the needs of men. The composition of the care products includes the following types and categories:

  1. Cleansers… These are a variety of shampoos and soaps that are designed to remove the resulting impurities from the hairline, taking care of the skin and the fat layer on the hairs.
  2. Means for strengthening and moisturizing… In this category, a large number of balms, conditioners, oils, masks, which are designed to ensure the health of hair.
  3. Modeling agents… Gels, clays, varnishes and other products that are designed to create the desired shape.
  4. Paint… Substances for a harmonious color change, depending on personal wishes.

    When purchasing cosmetics, one should not save money — low-quality products negatively affect the condition of the skin, destroy the hair structure, and lead to the formation of irritation and dandruff.

Purchased funds

Home beard care involves the use of a large number of specialized cosmetics. Depending on the purpose, it can be drugs, stimulants, cleansing and others. You can buy professional products in pharmacies and specialized stores — in such establishments you can buy both nourishing beard oil and special tools, such as beard trimmers.

Purchased products can be of different quality, so when choosing, make a start from the cosmetics brand, place of sale and user recommendations.

Of the most popular and sought-after products worth buying, the following categories are distinguished:

  • Purchased fundsBalm… A product with some part of wax that allows you to give the necessary shape and form a respect for the hair on the face. It is recommended to choose products based on natural ingredients. When using, a minimum amount of balm is enough to apply evenly and allow it to be absorbed.
  • Wax… A proven product that allows you to form the required shape in the shortest possible time. Use it carefully, avoiding heavy application — it will ruin the look.
  • Oils… Barbers use a large amount of oils — these substances ensure the saturation of the skin and hair follicles with nutrients. With the correct selection of oils and constant use, the beard becomes more abundant, healthier and more aesthetically pleasing. Oils can have characteristic aromas that are created from additional substances and ingredients. The most popular are ginger, orange, ylang-ylang, cinnamon and others.
  • Soap… Conventional soaps are not suitable because they dry out the skin and form a tough hairline. Specialized soap has a large number of special components that cleanse and nourish not only the hair, but also the skin.
  • Shampoo… The structure of hair on the head and on the face is significantly different — this requires the selection of a special shampoo specifically for the beard. The composition of the product allows you to make your hair softer and more manageable.
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Regular grooming determines the quality and appearance of the beard. Using natural remedies such as burdock oil will keep your hair looking great. Using scissors and a hair clipper makes it possible to create spectacular images right at home. If you plan your personal care correctly, you can create a spectacular look without leaving your home.

Means for shaping

beard ointmentThe creation of the form determines the appearance of the man. Just a loose beard will not adorn the image, so you should take care of how to style your beard.

Professional stylists and barbers recommend using specialized tools, among which you should choose the best option for yourself. For one person, a gel may be perfect, but for another guy, wax will be the ideal solution — there is no universal advice, because the characteristics of the growth of facial hair are different for everyone.

The peculiarity of styling products is that they must include vitamins, minerals and nutrients. As a result, you get an excellent shape and additional strengthening of your hair and skin.

Folk remedies

Beard care is possible with the help of natural folk remedies and methods. To know how to properly care for a beard, it is necessary to clearly understand the effect of a particular substance on the body. If the products are truly natural, then if they are used correctly, you can achieve better results than from cosmetics for the care of a beard. Below are some examples of effective folk remedies:

  1. Burr oilNatural oils (burdock, olive, castor oil)… These substances help to soften the hair evenly. Application is carried out with a pipette locally, and uniform distribution is made with a comb.
  2. Olive oil and ground mustard seeds in a 1: 2 ratio… This mixture provides skin and hair softening. After application, you need to leave the mixture on the beard for 30 minutes to absorb, after which you can simply wash it off with water and shampoo.
  3. Beet infusion… An effective dandruff remover. Preparation: Soak 1 large beetroot in hot water. The root crop must first be thoroughly chopped. The tincture is left for 4 hours, after which it is filtered. Used for washing together with regular water.
  4. Castor and olive oils and a pinch of ground pepper… The mixture is applied for 30 minutes and allows you to strengthen the hair roots, improve the structure of the coat, and also stimulates blood circulation and hair growth.

Mustache care

Mustache careIn addition to a beard, a mustache also requires special attention. You should know exactly how to properly care for your mustache so that it remains beautiful and well-groomed. Depending on the type of mustache you want to let go, the range of tools and tools for shaping and maintaining healthy hair and skin may vary slightly.

The popular types of mustache today are considered to be adjacent and independent. In the first case, this is an option with a short length and does not require much attention. Under normal conditions, shampoo and a small trimmer are sufficient.

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Independent whiskers are long and require constant scissoring. The form should be periodically monitored and adjusted.

If this is your first decision to grow a mustache, then it is recommended to start with the adjacent version — this way you can get used to the look and work out ways to care for the mustache. The first rule to follow when growing a mustache is to brush it regularly in different directions. This will allow you to identify protruding and abnormally growing hairs, as well as give a stable shape.

To give the final shape, after spot processing the border areas with a trimmer, it is necessary to warm up a minimum amount of wax in the hands, after which a drop is applied to the lower part of the mustache. Next, you need to evenly spread this substance over the surface of the mustache and give the necessary shape.

Beard and mustache styling products provide secure hold and straightening when needed. Taking care of facial hair is not difficult, given the modern cosmetology capabilities. To get the right skills for performing this work, it is recommended to periodically visit an experienced hairdresser — this will allow you to choose the appropriate techniques and methods of working with a mustache, as well as learn the rules for choosing cosmetics.

Advice of professionals

professional adviceToday you can find a lot of practical advice on how to style a beard — among the large amount of information, it is best to trust professionals.

Get a large mirror to grow a beautiful beard and mustache. It is even better if it has the effect of a minimal increase — this will allow you to carefully examine the shape and remove protruding hairs. Cut only with scissors and a special comb to carefully and carefully create the shape of the beard.

  • Do not cut your hair if it is damp. The structure of the hair is such that it stretches on contact with water, so after drying, you will find that you have cut your beard much shorter than you originally intended.
  • The haircut starts from the temple and ear, gradually moving towards the chin. This is the best course of action for a symmetrical beard.
  • Contour the hairline. Use a razor or sharp trimmer to draw a precise hairline for effect and style.
  • In the first 2 weeks after the start of growing a beard, you will experience discomfort and slight itching on your face — this is a normal effect and you should not start with abundant treatment with products and a haircut.
  • Make a list of nutrients that are good for your skin and hair. Based on this checklist, plan your facial hair strengthening routine. Use proven drugs.
  • If the growth of facial hair is not uniform, then several courses of use of drugs will be required to improve the uniformity of the hair.
  • Purchase specialized beard grooming tools so that you don’t have to think in the morning about how to style your beard and how to put yourself in order.
  • Visit a barber once every 1-1 months — a professional master will help you tidy up your image and make a list of recommendations for further care.
  • Monitor the reaction of your hair and skin to the products you use. Situations are common when professional tools can negatively affect the structure and growth of the beard — a matter of individual intolerance.
  • When visiting a barber, feel free to ask for practical advice on beard grooming. A professional will give practical advice that will only have to be applied regularly in practice.

A beard is stylish. It is not difficult to grow it, but it takes time and skills to maintain it in a presentable appearance. Cosmetic accessories and specialized men’s salons make this task much easier, allowing you to quickly change your appearance.

Do not leave the appearance to «drift»! Make an effort and soon you yourself will begin to experience the pleasure of self-care when you see a beautiful, spreading beard on your face — exactly the one you dreamed of recently.

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